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Welcome to British Airways Virtual, a Virtual Airline brought to you by IAGVA dedicated to replicating the professionalism and grandeur of the World’s Favourite Airline; known for more than 100 years history, diverse fleet and for flying more people to more places than any other airline.

As a well respected Virtual Airline, and one of the earliest VAs to form seven years ago, we boast a large pilot base, partnerships with numerous other VAs, and years of experience in running a successful VA. Our friendly staff members make BAVA an exciting and welcoming environment to further your love of flight, and with our regular events, weekly featured routes and Career Challenge there’s never a dull moment when flying with us.

At IAGVA we benefit from a huge variety of in-app aircraft, with nearly every aircraft in the British Airways fleet represented in app, from the miniscule CRJ700 to the majestic DC10, or the unique A318 to the enormity of the A380; we are able to accurately reflect the procedures of British Airways from the early jet-age right up to the present day.

Our Crew Centre is totally designed in house, and has numerous features such as a Career Challenge, personalised logbook and ACARS functionality.

At IAGVA we have many opportunties to earn flight time multipliers to make climbing ranks a breeze. If that wasn’t enough, we also offer pilots a wide selection of routes (with multipliers) each week from across the OneWorld Alliance, as well as annually partnering with a different Virtual Airline to offer pilots special routes from outside our partner network.

Rank Structure
Rank Hours Aircraft Unlocked
Rank 1 0 hours E175, E190, CRJ Family, CL35, Dash 8, B717
Rank 2 15 Hours A319, A320, B737-700, B737-800
Rank 3 35 Hours A220, A321, B737-900
Rank 4 60 Hours B757-200, B767-300
Rank 5 100 Hours B777 Family (B772, B77L, B77W, B77F), A330-300, A330neo
Rank 6 150 Hours B787-8, B787-9, B787-10, A340-600
Rank 7 200 Hours A350-900, A380, B747-200, MD-11
Rank 8 250 Hours A318
Deputy President’s Award 300 Hours DC10
President’s Award 500 Hours B747-400

With IAGVA, when you unlock an aircraft, you unlock all available routes that it offers. At Rank 2, you’ll have the choice of commuter hops from Miami to Tampa on American Airlines, or transatlantic services out of Shannon on Aer Lingus; just think, with IAGVA you’ll be able to operate Long Haul services at just Rank 2!

We also offer one of the most diverse route networks of any Virtual Airlines, with British Airways routes stretching from the Azores to the Falkland Islands, Vueling routes from Krasnodar to Valladolid, and Aer Lingus from Donegal to Cleveland. After all, British Airways carried more people to more places than any other airline.

Our codeshare network is equally extensive, from Fiji Airways’ transpacifics to ultra long hauls from the Middle East to New Zealand on Qatar Airways; we have codeshares with over 20 airlines, and through partnerships are able to offer Pilots routes to fly on even more.

Our Airline Partners

Aer Lingus
Air Belgium
Alaska Airlines
American Airlines
Bangkok Airways
Binter Canarias
Bulgaria Air
Cathay Pacific
China Southern
Copa Airlines
Fiji Airways
Japan Airlines
Kenya Airways
Malaysia Airlines
Qatar Airways
Royal Air Maroc
Royal Jordanian
SriLankan Airlines
TUI Virtual Group

OneWorld Explorer Partners

America West
Canadian Airlines
US Airways

At IAGVA, we reward pilots for their commitment to the VA and therefore only promote from within our VA. Our staff team includes:

Senior Leadership Team

Chris, CEO – Hailing from Switzerland, Chris is the 7th Chief of BAVA and has been managing the VA since 2020. Chris specialises in computing, and built our crew centre and website entirely from scratch.

Louis, COO – From London, Louis has been second-in-command at BAVA since early 2022, and is responsible for managing our route network, OneWorld Explorer routes and Career Challenge

Operational Leadership Team

Jimi, and Nate, Flight Supervisors – Based in the USA and Dominica, our diverse and multilingual flight supervision team manage all Pireps and Rank Ups at our VA

Ben, Route Manager - UK based Ben is a young yet experienced staff member who manages our Routes of the Week and helps to keep our 4400+ routes updated.

Ruan, HR Manager – BAVA007 himself, based between South Africa and Georgia, Ruan is the go to for help with all HR related requests

Ben and Martijn, Events - Along side their staff position Ben and Martijn run our events department boasting 3 weekly flights all of which come with some ATC included!

Martijn and Mason, Recruitment – Hailing from the Netherlands and the USA, or Recruitment team is always on hand to get new additions set up in our VA

The joining process for British Airways Virtual is simple. We ask that you fill out our application form, and our Recruitment Manager or another member of our staff team will make contact with you to proceed with your application. We have a 20 question test and require a pass mark of 80%, however, you are welcome to retake this test if you don’t succeed on your first attempt. Our test requires a basic knowledge of flight and ATC principles and some awareness of British Airways’ operations. On completion we invite you to join our busy Discord server.

We are the only major Virtual Airline to offer codeshare routes to pilots on Day 1 of joining

On joining you will immediately gain access to a wide range of aircraft, with seven different airlines represented. You will be able to fly British Airways Cityflyer routes out of London City, Edinburgh, Southampton and other regional UK bases, as well as access to British Airways’ historic network out of Birmingham and in France.

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British Airways Virtual Airline 2023

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Brilliant VA and well worth joining!


Awesome thread @IAGVirtual!!!

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Thank you! Glad to have you in our VA.

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Beautiful thread! We can’t wait to see the future of this successful VA.

Lars Wenzel
CMO, Lufty Virtual


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@IAGVirtual this is a wonderful thread. Continue the great work. The future hold great things for this VA.

CEO/Founder TUI Virtual Group


I love this VA, one of the Best For Sure!


Thank you, appreciate the kind words! Wishing you the same.

Thank you for being a part of the BAVA family!

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This thread is amazing!

Thanks so much for the kind words. We appreciate it!

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Lovely thread BAVA team, if I do say so myself. Great VA to be apart of and I’m grateful for the opportunity to assist as Co-Recruitment Manager.


Wonderful VA, proud to fly the BA flag!

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Thanks for being a part of our leadership team and believing in us! Cheers Declan!

Thank you for choosing to fly for BAVA!

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BA CityFlyer E190 officially confirmed!


Picture by @Ecoops123

The reworked E190 will come in our BA CityFlyer livery. We can’t wait to fly this from London City and our other sessional bases!


Open recruitment!

To celebrate the release of the E190, we will be hosting an open recruitment weekend. If you apply until 2022-12-11T23:59:00Z you will not be required to take our entrance exam and will be invite straight in to the VA.*

Apply here!

*The user applying must still pass our entry requirements. For more information about our entry requirements, please check here. This offer only applies to new pilots joining the VA. Current users already in the application process do not qualify for this offer.


Very clever banner!

Hello, I can’t apply (the website doesn’t work) is that normal ?