British Airways Virtual Presents “Fly to F1: Brake Check in Québec!” @ EGLL - 091700ZJUN18

also, if you want i can be the BAVA representative if you don’t already have one sorted :)

I will take a gate. ACVA197

I can’t attemd any,ore sorry

As much as I would love to join, I am busy. I’ll see if I can join you for a bit as an escort or something.

I will take gate 564, as I am a member of ACVA. (ACVA196)


I will take gate 565 I am a member of ACVA
(ACVA 232)


Departure Time: Saturday, June 9, 2018 5:00 PM

The time displayed is in your timezone


Do we have to fly in the BA livery our our own (Air Canada)

Its either one. To log it for ACVA though you must fly in a Air Canada Livery :)

ACVA257 Gate 566 IFC Username: leon332157


Hey yall,
Alex can’t attend anymore as an incident will be keeping him busy tomorrow. I will be leading the event for everybody.

I also added everybody’s names. Let me know if I skipped somebody.

Please may I have a gate

Can i get gate im in

i’m currently inbound from HECA, should be arriving about 8 mins before scheduled departure :)

May I have a gate to join?

ACVA representative any gate please

Heathrow looks empty :( Where is everybody!!

They will be spawning in 40 minutes or so when the event starts.

Sorry, lol got mixed up between BST and Zulu