British Airways VA Official Thread | The Community's 'Best Virtual Airline' for three years running

Hi there, we’ve got you down for a gate, cannot wait to see you there!

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We’ve been having a great March! Even though we may be a little bit past the midpoint, we’d still love to give you some amazing statistics about how much flying we’ve been doing throughout the month!

Flights flown throughout March so far: 1,378
Average per day: 60 flights each day
Total passengers carried: 236,159

We would like to express our utmost gratitude to all of our BAVA pilots who are helping us produce these amazing statistics! Would you like to be one of them? Join us!

We’re jetting off on the second instalment of our Voice ATC tour - this week we’re heading off to Dubrovnik from London Gatwick this evening at 1800Z. Track us on LiveFlight for the duration of the journey - we’re sure our pilots will enjoy it just as much as last time, with full Voice ATC services being available for the duration of the flight.

The highlight of our week? Most definitely this! It came to our surprise on Tuesday, when we looked on Instagram, to see none other than our photo on Chicago O’Hare airport’s Instagram page!

Have a look for yourself:

One of the first Infinite Flight photos to reach a real-world airport’s Instagram - what an honour that is!

We’d like to thank Chicago O’Hare Airport’s media team for the repost, and of course the entire team at Infinite Flight who have, with the release of 19.1, allowed us to take some absolutely mesmerising pictures such as this one!

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019

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Just submitted my application form. ✈️✈️✈️


We’re now flying to Osaka!

In line with British Airways’ real-world route updates, we have been updating our own too! Today we have been celebrating the inaugural flight of our Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Kansai International Airport, in Osaka, Japan, from London Heathrow, as British Airways also did today. Over 10 pilots have flown this route today alone, just in time to catch the mesmerising Cherry Blossom which will be refreshing Japan with its presence currently.

A lot of other routes will be coming to our route database very soon - we’re proud to be keeping it as up to date as possible, in line with British Airways’ Real-World route expansions.

Want to know where we’re heading next? