British Airways vs Air France @ EGLL - 081800ZAUG15

The last event didn’t go well last time so this event will be beta try to get 100 planes in to London Heathrow.


Time:19:00 to 20:30 UK time.

Have fun flight plan below

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Not online till the event.

Thats not a flight plan is it

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That’s a flight line :smile:

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Move to events and change topic as required. I’d do it but I feel it’s better to give you the opportunity first :)

Sorry, Also Just add zulu time and it will be perfect :grinning:

This belongs in events.

Not sure how to edit the title to the mods specifications but you or someone else should edit that.

Cheers :smiley:

Can i still join its 8:47 here in UK call sign is speedbird 32 heavy
Am out its empty

Hmm!! 100 Planes is a lot, and all heading down that Flight “Line” as it has been called, I think you’re heading for a mass disaster! You’ll all be executing weird half-go-around turns to get on final. I think you need some help with the Flight Plan and a more realistic target.


David israel didnt put this FNF in zulu time

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I changed it for you.

UK is actually UTC +1 right now because of daylight savings


Dose eney one want to be ATC?

Im up for this! My callsign - UNITED917 Heavy

Ok so it’s to long to wait event starting tomorrow 9AM to 10AM if not 10am to 12AM

Do not take A380 to big.

@Joanna_King I can’t help with advertising for your event if you don’t tell me what time zone you’re talking about. We don’t know if

is your local time or in GMT. Please elaborate!

Thanks… You screwed it for me! Can’t do it today.

Do it on the 9 th of August from 10:00 to 12:39 GMT