British Airways Virtual Presents: “The Great BA100 LHR Fly-in!” @ EGLL 251730ZAUG19

Sorry about that - looks like that spot doesn’t exist.

Please find your new amended gate on the arrivals board in the original post above, next to your slot number. Sorry for the confusion.


Expect a 5-10 minute delay from me!

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IFAE is grouping up over Manchester and will be coming in as a group. enjoy the show


We are looking forward to it! Heathrow already filling up nicely!


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Is there ATC?

no there isnt

We do not have IFATC service today, hence why we have gone into such details with the arrival routes and STARs!


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@Boodz_G Mate you’re parked at my gate.

I was given Gate 575. 😬


I asked for a different gate when I couldn’t find 586 and I was given Gate 575.

@Boodz_G Your arrival slot ended 26 minutes ago.

Sorry about that! Thought I’d hang around for a bit longer.

Its fine, Stay. I found a gate that isn’t being occupied.

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That was a very nice event!


As the arrivals into London Heathrow begin to wind down, we’d like to extend the highest of gratitudes to all BAVA Members, Community Members, and others who participated in our huge fly-in today.

The event was a huge success and ran seamlessly from start to finish, a testament to the piloting skill of all the participants and the strenuous planning put into the event. Thank You to all participants for following all rules, regulations and NOTAMs for the fly-in.

All airways led to London Heathrow this evening for BAVA pilots located across the world.

At peak time, we were experiencing arrivals into London Heathrow every 30 or so seconds, and with large amounts of ground traffic, it gave a true real-world airport feel, with British Airways aircraft lining the stands of Terminal Five, a true celebration of the impact and legacy British Airways has had and continues to have on British culture, global aviation, and world affairs for over 100 years.

With Thanks…
We would like to extend our gratitude to British Airways and their staff for their amazing service over the company’s 100 years of existence. British Airways is one of the best airline models in the world, and to be able to simulate it virtually within the skies of Infinite Flight every day is a true honour.

We would also like to extend our Thanks to @art_martinez and the whole IFAE team for being excellent partners in this event and in general thanks to our long and enduring partnership which has existed over the years.

As per usual, our appreciation also goes out to the OneWorld Virtual Alliance, namely AAVA who also were a part of this event. Being a part of this amazing alliance truly opens the door to a world of discovery and opportunities for our pilots.

With Thanks and Commendation…
We would like to extend the deepest Thanks to our amazing in-house events team for planning and executing this event so professionally. @21cabbage and @Max_burrell work continuously to provide groundbreaking and quality events to members of BAVA and the IFC alike day-in, day-out and we are always in their debt.

A notable mention should be made to @Max_burrell, as, after nine months in the role of Co-Events Manager at British Airways Virtual Airline, Max has decided to step down from his role after this event, and concentrate on his studies and other commitments, such as being a real-world ambassador for British Airways. We would like to thank Max for his nine months of service, notable events planned include, of course this one, alongside an FNF safari, a special Presidential Farewell for former BAVA President @Matt, and many more internal BAVA events.

From the entire staff team at BAVA, Thank You for your service.

We’d love to see your pictures from this very busy yet amazing event! Please do share them below for a chance to be featured on our social media channels.

Once again, we thank all attendees for playing a part in celebrating #BA100 with us.

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019
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First I’d like to thank everyone who joined today’s event! It was a massive success with all arrivals coming in as smooth as we could have ever imagined!

It has been a true honour to represent BAVA as a staff member and I have had so much fun in the role, as well as being able to work and fly with so many awesome characters! I now transition my ‘work’ from British Airways Virtual to the real British Airways!

Thank you BAVA for the amazing memories!


If I can’t get the photo, here’s a little statement.
“While I am not a member of BAVA, they never cease to amaze me with their maturity and activity. They definitely compete with other VA’s for the title of ‘best VA’, and probably have the best chance of achieving it.”


you can see me parked in the closest 787 in the first picture cool


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