British Airways VA Official Thread | The Community's 'Best Virtual Airline' for three years running

I answer this on behalf of the BAVA events team and VATC Co-Ordinator’s, to put it plain and simple, yes. You will have to be a pilot for BAVA. VATC is exclusive to BAVA pilots as we are the only VA approved to carry out the service by IFVARB. It may be beneficial to you in your personal pilot career but unfortunately these events will be kept internal for the foreseeable future.



The technical team here at BAVA has been hard at work giving our website a summer makeover - and we’re happy to announce it’s now fully ready and has been published this afternoon!

Improvements include a brand new Live Flight Map, a new Live Flight Counter, News Section, and many other cosmetic improvements. We hope all BAVA members and visitors enjoy our new and refreshed look, as we continue to improve our already excellent bank of resources accessible by our members and the general public alike.


This refresh comes as a part of many summer projects which are currently underway here at British Airways Virtual Airline. Only last week, we released our brand new and updated Standard Operating Procedures for the Virtual Airline, which include all basics of flight operation for our Virtual Airline, rules for operating flights, tips and guidelines for communicating with ATC in Infinite Flight, and many more handy guides for our pilots to refer to throughout their membership with BAVA.

The big news is; we’re not finished yet! We have a lot more exciting projects planned for over the summer months, to keep our Virtual Airline where it always has been, ahead of its time. We can’t wait to share this with everyone once they’re close to fruition.

Community members are also encouraged to keep their eyes peeled for a huge #BA100 celebratory event coming to a London Airport near them soon! More on this to come very shortly.

The team at BAVA would like to extend our immense gratitude to the community we continue to play a big part in, and to all of our members and supporters who continue to push us to improve further. You really do take us further.

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019
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Did you know that Sunday the 25th August 2019 was the exact date that British Airways turned 100 years old? We celebrated this huge milestone with a massive #BA100 Fly-In event to London Heathrow on the exact day of their centenary, honouring their unwavering professionalism and excellence over their 100 years of service.

What is BA100 all about?

BA100 is British Airways’ celebration for their centenary year. Exciting events have occurred and groundbreaking milestones have been reached all throughout the year, notable happenings including a visit by the Queen to BA’s headquarters at Waterside, near Heathrow, to congratulate them on their centenary year, the painting of four British Airways Aircraft in various different retro liveries much to spotters delight, and of course British Airways receiving their first A350-1000 aircraft and putting it into service just earlier this month. A special appearance of the retro-liveried BOAC B744 was also made at the Royal International Air Tattoo, accompanied by the Royal Airforce Red Arrows Aerobatic Display Team, much to the delight of spectators both young and old.


The Queen visiting the BA Headquarters in Waterside, London, to congratulate them on their centenary year. Credit: Getty Images .

British Airways was initially formed on August 25th 1919, exactly 100 years ago from when this fly-in will take place. The company has appeared in many different forms during the years, initially as a government entity, and throughout the years following as BOAC, BEA, BSAA and Imperial Airways limited. British Airways was then formed as we know it on 31st October 1974, and has continued to operate under the name ever since. BA is particularly noteworthy for its impeccable safety record, and high standards of customer service.

British Airways Virtual Airline has continued to honour and commemorate our real-world counterpart since its formation in 2015, through the Infinite Flight Community. We truly believe our real-world counterpart airline is one of the best in the world, and continue to honour this in all that we do here at BAVA.

The RAF Red Arrows alongside BA’s Retro BOAC B744 for the Royal International Air Tattoo. Credit: Getty Images

We had an amazing time, with around 100 pilots all inbound to EGLL or on the ground during the peak times of the fly-in, with an aircraft landing around every thirty seconds.

Read more about the event on the official event thread for the fly-in;

We would like to extend our Thanks to @Max_burrell who worked tirelessly managing this event, as his last event managed in his career as Co-Events Manager with BAVA.

We’re looking forward to further events and community engagements in the coming months, with the Flight Sim Show at RAF Cosford, and our Third Anniversary approaching. Keep monitoring this thread, and our other forms of social media for more information as we get closer to the time!

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Thanks for this! The old website did need a refresh. I like this one much more!


Great to see two years after coming away from Infinite Flight this magnificent VA is still going with some familiar faces still at the heart of it.

Great to see, hope all is well!


When this Virtual Airline was founded, over four years ago in 2015, we don’t think anyone envisaged the heights that we’d reach in the months and years to come. Yet here we are, just four years on, thanking everyone who has supported us with our recent social media successes, after now reaching an amazing 2,000 followers on Instagram!

To be able to hold so much commandeering reach and influence into over 2,000 people’s lives is truly amazing, and we hope all of our followers enjoy the little slice of BAVA they may receive in their social media feeds from time-to-time.

