British Airways VA Thread + New Website

Hello everyone.

We have decided to create a official British Airways VA thread to prevent clutter on IFC. Below you will find a link to our newly created website and a poster about a current opening of Chief Pilot. All things British Airways VA will be posted here excluding events, so watch this space !

British Airways VA website -

Joshua Fleming
Deputy President

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Just a note, it’s illegal to use the BA logo without their permission…


It is if you have modified it

Nope, even the plain one. Contact them and they will tell you. I contacted BA about it when making BOAC, and they said this:

I suggest you remove it before getting into trouble.

We like to live on the edge at British Airways VA , I’m sure British Airways have better things to do then chase up a virtual airline who are indirectly promoting them and plus there are loads of VA who have used there airlines actual logo !

Wrong. Check the biggest BA VAs, they do not:

Probably just didn’t want to use … anyway we are keeping it as it is :)

Yeah dont worry about , let us worry about our own VA ! If British Airways have a problem with us promoting them indirectly they can contact us via our website contact us section !

We have a disclaimer on our website and plus it is not like we are making any financial gain from using their logo !

Sorry I have a Friend that works at ba as a pilot I spoke to him 3 days and he said it’s totally fine as long as you have modified it


Please can we get back on topic. This is a VA thread where we are promoting this VA. Your comments aren’t helping anyone and if you have a problem please use the great feature of PM to message people. :)


That’s even worse, modifying the logo.

Even affiliate’s cannot modify it:

You are able to use the logo on your site so your customers know they are buying from a reputable source, but you must not amend it in any way.


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We are not profiting from using the logo

Our customer aren’t buying anything ! PLEASE STOP spamming our new thread , if you have a issue please PM one of us :)

You are still not allowed to use it.

Anyway, back on topic. When you get into trouble, don’t blame me/

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Or all of us

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Got nothing to do with you mate but what we are doing is not illegal or wrong

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Well, if BA finds you out, you’ll see for yourself.

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We will mate cheers for your words of wisdom

Really excited about our recruitment for the Ch Pilot post

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Please keep your comments away from our VA