British Airways VA Thread | Announcement

British Airways officially listed as IFC VA. You can view our outstanding result below.


As has been mentioned. We have an excellent report from the IFVARB. We have recently had over 50 pilots and want to increase this even more. We want to be a great and big airline here so thank you to @NEO and @Wren_Jago for making us official so because of this join one of the few currently official VA’s in infinite flight and join us today. Please look at our website which is being updated daily and is looking amazing. Please join up and someone. will be in touch very quickly.

Matt Elphick
Head of Ops (SLT)


Global is coming…

As global approaches we are looking to hire a middle leader in the post of ‘International routes manager’ to start work on preparing routes for the launch of IF Global.

Do you think your up to the job? We are looking for a TS2, confident, well organised and professional member to join our well-established middle leadership team that assists the senior leaders in managing a 60 active pilot and growing virtual Airline, British Airways.

Want to apply? - Message @Joshua_Fleming to express your interest.

See you in the skies,

British Airways Va, President and Owner.


Applications for the new open position will close this Friday at 1200z.


Thanks you to all those who applied ,please allow the SLT ( Senior Leadership Team/Staff) to discuss who is fit for the role.

Thank you once again :)


Its with great pleasure that I can announce that the position of ‘Routes Manager’ has been awarded to @BenTyson

Thank you to all whom applied for the post, it excites me to think that over 35 members of the IFC took time out to apply for the job.

If you wish to learn more about our Virtual Airline: British Airways or join us. Please visit our website now at:


President’s Christmas Message.

Two months ago, an idea came to mind: Create a Virtual Airline like no other, create a Virtual Airline that will pull together members of the IFC from all over the globe, represent the UK in the virtual world and lead British Airways Virtual Airline into the IFC battle.

Having approached my now deputy and assistant, Joshua Fleming and Joshua Tobin we together created Speedbird Virtual Airline. After time, we was awarded the honour of flying the British Airways flag.

As of today, we have 86 members of our thriving and brilliant community. We organise group flights daily and have hosted many successful IFC events with hundreds of you attending over the events.

We stared out fighting for 20 members, we today can boast that we are approaching our target of 100 members by new year’s day and are so excited about that. 2017 will bring us so many new and exciting challenges, but I am sure that our excellently competent Senior leadership team, our middle leaders and our outstanding ATC command team can pull together and continue to deliver the best, most realistic experience to our VA.

2017, will also see us announce build on and create new partnerships with verbal ATC teams, flight-escort services and the OneWorld alliance, partnerships and friendships we have and continue to work heard to develop and maintain.

On 25th December, Christmas day, we host our grand Christmas day event ‘Come fly together this Christmas’ – I am so excited about the idea of British Airways Virtual Airline hosting an event not exclusive to BA, but extending the invite across the community, and I really do hope to see you there.

To finalise, I would like to take the time to personally thank each of our pilots for their commitment, thrive to achieve and willingness to adapt to our organisational changes but most of all for their continued effort in the fight to ensure British Airways are at the top of the Virtual Airline game.

To all my senior staff, middle leaders and pilots, Thank you so much and please, have a very Merry Christmas.

To our members and everyone in the wider community may I wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2017 on behalf of everyone at British Airways VA.

Louis Donald

President and Owner
British Airways Virtual Airline.


We are looking for an experienced senior leader to join BA VA.

We are looking for an experienced senior staff member to join British Airways Virtual Airline as an Assistant President.


  • Your role as the assistant president would be to work within the highest tier of our leadership teams with myself as president and owner and also @Joshua_Fleming as deputy to help develop ideas and work on new strategies, polices and procedures to ensure the safe and effective operation of one of the largest operating Virtual Airlines within the IFC.

  • To oversee matters of disciplinary, recruitment and general operations. Line managing other members of the SLT (Senior leadership team) and helping to guide, direct and suppert our senior and middle leaders where possible.

  • To line manage the COO and work closely with them to benefit the organisation.


You will be the third highest member of the VA, within the senior manager tier of the structure.

Who are we looking for?

  • We are looking for an experienced senior leader, who is passionate and excited about the oppertunity of leading the UKs flagship carrier and representing the BA mark on the IFC.

  • Must be G4 and have access to Live.

  • Experience running discord meetings and using the SLACK application.

  • Relevant management experience within a Virtual Airline.


Speedbird 3.

Deadline and how do I apply?

Discord Interviews will be held over the coming week, we hope to have completed applications in before 2100z 23/12/2016. _We understand it is the Christmas break, if someone is interested in post, we are prepared to arrange an interview or discussion at some point later in the week.

