British Airways VA Thread | Announcement

I am in the VA but how do you become a staff member.

I shall rather PM you about this , then discus this on the thread …

Hey Kev yep British Forever.

Best of luck to you guys

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Can I have a gate please

Hi @Ethan11

Please rather ask for a gate on the dedicated event thread…

Look forward to seeing you there!

It won’t let me write on it, but I do want to take part

Sir, I tried to sign up for the event but there was no reply button available. I’m new to all of this so I may just be missing it. Can you help get me on the correct heading please. Thanks, Chris.

Same here, I’m new as well

@Chris_Ridgell & @Ethan11, Your post is probably still pending to be posted to our event thread as a mod still has to approve your post as you are only new users to the forum , this is to prevent people quickly making account and spamming the forum ! I will get our President who posted the event to give you a gate just in case …

Fear not i am here to help, feel free to ask for help with anything else in the meantime and thats goes for everyone !

Welcome to the Community on a side note !

Thank you, so will I definitely have a gate and be able to take part

Of course ! I will personally make sure you get a gate :)

Thank you so much for your help :)))


Sorry to bother you again, but I was wondering if you could tell me when a mod will be able to approve my post. Thanks again!


Hey no worries , you have been given a gate !

See the following link - (CLOSED) Christmas {Runway} Lights Turn-on @ EGLL - 242000ZNOV16

Not sure when a mod will approve it … :(

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British Airways Virtual Airlines

We are about to welcome our 50th Member!

If you wish to join us please visit:


British Airways officially closed the position for Chief Pilot as @BaldEagle has been awarded this position. Thank you to all who applied for the role , each 23 of you !

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It is with great pleasure, I report we have this morning concluded negotiations as to our stance within the ‘One World VA Partnership’.

We are exciting to be a prominent player within the One World Alliance!

It’s not too late to join us at British Airways VA - Contact @Joshua_Fleming for joining instructions


I don’t see any closing topic from carson @Matt_Elphick

@ColonelJeff take this to the PM