British Airways VA Official Thread | The Community's 'Best Virtual Airline' for two years running

Well, it wouldn’t be Christmas without doing at least one BAVA flight! Happy holidays to everyone!


🎵 Christmas time, BA Virtual Airline… 🎵😜

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Proud to be recruited.


Can someone give me a link or ditect me to where I can apply

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Hi there!

You can head over to and fill out our application form. :)

Jon H.
Head of Recruitment, British Airways Virtual

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As the sun has firmly set on 2019, we wanted to have a quick look back at some of our best bits from the year that saw huge milestones both in terms of our Virtual Airline, and the simulator we operate on.

So… where to start?! 2019 has been one of, if not British Airways Virtual’s most successful year to date, with so many different events, goings on, and milestones reached throughout the year. Join us on this voyage through our best bits and personal highlights of the year - and if you’re not already a part of the Virtual Airline, why not join us and make some more memories with us this year?

Posting Credits

Post Design and Wording: Our wonderful former Deputy President; @Adam_Williams.

Who doesn’t love some good old numbers?! We certainly do! We’ve had a very impressive year here at British Airways Virtual in terms of flights flown, members recruited, and hours accrued - and we wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without our wonderful Virtual Airline Members, who are a great testament to the excellence of our Virtual Airline with their dedication and warm, friendly nature.

Okay, okay, we’ll get to it… See below for our official statistics of 2019, and how they size up to some other comparators. We think you’ll be mightily impressed!

Thank you to all of our pilots and staff members for allowing us to attain these amazing figures throughout the year of 2019!

We always say our Community is at the backbone of our Virtual Airline’s operations – and if you’ve feasted your eyes on the statistics above, we’re sure you’ll agree with us. Now what really motivates us is meeting our wonderful community in-person at various Infinite Flight Community events across the world, and that was no different this year as we had three community events attended by BAVA Staff Members or representatives, and countless other impromptu meet-ups along the way too.

The community event year kicked off with many avgeeks’ dream, as we descended upon London Heathrow’s Myrtle Avenue en-masse to do some good ole’ planespotting! We really enjoyed the day meeting various community and VA members, and certainly enjoyed the masses of Swiss chocolate provided by @Chris_Wing and @Nick_Wing, two long-serving BAVA staff members. We got some great shots during the day too! We’d like to extend our thanks to Misha and Cameron for their work in organising the event.

Second came Oshkosh – the world’s greatest aviation celebration, in which we received live coverage from BAVA Staff members who attended. A fantastic time was had by all, and we really enjoyed connecting with the Infinite Flight team when time permitted.

Last but most certainly not least was our personal favourite event of the year, the Flight Sim Show 2019 at RAF Museum Cosford, on the first weekend in October of 2019. It was great to connect with the developers and staffing team of Infinite Flight once more, and of course the rest of the community during the event, and afterwards at the community meet-up. Our Former Deputy President even helped out at the booth in promoting the fantastic simulator. We look forward to attending once more next year if at all possible.

Current and former members of the BAVA staffing team at the community meet-up during Flight Sim Show 2020.

2019 has been a year of innovations for British Airways Virtual Airline, with the ultimate goal of broadening all of our pilots’ horizons, and offering the best Virtual Airline experience within the entirety of the Infinite Flight Community.

So… where to start? The start of 2019 saw us release our all-new website, allowing our pilots to plan and operate flights like they’ve never been able to before. We’ve continued to upgrade and optimise this throughout the year, as we continually strive to deliver the best for our pilots.

Thanks to the fantastic commitment of the Infinite Flight developers and staffing team, we’ve seen our fair share of awesome updates to our simulator of choice this year – including live replay, the stunning A359, and of course live cockpits for our A32X series of aircraft. These new releases have brought even more excitement and rigour into the Virtual Airline, especially when we released our new A359 codeshare routes at the start of this month, and when our much-loved BA A318, A319s, A320s and A321s got their shiny new live cockpits earlier in the year.

We’ve also brought even more innovations to the fold this year, as we completely re-developed and renovated both our mainline and codeshare routes lists – meaning we’re now taking our pilots to more places than ever before, and making it even easier to find the routes of their choosing via our online routes databases and our slack forum route-search function. We can’t wait to continue carrying our pilots further in 2020.

