British Airways VA Thread | Announcement

The Podcast will be live streamed over YouTube.

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Link will be announced shortly. Watch this space!

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British Airways Virtual recently released news of a new media team within the VA to further promote and connect the VA. For all those who wish to listen into our new and exciting podcast make sure you listen in on the link below on You Tube.

“Never a dull day at BA VA !”


Please see our latest event Royal Inavaion New York. Anyone is welcome to attend. Just reply on the event thread and you will be allocated a temporary callsign and a gate for the event.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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We are happy to announce that we are recruiting members to join our ATC ranks.

We are looking for confident Training server controllers to join our TSATC and any IFATC operators to join our IFATC controller ranks within the expert server.

Our ATC section is lead by Assistant President @IFATClewis

If you are interested please contact ATC Supervisor - @Finn or Head of Recrutiment @sirbinary

Matt Elphick



Join us at 2200Z as we start our first ever, LIVE PODCAST on YouTube Live

Join us at:






###Thank you for so much…

Thank you for so much for joining us online tonight for this evening’s podcast. It was great fun being interviewed and the questions were so well constructed, I hope you enjoyed my answers.

I welcome anyone who listened to visit out website: and consider joining us.

If you wasn’t here to listen to our fantastic Podcast, You can listen back to it in full now. at:

President and Owner, BA VA.


#Update from BA VA HQ.

We have undergone some large changes tonight. Here is an update on what we have been up to over in ‘The Office’.

  • Firstly, we have created two new policies. Our SOP’ and a new ‘Dealing with disciplinary matters’ policy. (A Guide to dealing with discipline and dismissals)

  • We have reshuffled our channels on SLACK, Losing some channels and gaining a new one ’ Flight-Announcments’. Announcing your flights on SLACK has never been easier. Simply fill in the form on the channel and share it with our near 100 active pilots.

  • After the de-brief of the podcast yesterday, we are over the moon to say, it was a huge success! We had over 50 questions live during the show. As such, I have decided to pull one of my Senior Leaders and allocate them the role of corporate Communications Manager, heading up our Media Team. Expect more podcasts and more coming soon!

If you are not yet a member of British Airways VA, feel free to apply to join our thriving community now at:




#IAM100 Week’ Schedule
Saturday - 14/01/2017

IFC Event titled - #IAM100.

Our #IAM100 week of events Is kicked off with this event. The event will be a group flight out of EGLL, with touch and goes at EGBB before then a landing at East Midlands (EGNX).

Sunday - 15/01/2017


Our BA VA Media Department will be holding another exciting Podcast live. The podcast will be an #IAM100 special.

In the podcast, the team will discuss what #IAM100 is all about, talk about why joining the Virtual Airline is such a positive move, what we have to offer and give an insight to what BA VA is like through interviews with our leaders and pilots.

Furthermore, the team will have a live Interview with the presidential team taking live questions from you via our IFC VA thread and YouTube live.

Monday- 16/01/2017

Internal quiz competition hosed by Media team. Winner will be awarded the honour of becoming the lead pilot in Friday’s event.

Tuesday - 17/01/2017

Triple hour Tuesday. (All flights will be tripped. Up to 1:30hrs.)

Wednesday - 18/01/2017

ANY PLANE WEDNESDAY - You can log a flight in any plane today…

Inviting a friend today, will automatically promote you one rank. (Only applicable x2)

Thursday - 19/01/2017

The SLT will be holding a group race flight. How fast can you climb to 40,000…Once at 40,000 in circles over EGBB, its a race back home!

Triple hours for today’s flight!

Friday - 20/01/2017

IFC closure event. Details to Follow…

Thank you all for such positive feedback!

#IAM100 is something we have worked hard on for a long time. Our aim is to smash the 100 member mark and enter the 200s in celebration and smiles. We need to really to embrace this and make it as enjoyable as possible.

Next week is the perfect opportunity to make that extra promotion, Log flights in any plane and enjoy different group flights and competing in our internal quizzes all whilst listening to our #IAM100 Special podcast.


##Safeguarding Policy.

As we grow, I have ordered my presidential team with a commitment to safeguarding our pilots and leaders

Within British Airways VA, we have many young pilots. I personally believe that it is essential that we build on the family-like environment we have worked hard to achieve to ensure we can support our peers in times of darkness.

I have appointed Senior Deputy President, @Joshua_Fleming to act as the Designated Senior leader for Safeguarding at British Airways VA.

I will be creating a safeguarding policy for the VA in the coming week.

I am proud to announce our commitment to safeguarding at British Airways Virtual Airline and I hope we stand as an example to other Airlines and set a pave way for them to follow with a commitment to protecting younger members of VAs

May I take this opportunity to remind everyone that safeguarding is a responsibility of all. At any point if you believe a peer is showing signs of need, be that mental, physical, depression, self harm or anything that causes you concern. Let a leader know and they can pass it onto the DSL, Snr Deputy Fleming and appropriate action can be taken to support and signpost them to external support services


Our new brand ident


British Airways Virtual are pleased to open up a spot in our Middle Leadership team for an ATC supervisor, working alongside myself and @Sam_Keast

Do you have good knowledge in ATC?
Consider yourself a good controller?
Enjoy management?
Want to progress in our virtual airline?

Please send a brief message as to why you want the role and tell us abit about yourself!! Simple 🙂


##President Leaves.

I have this morning notified the rest of the team of my intention to step down as President of BAVA. Since its formation I have enjoyed so many happy times, success and celebration with my friends and now excellent leadership team.

I have enjoyed every moment within BA VA and am so delighted to leave it in such capable and experienced hands.

I leave BA VA, at the peak of its success as to walk away with my head held high, knowing that it has such an experienced and well led team behind its future.

I would also like to personally thank @Joshua_Fleming for his expert leadership and friendship from day 1. Josh you are a friend and it’s been an honour.

I am now going to take some time away from VAs. I haven’t left with any intention to go elsewhere. But who knows, maybe in time I will…


Sad to see you go @LouDon16 however I wish you all the best in your future journeys and BA will not be the same without you mate.

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So sad to see you leave a VA that you developed strongly and put a lot of effort into it. I am sad to see you leave a VA that I was a member of! I wish you luck in your future paths 😢😢