British Airways Virtual Presents: “The Great BA100 LHR Fly-in!” @ EGLL 251730ZAUG19

British Airways Virtual Presents: “The Great BA100 LHR Fly-In!”


Many say that the ultimate test of anything is time. The universe, nations, and, of course, airlines. Many could say that British Airways has now stood the test of time, and passed with flying red, white and blue colours. Join us as we celebrate British Airways reaching a huge milestone this year, their centenary, on their official birthday.

We plan on celebrating this huge achievement with an equally huge fly-in to British Airways’ busiest and main hub for over 40 years, London Heathrow Airport. This event is, of course, open to all BAVA members and members of the wider Infinite Flight Community. Read on for further details about how we plan to execute one of the biggest airport fly-ins from over 100 British Airways destinations within the same two-hour period.

What is BA100 all about?

BA100 is British Airways’ celebration for their centenary year. Exciting events have occurred and groundbreaking milestones have been reached all throughout the year, notable happenings including a visit by the Queen to BA’s headquarters at Waterside, near Heathrow, to congratulate them on their centenary year, the painting of four British Airways Aircraft in various different retro liveries much to spotters delight, and of course British Airways receiving their first A350-1000 aircraft and putting it into service just earlier this month. A special appearance of the retro-liveried BOAC B744 was also made at the Royal International Air Tattoo, accompanied by the Royal Airforce Red Arrows Aerobatic Display Team, much to the delight of spectators both young and old.


The Queen visiting the BA Headquarters in Waterside, London, to congratulate them on their centenary year. Credit: Getty Images.

British Airways was initially formed on August 25th 1919, exactly 100 years ago from when this fly-in will take place. The company has appeared in many different forms during the years, initially as a government entity, and throughout the years following as BOAC, BEA, BSAA and Imperial Airways limited. British Airways was then formed as we know it on 31st October 1974, and has continued to operate under the name ever since. BA is particularly noteworthy for its impeccable safety record, and high standards of customer service.

British Airways Virtual Airline has continued to honour and commemorate our real-world counterpart since its formation in 2015, through the Infinite Flight Community. We truly believe our real-world counterpart airline is one of the best in the world, and continue to honour this in all that we do here at BAVA.

The RAF Red Arrows alongside BA’s Retro BOAC B744 for the Royal International Air Tattoo. Credit: Getty Images

We’re celebrating #BA100 on the day of their centenary by hosting a massive fly-in event at London Heathrow comprising of BAVA pilots, pilots of other Virtual Airlines and Organisations, and of course the Infinite Flight Community! What better way to honour one of the world’s most iconic and oldest airlines by all coming together and joining in celebration of their amazing 100 years of service!

With the attendees at this fly-in expected to be just shy or possibly just over 100 community members, we’ve been planning accordingly and have employed a range of measures to ensure this event runs smoothly, calculating departure times for each attendee, and providing an accurate flight plan and Standard Terminal Arrival Route coupled with an assigned arrival runway, to ensure the event runs on schedule, and as planned. Continue reading below to find detailed arrival procedures and of course to sign up for this amazing event!

Strenuous planning has gone into creating this fly-in to ensure all arrivals are smooth and enjoyable for all participants. Please follow all details provided to you when signing up for the event to maximise efficiency and enjoyment for everyone. Most importantly, have fun!

All event participants will be provided with an ‘event pack’ via official means such as the Infinite Flight Community, our BAVA slack forum for BAVA pilots, or through their representative VAs or VOs.

To make the whole process of the Fly-In simpler for all, we have detailed all the steps of signing up and partaking in the event below. Feel free to use this for reference at any time before, during, or after the event.

Signing Up
  1. Infinite Flight Community Pilots may sign up by requesting to operate a route into London Heathrow via this event thread. Pilots within respective Virtual Airlines and Organisations taking part may request attendance via their events manager. In our ‘route assignments’ section, there is a list of all remaining available routes for Infinite Flight Community members to operate, arriving between 1730Z and 1930Z at Heathrow. Feel free to sign up for any remaining routes, we’d love to see you there!