Please submit your application in the from of a written CV style paragraph that explains why you are qualified, your relevant experience and anything else that you believe would asset your application. Please submit applications in written form to myself, copying in @Joshua_Fleming via IFC mail.

Thank you,

Louis Donald
President and Owner
British Airways Virtual Airline.


Well done Josh!!


British Airways VA | Pop-up Landing Competition @ EGLL - 302000ZDEC16


Ill join!!!


It is with great pride I can announce the promotion of @Joshua_Fleming within British Airways VA.

Joshua has been my deputy since day one. He has helped me to; set up, establish, run and write countless reports and statistic performance charts. Between us we have led this VA to the best of our ability.

Josh, is a proper leader. He knows his place, he knows his role and he wants nothing more than to lead and put in hours and hours of work into making sure my orders and strategies are delivered to the highest possible standard.

Without Joshua, keeping the SLT in tack and running the show, leaving me free to be in the background doing the kind of stuff i should be left to do, make decisions. I would really struggle and for sure, we wouldn’t be planning a 100th member celebration event like we are now…

But what is Joshua promoted to… Josh, i award you with the honour of promotion in title to ‘Senior Deputy President’ - in recognition of the hard work and effort you contribute to British Airways Virtual.

I hope you all join me in congratulating and thanking @Joshua_Fleming for all he does.

Mr. Senior Deputy President, Congratulations and thank you, my friend.

Louis Donald
President and Owner
British Airways Virtual Airlines.


Hey @MaxwellNaz

Firstly welcome to community !

Please would you be so kind as in to fill out our application form on our website , this will enable our recruitment/application department to process your application as quickly as possible.

Website link-

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You deserved that promotion :)



As we approach 100 active pilots, It is with great excitement that I can announce that we are ready to Go Live with our internal ATC services that are exclusive to you as a pilot within BA VA.

Assistant President. @lewis_nathan and ATC Supervisor @finnb have been working hard on setting up #ATCrota - a channel within our slack stream where our ATC operators will post when they are operating. They will add what airport and what server and simply add the Active reaction for when they are online and then Closed reaction when they shut up shop. Thus allowing you to always know when there is an ATC available for your flight.

DID YOU KNOW You can also be request ATC for your own flight, or BA VA group flight by messaging the ATC Supervisor @finnb

If I may offer my personal thanks to @lewis_nathan and @finnb and all of the ATC operators who have trained hard and worked hard to get this set up for you.

If you wish to join us at BA VA - contact @Joshua_Fleming now!

Thank you guys

President and Owner of British Airways VA.



At British Airways Virtual , we match your work aspirations.

Providing extensive training, career development and progression plans; a BA VA COO job provides professional stability and an exciting and rewarding career. If you are a successful applicant, you will start your career with working with one of the best VA’s operating within IF. BA VA is one of the fastest growing Virtual airlines operating a modern mixed fleet with nearly over 100 active members , BA VA is the place to be. To operate and mange our constantly expanding member base which spans 16 time zones , we are recruiting a candidates for our vacant COO role to work alongside our multicultural team of more than 21 nationalities.

Think you’re up for the challenge or know someone who is , make sure to get in touch.

This is very easy step , all you need to do is provide a application letter outlining any previous VA experience and reason why you should be chosen for the role , we are only looking for serious , dedicated professional individuals to join us. Contact via PM @Joshua_Fleming to submit your application.

STEP 2: SELECTION PROCESS If you receive a favourable response this means that you may be short-listed for the position and will need to attend a selection meeting on Discord. Following the selection/assessment process the line manager and recruitment staff will need to discuss and identify the most suitable candidate for the role and who is able to adapt to the strong work ethic and professional standards that BA VA upholds .

Step 3: POST SELECTION PROCESS If you are successful after a interview you will receive an PM from the recruitment staff advising you of the outcome.
If you are unsuccessful after the interview , you will receive a generic generated PM advising you of the outcome.
Step 4: JOINING FORMALITIES Once the necessary approvals have been attained the successful candidate will be contacted by a member of the SLT ( Senior Leadership Team). The SLT member is responsible for the entire joining process and will make the necessary arrangements to deliver the employment transition and relevant documentation to ensure you are brought up to speed.


Congratulations to @matt who became our new COO. image


Pushing the limits of what a VA ‘Should be’.


Proud to announce our NEW ranked profile pictures!!! Aren’t they stunning!!



How do I hear this podcast of yours? It sounds interesting.

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