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Welcome to the official IFC thread and the home of British Airways Virtual Airline ~ BAVA.

A Message from our Founder @LouDon

BAVA, has a strong history going back to its formation in September 2015 as Speedbird VA when a month later we took on the flag of British Airways and became BA VA.

Although we are not officially affiliated with BA, we try our upmost to maintain the high real life standards that BA offers its staff and customers.

Through the community we have formed, pulling together a mutual love for British Airways and Infinite Flight, we really do our upmost to represent British Airways in the IF arena to the best of our ability.

I hope that following your visit to our thread and you feel that BAVA could be the right Virtual Airline for you, and that very soon you join us in our mission to ‘Fly to Serve’.

Since its formation, i have always wanted to see British Airways VA sucseed, i have no doubt, under Matt’s leadership BAVA will just continue to grow!

Louis Donald
Founder of British Airways VA.

team The Team

We have more than 135 active pilots trust British Airways Virtual Airlines.

With thanks to the strong community spirit at BAVA, want to succeed and vision to grow. Leadership positions are very popular and everyone. Everyone who works hard for the airline, are in turn and time recognised, developed and rewarded.

BAVA, is a community, a family and a safe place to practice a mutual love for British Airways, Infinite Flight and Aviation on a whole.

Senior Leadership

M. Elphick | @Matt | President
N Petranek | @Nichalas_Petranek | Deputy President
Finn | @Finn | Deputy President
Ben Tyson | @BenTyson | Chief of Staff

Middle Leadership

Boodz G. | @Boodz_G | Head of Recruitment
Darragh O’Donoghue | @Darragh_ODonoghue | HR Manager
Kevin Potthast| @Kevin_Potthast | Flight Supervisor
Joshua Bayes Green | @Joshua_Bayes_Green | Events Co-Ordinator
Max Tinsley | @Maxtinsley1 | Head of ATC
Thomas Ralph | @ThomasR | Chief Pilot

profits Pilot Rankings

In order to offer our pilots different challenges, we have a detailed and progressive ranking system.

After the turn of Global Flight, Pilots will have the opportunity to log flights through our new Crew Center and thus reaching different rankings and gaining virtual wages.

This brings the flight experience to a new level and really is a first for the IFC. We are really excited to share more about this in the near future.

Rankings Overview

video-conference Website

British Airways Virtual Airlines is based on the latest standards for Virtual Airlines.

Our new CrewCenter offers numerous functions for pilots.

The system has been specially designed for Global Flight.

The popular system tool phpVMS serves as a template. Further information about our new Crew Center can be found on our website or directly on request.

Visit the BAVA website

Click here to visit our website

Crew Center Preview

It is finally here,

BAVA Pilot, MishaCamp tests the new British Airways VA, VAM-like system ahead of Global Flight

Misha said:

"As you are probably aware, BAVA are hard at work organising the post-global outlay for the VA.

Today, I had the chance to try out the online system for flight management. I flew at BA474 for Barcelona, from LHR of course. I can truly say that the system, even with its current beta issues, will bring the VA to new levels!

You will be able to log flights, bid for them, submit hours, gain money and, obviously, rank up in the airline over time.

So I hope you look forward to the next huge step. As time continues, we will be testing the system more and more. So keep looking out for BA global flights by me and NEO!"

Keep an eye on our thread as we release more information about our exciting next chapter!

Latest promotion video

Watch our latest promotion video.

chat (3) Communication

Like many other airlines, British Airways Virtual Airline uses the popular SLACK communication tool as it’s primary method of internal communications.

Why do we use Slack? We use Slack because it allows us to communicate easily and effectively between all our members.

In addition, Slack includes many additional features related to team management.

As part of the progression routes at bava, you can take on such roles as ‘SLACK moderator’ a role that is entrusted on experienced members to moderate our slack and ensure a safe, friendly and community driven environment.

Further information is available on our website or on direct request.

![id-card|32x32](upload://9GQaq6GkS2eB98u8JgSLscIbMWj.png Become an official BAVA Pilot or Air Traffic Controller | Signup today

Have we sparked your interest?

With a few clicks you can be part of our team in a few minutes.

Visit our website and go to Join Now.

Once you have completed a small application form, you will receive an email and will be ready to start your BAVA career. Ready for takeoff!

Why should you join British Airways Virtual Airlines?

success (1) We currently house 135 Pilots whom are happy and have great experiences developing their trade with British Airways Virtual Airline and making new friends in a safe environment.

success (1) British Airways Virtual Airline offers the best service for pilots including a Crew Center, Flight Training, ATC Training and more.

success (1) BAVA has one of the biggest fleets in InfiniteFlight including Airbus, Boeing and Embraer and subsidiaries.

success (1) You will experience an unforgettable time, with other friendly and funny pilots.

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We’ve Reached a Milestone!