We’ve also had our fair share of milestones and great achievements this year, and we’ve summarised just a few of them below. Thank you to everyone who’s allowed us to achieve so much, and we look forward to furthering on these achievements in this new year.

Perhaps our first achievement of 2019 (as it was at the very start of January!) was the fact that we won ‘Best Virtual Airline’ in the Infinite Flight Community awards for 2018, for the first time! Now, skip forward one year, and we’ve managed to earn this award again for 2019, alongside coming joint first for ‘Best Virtual Airline Website’ and our former Deputy President @Adam_Williams being nominated as ‘Best Virtual Airline Staff Member’ out of the whole community for 2019. Thank you to all of our supporters who have voted for us, and congratulations to everyone who makes a difference to our community – it doesn’t go unnoticed. Read more in our temporary article on our website homepage.

In early summer 2019, we reached another one of our biggest achievements to date – we surpassed 100,000 flight hours flown for the Virtual Airline! That’s quite a lot, when you think about it, isn’t it? 4,166 days in the air to be precise! Read more about this here…

One of the final large milestones for us this year was British Airways Virtual Airline turning three years old in November 2019, which makes us one of the most established Virtual Airlines within the community. We received some lovely congratulations from the @infiniteflight team alongside many other well-wishes. We celebrated with an entire weekend of events for our members and the wider community, and we loved every moment of it. Thank you for helping us make our Virtual Airline what it is and continues to be for the three years we’ve been in operation.

We’ve reached so many other milestones which we still can’t quite believe or quantify in this message - such as our Instagram account reaching 2,000 followers, or one of our Instagram posts being reposted by none other than Chicago O’Hare airport’s official Instagram page!

We’ve hosted and attended our fair share of ground-breaking events this year – almost too many to count!

From huge conga-lines of aircraft spanning entire land masses as we’ve seen with our farewell celebrations for @Matt and more recently @Adam_Williams, to immense community events such as our British Airways Centenary Celebrations in August or our own Anniversary Celebrations in November, to attending the IFVARB summit and even re-starting our in-house VATC events, we’ve really worked to put our community at the heart of all events and to forge long-lasting memories for our pilots and participants.

Thank you to everyone for attending our events this year, and of course to our wonderful events department in their tireless efforts to provide our Virtual Airline and the wider community with the best possible events and the great memories that come from them.

‘Our people’ are what make British Airways Virtual what it is today – especially our wonderful staffing team. Over 2019 we’ve had various staff members come and go, and we’d like to pay tribute to all those who have contributed immensely to our Virtual Airline in the past year, have done so in previous years, and will continue to do so in years to come.

In February we bode farewell to our long-serving President @Matt, who has been a member of British Airways Virtual Airline for many years, and served as President between May 2017 and February 2019.

We also more recently said farewell to two more long-serving staff members, @Boodz_G and @Liam_Smart, who have both contributed to the Virtual Airline in many ways during their years of service. We’d like to thank both for their unwavering support and work in their roles in our staffing team throughout 2019 and previously.

Finally, in November 2019 I myself (@Adam_Williams) announced my intentions to resign as Deputy President here at British Airways Virtual at the end of the year. Looking back now, it’s amazing to see how much we’ve all achieved collectively for the Virtual Airline over the year, and I’ll always look back on these memories fondly for years to come. I look forward to continuing to contribute to the community in other ways in this new year and decade ahead, alongside having some more time for myself.

We’ve also in the past year welcomed many new staff members, such as @Jon_H, @Matevz_Treven, and @Flying_Pencil into various roles within our staffing team, and we’re very glad to have them all onboard with us. We also welcomed @Darragh_ODonoghue into the Senior Leadership team as a Deputy President, and we’re very thankful for his continued support and work in his current role.

We’d also like to take this time to highlight the appreciation we have for all supporters and members of British Airways Virtual Airline – without you all we wouldn’t have achieved half of this, and so for that we thank you, and look forward to taking us all further in this new year and decade.