  2. After signing up, the participant should await their flight plan and flight details being sent to them via the Infinite Flight Community or other forum that they are a part of, if they’re a member of a partaking virtual airline or organisation. This pack should be saved for the big day, to ensure everything runs smoothly!

  3. If a participant has any questions or queries before the event, feel free to reach out to us in the thread below or via any other means listed.

Partaking in the Event
  1. Participants should ensure they depart at their assigned departure time to ensure their punctuality, and should also follow the flight plan and all other information listed in their event pack.

  2. For departure, cruise, and arrival, the ‘event pack’ containing all event information should be followed, so as to ensure the event runs smoothly for everyone. Pilots will of course be un-accompanied for departure and cruise - the arrival is where it gets ‘interesting’!

  3. Upon arrival to EGLL, the STAR assigned in the event pack for the pilot should be followed. This is to ensure separation from traffic and also provide adequate spacing for the two runways at Heathrow.

  4. The runway assignment given for arrival at London Heathrow must be followed. This is to space traffic evenly between the two runways and ensure everyone can land safely, preferably without any go-arounds!

  5. Pilots must then follow taxi instructions to their assigned stand at London Heathrow as displayed in their event pack. Hang around and watch the landings, or if you’ve got somewhere to be, feel free to leave too! We’d love it if we could have as many as possible remain for photos towards the end. It should make for some great shots! Feel free to share them in this thread during or after the event.

Any questions? Let us know in the thread below, and we’ll endeavour to answer them as soon as possible!

Below you can find all the routes being flown by community members into London Heathrow on the day of the event, alongside other free routes available for Infinite Flight Community members to sign up for and fly on the day of the event alongside us! As noted above, after signing up for a route, the pilot will be contacted by us via the Infinite Flight Community so we can provide up-to-date and detailed event information. This will happen as soon as possible, however patience is appreciated as we will be processing many requests at a time.

