British Airways VA Official Thread | The Community's 'Best Virtual Airline' for two years running

They’ll expect that you know all the basics of flying. Stalling should rarely, if possible never happen.

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Welcome to Infinite Flight, @Adamflight! Great to have you aboard.

Thank you for your interest in British Airways Virtual, as well. We would love to have you aboard once you’ve satisfied our entry requirements as outlined in our application form. Have a look around the rest of our website as well while you’re there!

Please feel free to send a direct message to us (@BritishAirwaysVA) (you will have the ability to do so once you browse the Infinite Flight Community Forum a bit) here on the IFC if you have any questions about our operations.


-Jon H.
Deputy President
British Airways Virtual


ok thanks very much it is best va in if

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i am from russia ecause that i have a bad english

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and @GreenFire can i have your discord

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Saw this thread bumped, I’ve said this multiple times in the Slack, and I’ll say it again, the BEST VA EVER. PERIODTT. Friendly Staff, Friendly Pilots, HUGE community, awesome crew center AWESOME and Very Polite SLT! Amazing repository of routes all over the world, It’s just perfection! I used to be in a lot of VAs, I did like many of them, but as school started again, I didn’t have enough time to fly for them, I left all VAs but BAVA, because I knew that if I did, I’d regret it, and today I’m a Rank 7 pilot at BAVA, still having an awesome time, this VA is phenomenal people, definitely consider joining! 😉

Sorry Jon, I replied to you by mistake :P


I am so proud for being A BAVA pilot it is the best VA in IF and trust me i tried most of them even better than IFAE!


You have to make it out of our initial testing before you make a claim like that. ;)


And IFAE is a VO, not a VA, just to add to what Trio said


Darragh aint the president no more though… 👀

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IFAE is a partner of BAVA and its structure and operations are completely different than ours. Not a fair comparison, but the point of the testimonial is understood, I’m sure. ;) We do love the IFAE! <3


Pardon me mate I’m just so excited to be part of BAVA. Now for your initial testing trust me I’ll make it out ;)

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