So now, the end of the year has been and gone – and what a year it was. Reflecting on it, I can’t believe we’ve managed to do it all in just one year.

On a final note, I’d now like to make some new announcements. As I step down, I’d like to welcome and congratulate @Jon_H on being appointed as British Airways Virtual Airline’s latest Deputy President and addition to the Senior Leadership Team.

Jon has been a member of British Airways Virtual Airline for bordering one year now, and we’re very excited to welcome him into his new role and this new chapter for British Airways Virtual. Filling Jon’s shoes is the wonderful @Matevz_Treven, who is excited to take on a new challenge in the BAVA Recruitment department.

As we announce this, we’d also like to announce that our former President @CJHoughton has fully stepped down from his staffing role at British Airways Virtual Airline, and whilst we work on restructuring the Senior Leadership Team of the Virtual Airline, @BenTyson remains the acting president of British Airways Virtual Airline and that all presidential correspondence should be made via him.

What. A. Year. I think all’s that left to do now is thank all of the community for helping to make it so special, and that we all look forward to making new memories such as these in 2020 and this new decade!

On a side note, as I sign off my final posting as Deputy President of this Virtual Airline, I’d like to thank everyone who has shown support of any kind for me during my time in this community – it’s been an honour and a privilege to serve in this role, and I hope I have managed to do it justice.

-Adam Williams
Deputy President, British Airways Virtual Airline.

British Airways Virtual Airline 2020
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Proud to be a part of one of those 1,304 pilots applications


What a year indeed! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2020 and continue to be a proud member of BAVA!

@Adam_Williams, thanks again for all of your hard work and being generally awesome. @Jon_H, all the best in your new role. You’ll smash it!

See you in the skies, guys! ❤️


Thanks Liam! We wouldn’t be much without our dedicated BAVA pilot base! -DOD


I applied twice because I had to add info. Sorry :\

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Ok it is me BAVA 315 would someone give me guidance on when I will be re inter grated into BAVA

Please pm @BritishAirwaysVA for more info.

I always love this photo since I’m in it. I wish I paid more attention and had more knowledge at the time. I was just a little IF noob with about 400 hours flight time. Now I have 1700+ 😂

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No one has replied to me rejoining the BAVA as it has been 3 months now [BAVA315]

Hey Fin,
You were instructed to pm the BAVA official IFC account. Your Suspension last until the 20th of Febuary, this was outlined multiple times. Thanks for understanding.


Yes sorry for asking multiple times , I did pm the account but to no reply. I did not get so ss the suspension date ,sorry for any hassle caused.

   Leadership Change At British Airways Virtual Airline:

2020 marks a new chapter in our BAVA journey. Since the very beginning of our organisation, our now former President @BenTyson has been with us. Ben has served under many roles and presidents at BAVA. The work undertaken, and commitment that Ben has shown is nothing short of admirable. Ben was a steady hand through rocky times when he took the reigns of the VA. We at BAVA would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for Ben’s service. Ben will be sticking with us in an advisory role to help with the running and decision making of the VA.

With that being said, I’d like to congratulate @Chris_Wing for his promotion to Deputy President. And also @Darragh_ODonoghue for his promotion to a newly appointed President’s position. Darragh was serving as a Deputy President along with @Jon_H. These three members have shown their dedication and commitment over a long period of time and we have no doubt that they will excel in their new and current positions. We look forward to seeing the visions and ideas that the newly formed Senior Leadership Team put forward. Change is an exciting time for any VA and we look forward to seeing what the future brings for us!

Ben’s Statement:


Well I must say it truly is a shame to see BAVA loosing all of its original great people. Lots of names that existed from the very beginning passing by.

I’m sure it will all work out for you in the end 🙂


Change isn’t to be feared but embraced so it can turn into progress. We’re grateful for everything our staff and pilots have done and continue to do. We’ll continue to build on what our predecessors have done to make this VA what it is today and we’re excited to keep going and growing. 🤘

-Jon H.
Deputy President, British Airways Virtual

Keep an eye out for exciting things to come, soon! 😉


I registered yesterday and haven’t heard anything back yet. Any ideas on this?