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Welcome to British Airways Virtual Airline. We are a community of fantastic, experienced pilots along with ATC providing us great service. Everyone is friendly in our VA, so you will be able to see how extraordinary it is in no time at all.

Here at BAVA, we care about everyone. No matter how different you are, will always try and support you. That’s the aesthetic about our VA. If you need help, any person from the Leadership Team will easily contact you straight away.

We aim to do applications/service as soon as possible. Our VA loves to see pilots in their best mood all the time. We encourage that.

Here are some reviews from some trustworthy, experienced pilots/ATC in our VA:

“Exemplary, simply exemplary.” - Chris (Rank 6 - ATP)

“Friendly, fun VA that feels like a family.” - Charles (Rank 6 - ATP)

“BAVA is an exciting and friendly community.” - Finn (MLT - Website Assistant, TSATC)

“An amazing, fun VA.” - Lewis (PATC)

Hope to see you in our VA :)
Apply here on our website:

Isn’t there already a thread for BAVA?

Have you spoken to the IFVARB? I’m pretty sure there’s already a BA VA.


This is the same BAVA I beleive but they already have a thread.

There seems to already be an active British Airways VA:

I’m unsure if there was some sort of owner swap but sort this out with @Joshua_Fleming and especially the IFVARB (@NEO or @Ben_Schenk).


I believe that this is the same BA VA.


Yes it is the same ba va just a different thread

It’s the same Virtual Airline. But I’m not sure of the purpose for this.

If that’s the case, then they already have a thread for it. No need for another one. :/

Correct. I am a staff member posting this, and our president has gave me permission to post. Sorry for confusion.

Yeah they have the same website address, I think he must be a rep. If so they already have a topic and this should be closed.

Hello all ,

@SirBinary had the best of intentions and was instructed under our President to do so , but this isn’t our official thread and shouldn’t of been posted here. Apologies in advance for any confusion , the official thread for British Airways Virtual is listed below.

Thanks again.

British Airways VA Thread | Announcement

We’ll be making an announcement about this soon.

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Ok. Yes he is, I checked on this form: [CLOSED] British Airways Virtual Airline | Come together this Christmas @ EGLL - 251400ZDEC16

I’m sure they already had a topic. People
Need to stop cluttering up the forum.

Thanks @NEO! 🙂

Josh will make a post about this soon.


Hi all,

As the president I confirm this is a post relating to us, BA.

This should have been posted on our official thread.



👍🏼 Ta!

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