If you aren’t already a part of the 2,000, then why not come and join in on our social media extravaganza? It’s a great way to keep up to date with all the latest events and information within the BAVA world.

This perplexing achievement is only made all the more great as we are the first Virtual Airline; that’s right, the first Virtual Airline to have reached this milestone on the Instagram platform.

The entire team here at BAVA would like to Thank everyone for their unwavering support, and we’re looking forward to sharing more of BAVA life with a growing social media community in the months and years ahead.

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019
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You guys said you would send out an email to me for passing the test I have not gotten one yet.

Please double check your email - an invite should’ve been sent across now! Sorry for any inconvenience and for your wait.


Nope no email has been sent. None in spam and inbox.

Hi there,

Sorry about the confusion. Please refer to the Private Message I have just sent you for more information.

Many Thanks.

We’re excited to be heading back to RAF Museum Cosford this weekend, for the second annual Flight Sim Show that Infinite Flight and ourselves will be attending.

With BAVA members and staff coming from all corners of the United Kingdom, and some coming from even further afield, such as Switzerland, we’re really looking forward to greeting everyone and once again putting some names to faces, along with catching up with others.

There’s just over 48 hours to the start of the event, and we can’t wait to meet all of our members, and members of the wider Infinite Flight and aviation communities. You’ll be able to catch us throughout the venue on both Saturday and Sunday - just come up and say hi! You will also be able to find out more about us via the Infinite Flight stand - of which we’d strongly recommend a visit.

We’ll also be attending the Infinite Flight Community meet-up at The Mount Hotel on Saturday night - another chance to give us a wave and chat with us about anything under the sun.

More information surrounding the Infinite Flight Community meet-up can be found here.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there this weekend!

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019
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KLM is the oldest airline, BA is a tad older. So I don’t get why BA is said to turn 100 in August whereas KLM in October!


Hi there @Vinne,

British Airways as an operating organisation has now been in service for over 100 years, under different company names and liveries. What we now know as British Airways was formed as Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited (AT&T), on the 25th August 1919.

This company then went through many different forms, and finally to its current form as British Airways - the airline as we know it today, which was formed on the 31st March 1974, through a merger with BOAC, BEA, Cambrian Airways and Northeast Airlines.

Therefore, we can say that British Airways did indeed turn 100 in August, even though the name perhaps didn’t.

All information presented on our thread is always thoroughly reviewed and analysed before posting. This information was sourced from

I hope this answers your question, and you have a great rest of the day.



October has a busy month for us - so much so it’s been difficult to keep you all updated on all the happenings here at British Airways Virtual. Here’s a bit of a low-down of what we got up to in October - jam packed with information and news. We’ll also then give you a quick update on what to expect this month, November, and moving on into the final stages of the year 2019.

We’ve had a busy October in terms of flying - feast your eyes on some of our raw statistics for the month below!

Statistics for 1st - 31st October 2019:

Total flights flown: 1,002
Total hours flown: 6,993 hours
Total passengers carried: 200,198
Miles flown: 2,015,215 nautical miles

An impressive set of statistics, we’re sure we can all agree. Thank you to all of our pilots and supporters for helping us reach these record-breaking numbers month on month. It means a lot!

On the weekend of 5th-6th of October, many BAVA pilots and staff members descended upon RAF Museum Cosford for the annual Flight Sim Show!

We had a fantastic time meeting community members, other members of our Virtual Airline, and of course the wider aviation community there. It was great to show our support for Infinite Flight, and get some sneak previews of exactly what’s next in the simulator. We hope you enjoyed our showcases on our social media channels.

We’d once again like to extend our gratitude to the Infinite Flight team for their work at the event and their hospitality at the evening meet-up.

We’re always extremely proud of the fantastic staffing team we have here at British Airways Virtual Airline. and would like to thank both our former and current staff for their contributions to our community.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to @Boodz_G, who recently stepped down from the role of Recruitment Manager after a two year stint in the role. We’d like to extend our gratitude to Boodz for his awesome dedication over an extended period of time - and as such we have appointed him as a Presidential Pilot, the highest accolade that can be bestowed within British Airways Virtual Airline. We’d also like to welcome @Jon_H into the role, who continues to fill the large boots left behind by Boodz extremely well.

We would also like to highlight a change in the Senior Leadership Team staffing structure, as @CJHoughton has decided to take a temporary break from the role as President of British Airways Virtual Airline. @BenTyson is currently fulfilling the role of ‘Acting President’ of British Airways Virtual Airline, and any subsequent Presidential should be forwarded to him henceforth, or to @Adam_Williams as an alternative member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Thank you for your continued co-operation whilst we have undergone these temporary changes.

October also saw us fully revamp our Codeshare Route database - meaning it is now fully accurate to the real-world equivalent codeshares British Airways offers, with some exceptions made in relation to aircraft restrictions and airline liveries used.

