British Airways VA Presents Flight to Formula 1 | Slipstream in Sakhir @ OBBI - 311200ZMAR18

Server: Expert

Airport: OBBI

Time: 1200Z

NOTAM: *British Airways Virtual is proud to present to you the second round of our Infinite Flight Community event series, “Flight to F1: Slipstream in Sakhir!”This series revolves around the Formula One World Championship where we fly from London Heathrow (since eight out of the ten F1 teams are based in the UK and because this is our largest hub) to that week’s race. This week we go to Sakhir, Bahrain. The flight information shall be posted below:

Route: EGLL - OBBI
Date: Saturday, March 31 1200Z
Aircraft: British Airways Boeing 777-200ER
Speed: M.82
Cruise: FL390
Fuel: 39,561 kgs
Passengers (optional): 280
Cargo (optional): 4500
Estimated flight time: 5 hours 45 minutes

Flight Plan

EGLL 5129N/031W 5120N/023W 5119N/022W DET32 5119N/010W D272E DET DVR KONAN KOK 5105N/245E FERDI BUPAL REMBA 5031N/537E PELIX MATUG RUDUS 4957N/832E HAREM ELMOX PIGAB DKB LEVBU ANORA XERUM BURAM WLD OLETU 4808N/1242E GOTAR TONDO TISAK RAVAK NISVA GERGI ADORU SERCE 4108N/2823E BKZ 4103N/2938E 4059N/2959E 4055N/3021E ERSEN YAVRU KIZIK BAG YUCEL BADOX 3913N/3517E GEM 3847N/3709E ERH ASKER 3812N/3905E 3809N/3914E DYB 3717N/4058E LESRI 3634N/4141E 3517N/4255E 3430N/4339E SOGUM 3332N/4437E 3322N/4448E NOLDO 3238N/4535E DENKI ILMAP 3050N/4730E SIDAD 2924N/4846E SESRA 2851N/4905E IMDOX LONOS 2819N/4929E 2809N/4939E 2803N/4943E 2800N/4945E 2753N/4951E 2749N/4954E 2727N/5011E 2716N/5020E 2702N/5031E 2659N/5034E 2632N/5035E 2626N/5045E 2622N/5043E OBBI

Community Members Attending


We hope to see you there!*


I will certainly be attending this one, see you there 👍

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I will come if I can!

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I´ll try to be there

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Sounds great! I’ll be there!

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I’ll be there enjoying the F1 events👍

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Sign me in for this event

Sign me up please

I’ll try to be there!

I will also be there!

Will be certainly attending this one. Sign me up!

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im in sign me up boi

I am sorry, but I will be unable to attend the event anymore. Have fun anyways!

Gate assignment for today’s event at EGLL is as follows;
Gate 531; @ErikC17
Gate 532; @Transport_Hub
Gate 533; @Adam_Williams
Gate 534; @IFC_Dimuvala
Gate 535; @ThomasR
Gate 536; @B747fan
Gate 537; @Dan_77
Gate 538; @BaguetteMatty
Gate 539; @Jerspano

If I have missed anyone out on this list, please message below and I will assign you a gate.
Myself and @Transport_Hub will be flight lead and tail, make sure to have spawned in at 1200z, departure is planned soon after.
See you there!



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Today’s event is well underway, a huge thanks to everyone that has dedicated the time to fly with us at BAVA today. Planned arrival will be in approximately 4hrs 30, continue to maintain amazing spacing!
Top job everyone!


A massive thanks to anyone that joined today’s flight, A) for letting me lead and B) for being an amazing bunch of coordinated pilots.
It’s been a blast.

Speedbird 207 Heavy, over and out.


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