British Airways VA | RECRUITING - Assistant President (CEO)

We are looking for an experienced senior leader to join BA VA.

We are looking for an experienced senior staff member to join British Airways Virtual Airline as an Assistant President.


  • Your role as the assistant president would be to work within the highest tier of our leadership teams with myself as president and owner and also @Joshua_Fleming as deputy to help develop ideas and work on new strategies, polices and procedures to ensure the safe and effective operation of one of the largest operating Virtual Airlines within the IFC.

  • To oversee matters of disciplinary, recruitment and general operations. Line managing other members of the SLT (Senior leadership team) and helping to guide, direct and suppert our senior and middle leaders where possible.

  • To line manage the COO and work closely with them to benefit the organisation.


You will be the third highest member of the VA, within the senior manager tier of the structure.

Who are we looking for?

  • We are looking for an experienced senior leader, who is passionate and excited about the oppertunity of leading the UKs flagship carrier and representing the BA mark on the IFC.

  • Must be G4 and have access to Live.

  • Experience running discord meetings and using the SLACK application.

  • Relevant management experience within a Virtual Airline.


Speedbird 3.

Deadline and how do I apply?

Discord Interviews will be held over the coming week, we hope to have completed applications in before 2100z 23/12/2016. _We understand it is the Christmas break, if someone is interested in post, we are prepared to arrange an interview or discussion at some point later in the week.

Please submit your application in the from of a written CV style paragraph that explains why you are qualified, your relevant experience and anything else that you believe would asset your application. Please submit applications in written form to myself, copying in @Joshua_Fleming via IFC mail.

Thank you,

Louis Donald
President and Owner
British Airways Virtual Airline.


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Thank you !!

Thanks boss, we have had a lot of interest in the post.

Merry Christmas.

Wouldn’t you guys normally find people internally for such high positions? 😂

Hi, I have experience in being a CEO. I’m currently the COO in Lufthansa. Im grade 4. If you have any enquiries please contact me directly.

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We want some fresh blood, someone new.

We are only looking for people who can commit to BA. As it is difficult to be high staff in two VA’s. I’m sure @LouDon16 would accept your application. You need to send a PM

We do a internal application process, but it is always good to bring new people into the VA as they bring fresh ideas to the table.

@jdag2004, make sure to PM me with a application letter, a CV would be even better ( Infinite Flight CV would work ) . This is is the only way we officially accept applications. You come to us , not the other way round 😉.

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We are still keen to hear from you.

Thank you IFC, for the amount of interest people have shown British Airways VA and this vacancy. We have received some fantastic applications, but are still keen to hear from you…

If you believe you have what it takes to be a senior manager in a well established and successful Virtual Airline with touching on 100 members, apply now.

Apply now.

See top post for details. Applications close soon.

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