British Airways Virtual Airline


Bare in mind, that hyper link doesn’t work, i just wanted to show off our website because for me to finish it of I need pilots to apply :)




Until the website is up and running, please reply to this topic if you would like to join.

Doing this is like a reservation. BAIF will not be accepting players until the website is up

Criticism is welcomed :))


Got the website up and rolling

longest damn link ever but all applications are being accepted asap

Please comment any mistakes you find

Could you please give me some details about this virtual airline thing? I don’t understand how do they work.

Sure thing,

Being in a VA has numerous opportunities for you,
you can make friends, gain knowledge and experience, and rise higher in the ranks of aviation.

Basically, being in a VA means you a part of a group, you represent that group.some VA’s have systems to show what flights you have been doing or how active you have been and the more flights you do and record the higher you travel through the ranks

Have a look at this website and read the start of it


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Do I need to have Live?

Ahah it helps, I guess you could still do it but It would be so much better if you got live, that way you could compete in events :)

I don’t have the money right now to the Live suscription, does the Solo flight counts?

I sent message to gmail.But.This is my apply:
80 hours
Server:Advanced,playground maybe

Really busy today, I’m going through all my messages tomorrow or tonight, I hope you don’t mind :)

I really like the moving 787 banner. Really nice touch. I will have a look into it. And I will let you know if I am interested in signing up.

Thanks dude, I appreciate just having a look :)

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Are you going to start some events in VA?

Whilst we are gaining members I will be honest don’t expect much. We have a point system that is being implemented soon so you can always compete with others but until we get enough members for it to be worth it we will not be competing in events,

I’d say wait a week and we might start thinking about them

ok.How many pilots are in VA now?

3 officially in, however I am speaking to a Facebook group leader with around 20-40 willing pilots to join,

Processing those pilots will be started tomorrow

Cool!Thank you for answers

No problem :)

How old must you be to join?

As long as you have a sensible attitude there is no limit, refrain from being immature

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Thanks mate. I love the IF community and I try my best to stay out of any trouble.