Today is a big day in the history of our VA. What started out as Speedbird VA back in September of last year, was finally renamed on this day of last year to British Airways VA. We have come a long way in this past year and endured so much. Most importantly, we have grown as a community and organisation and the Leadership Team can not thank you enough for the dedication and support you have shown us! We look forward to many more years to come with you all and can’t wait to enjoy this next year’s memories.


I gotta be honest. This is a heck of a VA. Run very professionally, great communication and logos, and much more. A VA to be quite proud of. Keep up the great work!


Thank you for your kind words! We appreciate your support and hope to see you in the virtual skies with us!


That’s when I get PRO lol :)


Congratulations from Air New Zealand Virtual!


What an achievement! It’s been a pleasure hosting events with BAVA and providing VATC. Thank you BAVA and well done. You all put a tremendous amount of effort into the VA and it really does pay off!


Great Job! Gonna consider joining soon.


You say “September of 2015” on the main post and now it’s 2016 in this? Shouldn’t it be the two year anniversary?

We started in September of 2015 as Speedbird VA. Today is the one year of our name change to BAVA.

Been part of this VA since the beginning I’m very lucky to be able to be Deputy President at BAVA. Can’t wait to see what we do before our 2 year BAVA anniversary!!!


Doesn’t feel that long ago since I was there!

Today marks one year that I have been in this VA, and just like everyone else, minus a select few, I started out as a pilot. It was in this VA that I learned proper ATC procedures. It was in this VA that I better learned how to fly. It was in this VA that I gained some valuable friends from different parts of the world. And it was in this VA that I found a home in the community surrounding Infinite Flight. I have learned so much about aviation just from being a part of this VA - and also the IFC - that when I look back at how much I knew a year ago, i cant believe the difference. That’s one of the things that makes this VA so amazing - our guiding and teaching spirit that welcomes anyone. It’s been an amazing journey so far…

I was first brought into the VA by Former Deputy President Joshua Fleming. He and I had built a quick friendship on the community and after a flight with him from KSAN to KLAX, he brought me in. Interestingly enough, I was permitted to log the flight that josh and I had just flown together. That’s right, you guessed it - my first flight log was in the 747.

About 2 weeks had passed and I became certified as TSATC within the VA. A couple weeks later, I became the events manager after Louis and Fleming saw leadership potential within me, a role that had previously not existed within the VA. Advance to sometime in January, (if I recall correctly it was early on) and I became chief pilot, successor to BaldEagle. Then, as Louis put it yesterday, “flemingGate” came upon us. Story for another day…

I’ve also held roles such as flight supervisor, chief training officer, chief of operations, chief of staff, director of achievement, etc. My leadership career has been quite diverse. But through all that, I’ve seen many great things come from this VA. We’ve endured tough circumstances, made wonderful memories, inspired many people, and so much more.

I guess this begins the point where I address you all for the first time as deputy president, given that I haven’t done that yet. But I’ve had my reasons for not doing so yet. The biggest thing about me is that I like to sit back and observe things before I start making comments about them. But anyway, without further ado…

The biggest thing I expect from all of you is to keep doing what you’re doing - more specifically, keep flying in a professional manner, keep having fun, keep on learning everything you can about aviation. There will be issues that pop up from time to time and we know that. We will handle them accordingly and within reason. Second thing I expect from all of you is to attend events and group flights as often as you can. By far, our largest events/group flights were happening almost a year ago. We need to bring those numbers up, especially when we have events that bring in members of the community. But think about it - how cool would it be to have a conga line of aircraft that’s 100-200nm long show up on liveflight? Or even longer conga lines? Bring our numbers up and it can happen; you can make it happen. Putting it into perspective, that’s about 16-40 pilots and given the size of our VA, it’s very doable.

Next up is pilot activity and involvement. We want pilots to be active and participate in discussions in our slack group. But at the same time, sometimes it’s difficult to gauge what it is that motivates you all to participate here. I’ll be looking into this a lot more during these next couple weeks.

Last but not least, I’m a nice guy. If you ever have questions, feel free to ask and I’ll answer them as best I can. For those of you in the United States, my phone number is in my profile - if you ever need to talk, give me a call or text me. I also have a fun side. You’ll typically see that in chat and the Concorde room.

Finally, it’s a pleasure working with the leadership team currently in place. From what I’ve seen, there are very strong qualities that each of us brings to the table. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish this year and many years to come. And if there is one thing that I need everyone to remember, we endure so much because we are fuelled by love. It’s your love for this VA that keeps us going through the toughest of times. It’s your love that makes us who we are. And it’s your love that keeps us driving forward with every passing day.

We are here to fly, and to serve. Keep that in mind.

Nichalas Petranek
Deputy President


Congrts guy’s!!!

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Could I join British Airways Virtual

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Absolutely! Visit our website listed in the first post and fill out the application. Our Head of Recruitment will process it within 24hrs.


Ok, thanks I will have a look

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I have joined BA virtual and had the OK to join, shall I change my call sign for the airline and if so what shall it be

Please use our slack group for communication with our leadership and other pilots. We will help you out in there!

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Ok, sorry I will use that