British Airways Virtual Airline


British Airways Virtual Airline

image IFVARB Certified.

Firstly, Welcome to our official IFC thread and the home of British Airways Virtual Airline (BAVA).

BAVA, has a strong history going back to its formation in September 2015 as Speedbird VA when a month later we took on the flag of British Airways and became BA VA.

Although we are not officially affiliated with BA, we try our upmost to maintain the high real life standards that BA offers its staff and customers.

Through the community we have formed, pulling together a mutual love for British Airways and Infinite Flight, we really do our upmost to represent British Airways in the IF arena to the best of our ability.

I hope that following your visit to our thread and you feel that BAVA could be the right Virtual Airline for you, and that very soon you join us in our mission to ‘Fly to Serve’

Louis Donald
Executive President of British Airways VA.

Mission Statement


Key Staff
  • Lead President – Louis Donald ( @LouDon )
  • President – Matt Elphick ( @Matt )
  • Senior Deputy President – Harry Cook ( @Harry_Cook )
  • Assistant President (Ops) - Ben Tyson (@BenTyson )
  • Assistant President (Ops Support) - Josh Tobin ( @J9J9T )
Rank Structure


What happens once I sign up?

Once you have signed up at our website (details below) will get an email invite to join our SLACK community group. Inside the group are daily group flights, training sessions, mentoring sessions and opportunities to develop your IF flying skills and gain new friends.


Our SLACK page, is also where you log and record your flight, climb the ranks and meet your new colleagues.

Promotional Video

Thank you for visiting us at British Airways VA. Keep checking in, for regular updates form our airline on future flights, news and lots more.

Visit our website now:



Wow, looks great! Well done to you and the staff.


Yes Sir! Great to be back! 😁


To Fly, To serve!!!


Hoping this new BAVA is just as good as it’s predecessor but with much less drama. Best of luck Louie.


Thanks mate. I’m sure we will give Frontier a run for its money before you know it ;) See you in the skies! - Lou


Frontier is already light years ahead ;) (couldn’t resist) but honestly I’m glad you guys have straightened everything out. No need for all that side drama when you guys have a mission to keep progressing your awesome carrier. If you need any assistance my door is always open. Just ask!


Hi, I accidentally left our BAVA slack group, can you or someone please invite me back?

I’ve Pm’d you an invite

Hey sorry can I get an invite to the slack I was part of the VA before

Glad to see BAVA come back alive! Good Luck! Its a new, fresh start!

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Nice to see you guys back in the business. Expecting the best of you. 👏🏼


Best wishes from Qantas family😉

Best of luck for the new BAVA 2.0 😉. I wish it would be as great as the old BAVA


Was a member of old BAVA, hope this one turns out better. Good luck

Its gonna be better.

No, no, and no. The whole lot of you are already half wrong. Yes we will still be better than before in the future, but the fact of the matter is that we are already better than before


It’s good to see a British Airways VA again!

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I’m pleased to announce our Instagram and twitter accounts are back up and running. If you want to keep up with our latest news follow both these accounts to hear the latest news and see some of the best pictures out pilots have taken.

Instagram account: britishairwaysvirtual_ifc

Twitter account: bavavirtualteam

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Great photo posted by one of our rank 6 pilots @ishan_majmudar

Join BA VA and fly some of the best aircraft in Infinite flight and be proud to fly the flag for Britain.