British Airways VA | Tour de London | #IAM100 Closure Event @ EGLL - 212000ZJAN17

Server: Training

Region: London


Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: Come join us for a tour of the London region in an aircraft of your choice. Cruising at just 6000ft and a mere 240kts, this flight is meant to be a slow and enjoyable cruise to close out our #IAm100 week. Starting at London Heathrow, we will take to the skies headed southwest for Bournemouth to do a low fly pass over the airport. Then its a turn due north to East Midlands for a touch and go followed by a turn southeast for another touch and go at London Luton. After that, head east for a low fly pass over London City. To finish off the event, its a turn to the south for a full stop landing at London Gatwick. Make sure you stay spawned in for a while so everyone can land and we get some good group photos.

Due to expected demand, we will not be assigning gates. Guest callsigns will start at Speedbird 20 and increase from there. Please ensure you follow all ATC instructions when atc is present.

We look forward to having you in the skies with us! Should you be interested in applying to British Airways Virtual Airline, please visit


Hook me up with a gate please bro

Can I still get a gate?

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@Captain_Darragh1 @Liam_purcell as stated, we will not be assigning gates

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Very cool…I’ll be there.

-Speedbird 219

Hope to attend!

I’ll be there in a BA aircraft, perhaps a Boeing 787-9.

Sounds great! We look forward to having you. Speedbird 21 for a callsign please. @Thomas_Ralph Speedbird 20 please!

Count me in! Speedbird 170 will be there.

Whoever came up with the name for this event is pure genius

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That would be me @Louis. Thank you for your compliments

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@Matt_Elphick if I’m not mistaken @Captain_Darragh1 is one of our members already

@Nichalas_Petranek you aren’t mistaken. I have since delete my message

I’ll be there

Sighs me up may be late but plz do

Callsighn speed bird 572

Can we use any British airways aircraft boss?

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