Arrival Between 1730Z-1800Z
Slot Number Route Pilot Departure Time ETA Airframe Arrival Runway Arrival Stand
1 LTFM-EGLL BAVA013 1255Z 1700Z-1710Z A320-200 27R Gate 508
2 OKBK-EGLL BAVA014 1040Z 1700Z-1710Z B747-400 27L Gate 547
3 MMMX-EGLL BAVAONE 0840Z 1710Z-1715Z B787-9 27R Gate 532
4 ENGM-EGLL BAVA187 1500Z 1710Z-1715Z A320-200 27R Gate 522
5 LSGG-EGLL BAVA236 1550Z 1715Z-1725Z A320-200 27R Gate 503
6 EIDW-EGLL BAVA453 1615Z 1720Z-1730Z A320-200 27R Gate 501
7 VTBS-EGLL BAVA430 0640Z 1720Z-1725Z B777-200 27R Gate 565
8 VHHH-EGLL BAVA333 0525Z 1725Z-1730Z B777-300 27R Gate 546
9 VIDP-EGLL BAVA357 0835Z 1725Z-1730Z B787-9 27R Gate 548
10 LPFR-EGLL BAVA371 1500Z 1725Z-1730Z A320-200 27L Gate 504
11 LGAV-EGLL BAVA396 1355Z 1730Z-1735Z A320-200 27R Gate 502
12 LEIB-EGLL BAVA453 1600Z 1735Z-1740Z A320-200 TBD Gate 518
13 EGPH-EGLL BAVA296 1635Z 1735Z-1740Z A320-200 27R Gate 520
14 LEBL-EGLL BAVA106 1540Z 1740Z-1745Z A320-200 27L Gate 521
15 KPHL-EGLL BAVA476 1110Z 1740Z-1745Z B747-400 27R Gate 541
16 CYUL-EGLL BAVA300 1215Z 1745Z-1750Z B787-9 27R Gate 545
17 CYYZ-EGLL BAVA288 1225Z 1745Z-1750Z B787-9 27R Gate 542
18 DGAA-EGLL BAVA363 1115Z 1745Z-1750Z B747-400 27L Gate 544
19 RJAA-EGLL BAVA218 0650Z 1750Z-1755Z B787-9 27R Gate 543
20 LIPZ-EGLL BAVA222 1540Z 1755Z-1800Z A320-200 27R Gate 536
Arrival Between 1800Z-1830Z
Slot Number Route Pilot Departure Time ETA Airframe Arrival Runway Arrival Stand
21 LFML-EGLL BAVA241 1620Z 1800Z-1805Z A320-200 27L Gate 505
22 LJLJ-EGLL BAVA184 1550Z 1800Z-1805Z A321-200 27R Gate 509
23 LHBP-EGLL @Chase_Smith1 1535Z 1800Z-1805Z A320-200 27L Gate 523
24 LEMD-EGLL BAVA369 1605Z 1805Z-1810Z A320-200 27L Gate 506
25 EGPF-EGLL BAVA446 1655Z 1805Z-1810Z A320-200 27R Gate 510
26 FACT-EGLL BAVA159 0805Z 1805Z-1810Z B747-400 27L Gate 566
27 GCTS-EGLL BAVA213 1410Z 1810Z-1815Z A320-200 27L Gate 507
28 KSFO-EGLL BAVA468 0840Z 1810Z-1815Z A380-800 27R Gate 552
29 EGPE-EGLL @Ecoops123 1650Z 1810Z-1815Z A319-100 27R Gate 531
30 SAEZ-EGLL BAVA161 0515Z 1815Z-1820Z B777-300ER 27L Gate 551
31 KBOS-EGLL BAVA787 1215Z 1815Z-1820Z A380-800 27R Gate 553
32 FSIA-EGLL @Luca_Arrowsmith 0755Z 1815Z-1820Z B787-9 27L Gate 567
33 VABB-EGLL BAVA435 0720Z 1820Z-1825Z B777-300ER 27L Gate 554
34 KJFK-EGLL BAVA405 1220Z 1820Z-1825Z B747-400 27R Gate 555
35 HECA-EGLL BAVA358 1325Z 1825Z-1830Z B787-9 27R Gate 556
36 RKSI-EGLL BAVA458 0700Z 1825Z-1830Z B787-9 27L Gate 587
37 OEJN-EGLL IFGC008 1300Z 1825Z-1830Z B787-9 27R Gate 594
38 OMAA-EGLL IFGC018 1200Z 1825Z-1830Z B787-9 27L Gate 595
39 OEDF-EGLL IFGC010 1230Z 1825Z-1830Z B777-200ER 27R Gate 596
40 EDDF-EGLL BAVA173 1650Z 1825Z-1830Z A320-200 27L Gate 527
Arrival Between 1830Z-1900Z
Slot Number Route Pilot Departure Time ETA Airframe Arrival Runway Arrival Stand
41 UUDD-EGLL BAVA011 1455Z 1830Z-1835Z B787-9 27L Gate 586
42 WMKK-EGLL BAVA160 0400Z 1830Z-1835Z B787-9 27R Gate 591
43 EDDT-EGLL BAVA166 1700Z 1830Z-1835Z A320-200 27L Gate 519
44 LICJ-EGLL BAVA425 1535Z 1835Z-1840Z A320-200 27R Gate 512
45 CYYC-EGLL @Tajay 1030Z 1835Z-1840Z B787-9 27L Gate 581
46 EGNT-EGLL @November-Kilo16 1735Z 1840Z-1845Z A321-200 27R Gate 532
47 KSEA-EGLL @WillRakowski 0940Z 1840Z-1845Z B747-400 27L Gate 572
48 KLAS-EGLL BAVA398 1040Z 1840Z-1845Z B747-400 27R Gate 573
49 LFSB-EGLL BAVA175 1635Z 1845Z-1850Z A319-100 27R Gate 513
50 RJBB-EGLL @anon45500775 0725Z 1845Z-1850Z B787-9 27R Gate 574
51 HKJK-EGLL BAVA492 1125Z 1845Z-1850Z B747-400 27L Gate 575
52 OBBI-EGLL BAVA380 1200Z 1845Z-1850Z B777-200 27L Gate 576
53 EGNM-EGLL BAVA234 1800Z 1850Z-1900Z A319-100 27R Gate 514
54 OERK-EGLL @Aws_Alfarsi 1210Z 1845Z-1850Z B747-400 27L Gate 543
