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Welcome to the British Airways Virtual IFC Thread

l IFVARB approved Virtual Airline | President: M. Elphick

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We have been busy working away at creating a more inviting and website and can finally say, it’s here for you to view!

You can visit the BAVA website by clicking below, or at the link at the top of the thread.

Click here to visit our website

A message from our Founder

We have a strong history going back to its formation in September 2015 as Speedbird VA, when a month later we took on the flag of British Airways and became BA Virtual. Although we are not officially affiliated with BA, we try our utmost to maintain the high real-life standards that BA offers its customers and its staff. Through the community we have formed, pulling together a mutual love for British Airways and Infinite Flight, we really do our utmost to represent British Airways in the IFC to the best of our ability. I hope that following your visit to our thread, you feel that BA Virtual is the right Virtual Airline for you and that very soon you join us in our mission 'to Fly to Serve’.

Since its formation, I have always wanted to see this VA succeed and I have no doubt under Matt’s leadership, we shall continue to grow!

Louis Donald
Founder of British Airways VA.

A message from our President

Welcome to the official British Airways Virtual Airlines thread. It is my honour to be leading the VA as President, having joined the VA over two years ago, for most of my time I have been part of the leadership team. I have seen the VA through the toughest of times, this has been made possible by the friendliness of the team.

No matter if this is your first VA or your fifth you will immediately feel welcome here. I hope you enjoy reading the thread and look forward to welcoming you aboard soon.

Matt Elphick
BA Virtual President

Our team

We are a community, a family and a safe place to practice our mutual love for British Airways, Infinite Flight and aviation as a whole.

We currently have over 200 active pilots and astonishingly, nearly 10,000 different routes available and with thanks to our strong community spirit, we continue to grow and our success continues to spread around the IFC. Leadership positions are very popular and everyone who works hard within the team is in turn recognised, developed and rewarded.

Below you can see our staff members who are continually focused on providing the best for our members.

Senior Leadership

M. Elphick | @Matt | President

N. Petranek | @Nichalas_Petranek | Deputy President

CJ. Houghton | @CJHoughton | Deputy President

B. Tyson | @BenTyson | Chief of Staff

Middle Leadership

Boodz G. | @Boodz_G | Recruitment Manager

Thomas Ralph | @ThomasR | Recruitment Assistant

Dan | @Kirito_77 |
IT Manager

Harry Cook | @Harry_Cook | Public Relations Manager

Kevin Potthast | @Kevin_Potthast | HR Manager

Colin Sepos | @Ameru187 | HR Officer

Liam Smart | @Liam_Smart | Co - Events Manager

Miles Snowdon | @21cabbage | Co - Events Manager

Adam Williams | @Adam_Williams | Flight Supervisor

Harry Xu | @Hazza68 | Flight Supervisor Assistant

David Ravicher | @justifyletters | IT Manager


Oneworld is an airline alliance founded on 1 February 1999. The alliance’s stated objective is to be the first choice airline alliance for the world’s frequent international travellers. It was founded by 5 different companies; American Airlines, British Airways, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Canadian Airlines.

Currently, Oneworld currently has 13 different airlines; American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LATAM, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, S7 Airlines, SriLankan Airlines.

Within the IFC, we like to try and keep to realism as close as possible and jointly we have created a Oneworld Virtual Alliance with our other VA partners to allow all of our pilots to have access to an extensive range of routes to enjoy! Click here to head over to the Oneworld Virtual Alliance thread.

What can we offer you?

There is a number of things we can offer you as one of the leading VA’s within the IFC; We have a complete set up of Leadership Teams. Our Recruitment department, who will be your first point of contact when you apply, Flight Supervisors to help you with any issues with flying your aircraft, Human Resources that have been working hard to bring new and exciting routes for us. Although we have those departments, our members form quite a substantial knowledge base. A fantastic group of IFATC qualified members, members who have a great knowledge of the airports and hubs we have as a VA and some phenomenal photo editors. We are a really well rounded VA and would love for more people to come and join our team.

We have a dedicated system set up for our pilots to check out flight details and to log a PiRep after your flights to help you progress through the rank and earn access to new aircraft and even more routes! See below for a screenshot of the homepage you see when you log in.

Looking for a link to the Crew Centre? Check out our new website for the link!

Psst, hey you!

Want to hear how busy our pilots have been? We’ve got some awesome members working hard, filling PiReps and keeping our Flight Supervisory team busy!

Our CrewCenter gives us a fantastic insight into our most popular destinations, aircraft, and how much and how far we’ve flown!

Total Miles Flown: 14,763,100

Did You Know?

That’s over 572 times around the Earth’s equator!

Total Hours Flown: 49,776

Did You Know?

That’s over 5 years of collective flight time!

Total No. of Flights Flown: 8,938

Did You Know?

That equates to one flight a day for approximately 24 years!

Number of Active Pilots: 259
Number of Active Flight Schedules: 6,729

Did You Know?

Flying one flight a day, it would take a pilot over 18 years to fly every route in our database!

