British Airways Virtual Airline | The World's Favourite Airline is now Virtual

Hello, the website is currently down

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Please send us a DM if you’re interested in joining and we’ll help you get set up :)

Beautifully created thread! From all of us at LOT Virtual, we wish you nothing but the best!

Balazs K. (KbAv)
Chief Operating Officer of LOT Virtual

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Unable to apply. Link page can’t open safari, or connect.

@Cabin_Services please refer to this message ^

i cant open the page
do you need pro to join

Yes, you need subscription to join almost every VA, and their website is currently down.

I have sent dm

Hi @IAGVirtual

I have sent DM IFC but No reply. For I question you when will you answer?

Not true I can name other major VA’s which offer this


I’ve been trying to apply for the past couple of days, but the website is not working at all for me. Can someone from BAVA assist?

The website is down, just for your notice.

Will the website be back up soon? I am looking at applying!

Hello BAVA! I am soon to have grade 3 in Infinite Flight. I’m thinking about getting back into the VA world. I was in the team before and had a decent rank. I cant quite remember what rank it was. However, I would like to know if I join back will I be able to start with those hours or will I be fresh start?

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Hi Deakin! You’ll be able to rejoin with your old hours, depending on how many you had. If you were above Rank 3 we’ll have kept them saved on our system and you’ll be able to start with them.
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When website is back ? I want to join you.

The Website is back! and can be found by using this link here!

Website back online!

Our website is back! Unfortunately our website was taken down due to a false report. The hosting company was very uncooperative. This caused us many issues and delayed us with getting our website back online. We apologise to those affected.

Our new website can be found at


Ahh yes!! Thank you! I’m definitely applying :)

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happy to hear website is back

i need a help to apply i send dm