55 OJAI-EGLL IFGC027 1350Z 1850Z-1855Z A321-200 27L Gate 533
56 VOBB-EGLL BAVA288 0855Z 1850Z-1855Z B787-9 27R Gate 542
57 KSAN-EGLL BAVA390 0925Z 1850Z-1855Z B747-400 27L Gate 557
58 GMMX-EGLL BAVA308 1520Z 1850Z-1855Z A320-200 27L Gate 535
59 KSJC-EGLL @GlobalFlyer1 0930Z 1855Z-1900Z B787-9 27R Gate 578
60 OLBA-EGLL @Ali_Naaman 1445Z 1855Z-1900Z A321-200 27L Gate 511
Arrival Between 1900Z-1930Z
Slot Number Route Pilot Departure Time ETA Airframe Arrival Runway Arrival Stand
61 LGPZ-EGLL BAVA141 1540Z 1900Z-1905Z A320-200 27R Gate 515
62 LSZH-EGLL BAVA143 1740Z 1900Z-1905Z A320-200 27L Gate 517
63 KAUS-EGLL @snoman 1030Z 1900Z-1905Z B777-200 27R Gate 592
64 LIMC-EGLL BAVA378 1735Z 1905Z-1910Z A319-100 27R Gate 516
65 SCEL-EGLL BAVA328 0635Z 1905Z-1910Z B787-9 27L Gate 561
66 ZSPD-EGLL @Captain_Merka 0905Z 1905Z-1910Z B777-200ER 27R Gate 548
67 DNMM-EGLL @Josh_Tomaz 1305Z 1905Z-1910Z B747-400 27L Gate 593
68 KORD-EGLL BAVA274 1120Z 1910Z-1915Z B777-200 27R Gate 558
69 KMIA-EGLL BAVA136 1150Z 1910Z-1915Z B747-400 27L Gate 563
70 MYNN-EGLL @ChrisToxz 1110Z 1910Z-1915Z B777-200ER 27R Gate 583
71 ELLX-EGLL BAVA374 1805Z 1910Z-1915Z A320-200 27L Gate 538
72 KLAX-EGLL BAVA289 0945Z 1915Z-1920Z A380-800 27R Gate 559
73 KCHS-EGLL @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 1200Z 1915Z-1920Z B787-9 27L Gate 584
74 EGCC-EGLL @Zak_Plant 1840Z 1915Z-1920Z A320-200 27R Gate 539
75 EDDM-EGLL @Ajith_Anand 1720Z 1915Z-1920Z A320-200 27R Gate 526
76 YSSY-WSSS-EGLL BAVA242 2300Z (-1) 1920Z-1925Z B777-300ER 27R Gate 565
77 KIAD-EGLL BAVA165 1305Z 1920Z-1925Z B787-9 27R Gate 580
78 KPHX-EGLL BAVA212 10:05Z 1920Z-1925Z B747-400 27L Gate 590
79 OLBA-EGLL IFGC 1230Z 1925Z-1930Z A321-200 27R Gate 534
80 OMDB-EGLL IFGC059 1125Z 1925Z-1930Z B787-10 27L Gate 562
Arrival Between 1930Z-2000Z
Slot Number Route Pilot Departure Time ETA Airframe Arrival Runway Arrival Stand
81 OTHH-EGLL @Ahmad_Alsulaiti 1230Z 1930Z-1935Z B777-200 27R Gate 328
82 OOMS-EGLL IFGC044 1200Z 1935Z-1940Z B787-9 27L Gate 329
83 Closed 1935Z-1940Z
84 Closed 1940Z-1945Z
85 Closed 1940Z-1945Z
86 Closed 1945Z-1950Z
87 Closed 1945Z-1950Z
88 Closed 1950Z-1955Z
89 Closed 1950Z-1955Z
90 KBWI-EGLL @BadPlane 1320Z 1955Z-2000Z B787-9 27R Gate 582
IFAE Arrivals
Slot Number Route Pilot Departure Time ETA Airframe Arrival Runway Arrival Stand
IFAE1 KLAX-EGLL @art_martinez 0530Z 1930Z-2000Z CCX 27R Gate 316
IFAE2 LIRF-EGLL Victor R 1600Z 1930Z-2000Z A320-200 27L Gate 317
IFAE3 LEMG-EGLL Omar Aziz 1700Z 1930Z-2000Z A321-200 27L Gate 318
IFAE4 KJFK-EGLL Camilo Victoria 1300Z 1930Z-2000Z A318-100 27R Gate 319
IFAE5 HECA-EGLL @Doug_Hamilton TBC by Pilot 1930Z-2000Z TBC by Pilot 27L Gate 320
IFAE6 EDNY-EGLL @Trio TBC by Pilot 1930Z-2000Z TBC by Pilot 27L Gate 321
IFAE7 TBC @Dean.Gibson TBC by Pilot 1930Z-2000Z TBC by Pilot TBD Gate 322
IFAE8 KBOS-EGLL Brian Wilkins TBC by Pilot 1930Z-2000Z TBC by Pilot 27R Gate 363
IFAE9 LSGG-EGLL Laminar 1800Z 1930Z-2000Z B773 (Swiss) 27L Gate 364
IFAE10 SCEL-EGLL @Trevor_A 0600Z 1930Z-2000Z B787-9 27L Gate 365
IFAE11 EGPH-EGLL @Scott.Cooper 1815Z 1930Z-2000Z A320-200 27R Gate 311
IFAE12 TBC Nick Masterson TBC by Pilot 1930Z-2000Z TBC by Pilot TBD Gate 309
IFAE13 EGCC-EGLL Mags 885 TBC by Pilot 1930Z-2000Z TBC by Pilot 27R Gate 307
IFAE14 LEMD-EGLL Aero Contractor Ng TBC by Pilot 1930Z-2000Z A320-200 27L Gate 305
IFAE15 TBC Youssef TBC by Pilot 1930Z-2000Z TBC By Pilot TBD Gate 303
IFAE16 WSSS-EGLL @Andre_S - 1800Z-1830Z B777-300 27L Gate 301
IFAE17 EHAM-EGLL @Juan_Oosthuizen 1910Z 1930Z-2000Z A319 27R Gate 325
IFAE18 EDDL-EGLL @sebi-ue 1845Z 1930Z-2000Z A319 (Eurowings) 27L Gate 327
IFAE19 - - - 1930Z-2000Z - - Gate 329