With over 1,200 codeshare routes available to fly, this work has been long in the making – but we’re now exremely proud to be able to boast one of the most realistic and up-to-date codeshare experiences within the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Community.

Why not come and give it a try?

Well - we’ll let you into a (not so secret) secret – we’re turning three years old!

Whilst we will be covering this in much greater detail in another post on our thread next week as we near our anniversary, why not take a look at just what we’ve got in store over our anniversary weekend in the thread below?

We’d love to see you there celebrating with us.

Thank you to all of our supporters, members, and staff members for helping us get this far - here’s to the next three!

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019
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We’re very excited to be turning three years old on Saturday 16th November 2019. Looking back on what seems like a whirlwind of a ride since being officially formed all that time ago, it’s safe to say that British Airways Virtual Airline continues to operate with the same conviction and passion that it always has done – whilst continually working to better itself.

What we can’t highlight enough is the fact that this success all stems from the support of you - the community. We quite simply cannot thank you enough – whether you’re a BAVA pilot, staff member, or member of the wider community… Thank You.

We’re celebrating our anniversary in style, with numerous special events and happenings kicking off over the weekend of 15th - 17th November 2019.

We’d love it if you could come and join us for our main day of festivities on Saturday 16th November - the day of our anniversary. Check our main event thread for more information and to sign up for any events of your choosing. See you there!

In addition to these exciting events, we also have a lot of other perks and goings-on over the weekend. Continue reading for further information.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all the staff @infiniteflight for their continued support of our Virtual Airline over the years we’ve been a part of this amazing community. We quite literally couldn’t be here without you all.


BAVA is holding an open recruitment weekend from Friday 15th - Sunday 17th November 2019, whereby applicants to our Virtual Airline will not have to undertake any form of test before joining!
In doing this, we hope to extend our reach as a Virtual Airline to all corners of this community, and allow pilots to experience what we’re about, whilst also widening the possible events they may attend over our celebration weekend.

All other entry requirements to join our Virtual Airline apply. Terms and Conditions of entry apply.
To ensure the high quality of our pilots does not reduce from this event, a check-flight and probation system will be in place for all new entrants who choose not to undergo the recruitment test.

How does the weekend work? | Terms and Conditions
  1. Pilot will ensure they meet all other entry requirements for joining British Airways Virtual Airline.

    • A minimum of Grade 3 within Infinite Flight.
    • Possession of a valid Infinite Flight community account.
    • Possession of an active Infinite Flight Pro subscription.
    • The pilot is not listed on the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board watchlist.
    • The pilot has not been previously suspended or dismissed from British Airways Virtual Airline.
  2. Apply via our application form within the times of our open recruitment weekend. If you have previously applied to BAVA but have been unsuccessful, please state this in your application.

  3. We’ll get in contact with you via the Infinite Flight Community in a Private Message, and we’ll offer you one of two options.

    • To take the usual entrance test - whereby if you pass, you will not have to undergo a probation period. If you don’t, then you may still join. but will still have to undergo the probation period.
    • To skip taking the test, but join BAVA ‘on probation’.
  4. Whatever way you choose - you’ll still end up as a member within BAVA, and ultimately a BAVA pilot. Log into our slack forum, receive the warmest of welcomes, and follow further instructions to get settled into BAVA fully.

Probation Period Details
  • Members on probation must provide two Infinite Flight replays flown as ‘check flights’ to our mentor team to ensure skill before they’re assigned a BAVA callsign and can fly for British Airways VA.
  • Pilots will then be subject to an ‘Initiation Week’ which will be further detailed when joining our slack forum, to ensure consistent good piloting standards.

The mentor team reserves the right to withhold full BAVA membership depending upon the performance of the pilot within check-flights, or the pilot’s demeanour within our forums.

We also have a whole host of perks for existing BAVA members throughout our anniversary weekend. Take a look at our anniversary thread for further details.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you all further this weekend. Here’s to our first three years, and to many, many more…

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019
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Congratulation on 3 years!! 🎉🎉🎉
What a momentous achievement, couldn’t be more proud to be apart of this Virtual Airline!


After a weekend of fantastic three-year anniversary celebrations, which I would like to thank the entire staff team for helping to plan and organise, I would like to formally announce my resignation from the position of Deputy President and all other staffing roles at British Airways Virtual Airline, fully effective from 31st December 2019 at 23:59 UTC.

I don’t quite think words can quite express how amazing this past year and eight months within the BAVA staffing team have been for me - but I’ve tried. Please find my formal resignation letter below.

Read the full letter here.

It has been an honour and a privilege being a part of the British Airways Virtual Airline family, and I’d like to thank everyone for their support for the Virtual Airline over the years.

-Adam Williams
Deputy President, British Airways Virtual Airline.


We will miss you D:



It has been a privilege serving BAVA with you. I hope I can still see you around the community.


How do I join

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