British Airways Virtual Presents “Fly to F1: Brake Check in Québec!” @ EGLL - 091700ZJUN18

British Airways Virtual is proud to present to you the seventh round of our Infinite Flight Community event series, “Flight to F1: Brake Check in Quebec!” Featuring Air Canada VA.
This series revolves around the Formula One World Championship where we fly from London Heathrow (since eight out of the ten F1 teams are based in the UK and because this is our largest hub) to that week’s race. This weekend we go to Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in Québec, Canada.

Image: @Dan_77

Date: June 9th 2018, 1700Z

Route: EGLL - CYUL

Server: Expert


Airport code: EGLL

Elevation: 83

Planned runway: 09L

Aircraft: B787-9 (British Airways or Air Canada)

Flight Level: FL380

Plan Distance: 2862 nm

Flight Time: ~6:16 Hours

Block Fuel: 34,638 kgs

Climb profile: 250/310/.85

Passengers: 216

Cargo Weight: 3,500 kgs


Airport Code: CYUL

Elevation: 118

Descent profile: 85/310/245

Planned Runway: 24L

Copy FPL from @Chindle_1204 or a Representative.

Route is now available!

EGLL 5129N/026W 5126N/045W 5127N/053W 5128N/101W CPT KENET 5143N/208W OKTAD DOBEM TOPRO MEDOG 5200N/357W 5206N/448W PEMOB LANPI BAKUR OLONO AGINI BEXET DOGAL 5500N/2000W 5700N/3000W 5700N/4000W 5600N/5000W JANJO YBC 4645N/7130W OMBRE OKOPO MAIRE CYUL

Note: you can still always copy it from a representative.

Please respond below for a gate
Gate 551: @Chindle_1204
Gate 552: Reserved for BAVA representitive
Gate 553: @Balloonchaser
Gate 554: @loganklovell100
Gate 555: @PedroG
Gate 556: @leon332157
Gate 557: @Goran12

Next Row:
Gate 561: @OC212
Gate 562: @Sebastian9915
Gate 563: @Evan
Gate 564: @Rick_Mahoney
Gate 565: @JetBlue
Gate 566: @Zachiebm Gate 567:
Gate 568: @Daniboi

Next Row:
Remote 575: @Brad_Jones
Remote 576: @Callum_Brough1
Remote 581: @Brad_Jones
Remote 582: @HideUsNow
Remote 583:
Remote 590:
Remote 591:
Remote 592:

More gates will be added if needed.

We hope to see you there!


Unfortunately I have plans this weekend, and could only carve out time for the race it’s self, but if it is for more F1 races, than count me in!

Looks awesome! Go Red Bull!

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For sure, Danny Ricc all the way mate!

These are going on for every race in the season, but usually they are the weekend before the race itself. It had to be the weekend of this time because of scheduling :/

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Oh, darn I must have missed it the last few times, lets just hope he doesn’t drink out of his shoe this time 🤢

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Count me in! Looking forward to it

Hi KPIT, some of the events in this series are solely promoted as a in BAVA event or in Oneworld event. Just keep your eye out for the next one that comes to the forum!


Will do!

Sorry I can’t make it!

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Anyways, count on me!

Expert Server. Sorry we didn’t include that.

Would have loved to make it but a bit to late here!! Forza Ferrari! Sebastian all the way!

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I’m a BAVA representative can I have a gate please

Sign me up and I’m part of BAVA!

I would love a Gate! ACVA04

I think I’m able to join but don’t quote me on that statement please

I’ll take a gate

Sure, but representative is meant as a staff member.

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Count me in! Will we be able to log this for BAVA if im not the rank for the 787?

Yes you will be able to.

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Gate 563 would be awesome please! I’m in ACVA (ACVA204)

I’d happy be the ACVA rep