IFAE members are expected to plan their own arrival into London Heathrow without the aid of one of our ‘event-packs’.

If you’d like to fly a BA route into Heathrow that isn’t listed here, but is special to you in some way, then let us know! We will always try and accommodate your request when possible.

More slots can and will be added if demand is high.

The following NOTAMs should be noted and heeded for this event to run smoothly. Thank You for your attention and for partaking in this event!

  • Pilots must stick to their assigned departure time, flight plan, arrival runway, and arrival stand. All information in the ‘event pack’ should be followed.

  • This event will take place on the expert server. All usual expert server rules will still apply. Rules may be enforced by ghosting during the event.

  • Minumum separation of 3 nautical miles horizontal and 1000ft vertical must be adhered to at all times.

  • Please inform us if you will be unable to attend after signing up for the event. This will allow us to plan accordingly and also offer slots to anyone on any waiting lists.

  • Any directions from ATC must be followed.

  • Go-Arounds must be performed if a runway is occupied when the pilot is on short final to the same runway.

  • Departure times listed are estimates and may be subject to change during the run-up to the event. Please be wary of this and follow all timings as per event-information packs given prior to the event.

  • All aircraft must be flown in British Airways liveries. Community Members should fly under the British Airways flight number as their callsign for the route they are operating. (With Speedbird Callsign). This will also be made known to you in your ‘event pack’.

Further NOTAMs for BAVA Members
  • Your BAVA callsign must be used at all times during the event.

  • Impeccable flying behaviour should be displayed at all times throughout the event. Failure to comply with any ‘Flight Operation Standards’ as per our Standard Operating Procedures or Event Rules will result in declination of PIREPs for the flight, in addition to the possibility of further follow-up if required. Ghosting sanctions will apply as normal.

  • Double flight time is available for this Infinite Flight Community event! Remember to apply the multiplier yourself when filing your PIREP via our website.

