British Airways VA Official Thread | The Community's 'Best Virtual Airline' for three years running

Press this link and then press ‘application form’

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looks like a well organised and ran VA well done, also well done on your award. I’m very impressed


How do I copy and paste my ifc url

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Id like to have my Slack and Crew Center Reactivated if possible

Hi there @Captain_Millz,

We’ve sent over a direct message to you detailing further instructions for re-joining our Virtual Airline.

I apologise for the delayed response to this enquiry.

Thanks again,

So, I have now applied to the BAVA how will I know you guys have contacted me ,and where would I find it

Hello, @Fin_Wildmonkeys!

We’re happy to see you’re interested in joining British Airways Virtual! You’ll receive a direct message here on the IFC once your application is processed and it satisfies the criteria for applying, which are outlined on and the application form. :)

Jon H
Head of Recruitment


Yay just joined


@BritishAirwaysVA what are the requirements to apply?


@BritishAirwaysVA Eg, minimum flights logged, minimum grade all that.

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Hi! Thank you for your interest in our VA. Our requirements can be found at should you have any follow up questions, feel free to reach out to us on the IFC or email us at Cheers! -DOD

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I applied, I have filled in the form so now I have to wait I guess?


Yes, you will get a PM from @BritishAirwaysVA with a link to the test you have to take

Seeing as new routes for BA were just added (to PDX that is), is it possible for you guys to add a route to Portland, Oregon?

@Mattheus BAVA update their routes when it’s (new, seasonal, historic, cancelled)

We’d like to wish all of our followers, supporters, members, and the general Infinite Flight Community a very Happy Holiday period - from our BAVA family to your own.

Understandably, as our Staffing Team take a well-earned break from their duties, some BAVA services may take longer to respond than usual - we appreciate your consideration of this, and hope that you too find some time to do something you enjoy during this busy festive time.

Meanwhile, our operations go on, with 10 BAVA Pilots in the skies on this Christmas Eve/Christmas Day at the time of writing, and with 38 flights flown on Christmas Eve alone. Impressive statistics - and we of course admire our pilots’ dedication to our Virtual Airline.

We look forward to keeping you up to date with further developments in these final few days of 2019, along with a run-down of what’s been happening in the last month or so, once the Christmas period is out of the way.

Once again, we’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays, and looking forwards, a prosperous and joyous 2020.

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019
Email | Infinite Flight Community | Website



Happy holidays, enjoy your well deserved break BAVA staff!
Proud to be a part of this amazing VA!


Well, it wouldn’t be Christmas without doing at least one BAVA flight! Happy holidays to everyone!


🎵 Christmas time, BA Virtual Airline… 🎵😜

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