Busiest Hub: London Heathrow (EGLL)

Top Three Hubs
Position Airport
1. London Heathrow (EGLL)
2. London Gatwick (EGKK)
3. London City (EGLC)

These are British Airways’ Three Main Hubs.

Most Used Aircraft: Airbus A319 (British Airways)
Most Flown Route: BA1 (EGLC - KJFK) (Flown 204 Times)

Top Ten Routes
Flight & Route Times Flown
BAW1 (EGLC to KJFK) 204
BAW432 (EGLL to EHAM) 119
BAW15 (EGLL to YSSY) 93
BAW1392 (EGLL to EGCC) 85
BAW8005 (LFPO to KJFK) 79
BAW8003 (LFPO to KEWR) 78
BAW147 (EGLL to OJAI) 77
BAW906 (EGLL to EDDF) 73
BAW1310 (EGLL to EGPD) 67
BAW109 (EGCC to EGLL) 63

Number of Flights Last Month: 621 Flights Flown throughout September 2018

Previous Months
Month No. Flights
August 2018 842
July 2018 1098
June 2018 989
May 2018 674
April 2018 387
March 2018 569
February 2018 541
January 2018 573
Oct - Dec 2017 1228

Stats Last Updated 131500ZOCT18

So why are we the best choice?

We currently have over 200 Pilots whom are happy and have great experiences in developing their skills and making new friends in a safe and controlled environment.

We offer the best service for pilots including flight training, ATC training and an extremely knowledgeable team.

BA Virtual has one of the biggest fleets within Infinite Flight; Currently standing at 15 different aircraft from Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer and McDonnell Douglas.

You will experience an unforgettable time, with other friendly and funny pilots.

Keep an eye on our thread as we release more information on routes, events and more exciting things!


Here at BA Virtual, we use an application called Slack. It’s a great way in which our members from all over the world can have a chat to get to know each other, share stories and even plan a group flight. For the staff members, we use it to keep everyone informed about things going on in the VA community; large events new features and routes.

We have regular posts on our website for new and exciting features and a calendar set up for our upcoming events! (Psst, you can also connect this calendar to your own personal one to make sure you don’t miss out!)

Further information is available on our website or on direct request.


Thread information | Disclaimer

Thread details

This thread has been created by the Senior Leadership Team and will be monitored regularly.

The safeguarding of young and/or vulnerable people and our members

The President and by extension, the staff of BA Virtual take its responsibility to safeguard our members from online bullying, sexual exploitation, extremism and those with mental health issues very seriously. We will actively support, guide and direct those whom we believe are at risk or require assistance to a suitable external agency based in their home country. We have UK DBS (formally known as CRB, more info here) cleared staff who can assist our members; Your privacy and safety are always our priority.

For further information or to report a concern, our safeguarding leads are Mr Matt Elphick and Mr CJ Houghton.

Corporate Information

Mr M. Elphick, the president and owner of BA Virtual, supports the below legislative statement. Any concerns or questions are to be addressed in writing to @Matt within the IFC.


The operators of the pages are always endeavoured to respect the copyrights of others or to access self-made and license-free works.

The content and works created by the site operators on these pages are subject to copyright law. Third party contributions are marked as such. The copying, processing, distribution and any kind of exploitation beyond the limits of copyright require the written consent of the respective author or creator. Downloads and copies of this page are only permitted for private, non-commercial use.

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Excellent thread for an excellent VA, very happy to be a pilot here👍🏽


It truly is a pleasure working with the wonderful leadership of our VA! With all of our constant innovations and our very supportive pilots, I continue to look forward to our bright future ahead. Join us as we continue to be a leader in the VA community!

Nichalas Petranek
Deputy President, BAVA


Awesome thread Matt and the BA team. Glad to be working with ya guys!


Great Looking Thread and Great Looking Website! So glad to be a part of it all!


I believe @Qatari2007YT is having that issue as well.

Good Morning Both, Recruitment should be in contact with all applicants very shortly, sorry for any delay. Thank You!


Nice thread guys, BAVA forever!



We will PM you now to see what went wrong with your application.

They may not check the BritishAirwaysVA IFC account more than once a day so it could take up to 24hrs before you get a response. Just sit tight and they will be with you as soon as possible. Remember they have lives and cant operate 24hrs a day.


Hi, please be patient! Everyone has things to do and sometimes they can’t get right back to you. In the meantime go on a bike ride or do some flying, so you give some time for a staff member to see your PM and reply to it. The wait will be worth it, trust me :)


Not bad not bad at all

What is this thread ?

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Yes I am having the same problem

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Hello @Qatari2007Y,

We’ve messaged you 4 days ago. Please check your PM.


BAVA is heading to RAF Museum Cosford for Flight Sim Show 2018! Will we see you there?

-BAVA Adam


Our latest event is up! Go check it out. More information will be coming out on our second anniversary later this week. Stay tuned for more!


The BAVA Team are pleased to share a preview of our brand new PHPvms, more commonly known as Crew Centre.

Keep an eye on our thread as we release more information about an exciting new chapter for BAVA!


Excited for a live map! That works!

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We certainly hope to get it working as soon as LiveFlight API keys are working again!