British Airways Virtual Event Column

Hello there.

do not flag or close this topic. All future events involving British Airways will be posted here to save cluttering the form

Welcome to BA.

This post is mainly for our pilots but members of the public are welcome to join in.

To help save time I have decided to post all BA events which our pilots are asked to join here.

We will only have 2-3 events a month so try and show up and let’s increase this community relationship.

With a grand start I announce
@David_Lockwood ‘s event regarding Quantas’ 4th Year Anniversary. Let’s all congratulate them and show up to cheer our fellow VA’s.

A copy from the event formate.

Server: Advanced

Region: London

Airport: EGLL - EGBB - EGKK

Time: 1100Z (2100 Sydney NSW) Saturday 28th May

NOTAM: Welcome to continuation of Qantas Virtual 4th Year Anniversary. This time we are visiting the London region. Starting at London Heathrow (Terminal 4) EGLL, proceed to EGBB for Touch and Go before return South to land and finish the flight at EGKK.

We welcome people from all VA’s to join us, in particular those based in the London region, British Airways ( @ColonelJeff ). PLease bring your A320 or B737 and enjoy the flight!
Will post the STAR and SID’s for the respective airports in due course, as on Advanced server please follow all ATC instructions and correct flight procedures at all times.




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