British Airways Virtual Airline has been an integral part of the Infinite Flight Community for over two years, and even since 2015 as ‘Speedbird VA’.

We always try and embody the spirit of British Airways in everything that we do and set out to achieve in the future. This event is no exception!

We plan and host events regularly, internally within our slack forum and of course externally like here on the Infinite Flight Community. This, coupled with 1,800 routes, 400 destinations to explore, over 300 pilots, and a warm and friendly community make BAVA one of the most active and vibrant Virtual Airlines within the Infinite Flight Community, and these factors have even earned us the title of ‘Best Virtual Airline’ on the Infinite Flight Community in the IFC Awards for 2018.

Interested and would like to find out more? Head over to our website or community thread to learn more, and of course apply to join us. See you in the skies!

British Airways Virtual Airline would like to extend its appreciation to our following partners:


Infinite Flight Aviation Experts

We’d love to see you there on Sunday 25th August! Don’t forget to share any great shots you manage to capture during the event on this thread, or via social media for a possible feature.

If you have any questions whatsoever about the operation of this event, these can be forwarded to us via any of the contact means below, or via our Event Managers @21cabbage and @Max_burrell.

Event Thread Details | Credits


This Event Thread is an extension of the British Airways Virtual Airline Infinite Flight Community Thread. All disclaimers and terms and conditions listed on our general community thread all apply here.

British Airways Virtual Airline is a non-profit organisation which is not connected, affiliated, or linked with British Airways PLC, OneWorld LLC, or any other airlines, airline parent companies, or airline partners. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Any queries or questions surrounding the operation of British Airways Virtual Airline should be directed to our Infinite Flight Community Thread.


Event Thread Design, Graphics, and Wording: @Adam_Williams

Event Planning and Organisers: @Max_burrell and @21cabbage

With special thanks to all Staff Members at BAVA for their continued contribution to our Virtual Airline.

Contact Us

28 07 22 52 48

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019



May I use this gate?

Edit: yes! I’m first to one of these huge events, I know it’ll be huge

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Really looking forward to this event - I can see a lot of planning and preparation has been put in, as per usual!

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Hi there,

Unfortunately that gate and route has already been reserved by a BAVA member. Available slots are marked as ‘available’ (in bold) on the lists.

Stay tuned as we will be releasing further gates and routes available for Infinite Flight Community members to fly and use this Sunday too!


Hi! I’d love to fly KAUS - EGLL in a 744 but it isn’t on the list. If I could fly that route that would be great. No worries if that’s too hard to figure out. Thanks!

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I’m sure we’ll be able to make that work! We’re trying to showcase our favourite BA routes into and out of London Heathrow, and this is definitely one of mine. We’ll reserve you a slot for now, and will have to finalise departure times and other details at a slightly later date. Of course you can also expect further detailed event information closer to the time. Cheers, and see you there!



Darn, 😟

Maybe this one

Of course, we’ll get you signed up for that route! See you along with the other 50+ pilots attending Heathrow next Sunday. As mentioned above, we’ll get some final event details sent over to you closer to the time. Thank You!


Great thanks!

Looks great, BAVA team! Well done on the thread, it looks outstanding. Looks like I’m the last arrival, coming in from Dubai. See you all there! Happy 100th, BA! 🎉


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What server is it on?

As noted, the expert server. 🙂


Is there a gate for BA278? I’d love to fly San Jose to London ;)

Well, today is your lucky day!


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I’d like to take that gate then ;)

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Of course! We’ll get you signed up for that. Looking forward to seeing you there, do expect further event details a little closer to the time.


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Basically Slot 29 the quote was messing up.

Also my Slack is playing around, it keeps crashing because of a message I sent on another group 😂

I am BAVA277…? I’ll probably access my Slack on google or somewhere…

That sounds good, we’ll get you down!

According to our records, indeed you are. If you need help trying to access our slack forum then don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Thanks. No problem I’ll try to reinstall it later 😂

It probably said I was active for 2 seconds before I crashed.

@BritishAirwaysVA don’t forget to put in my BAVA callsign!!! (BAVA277)

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are these British airways flights only no code shares included?

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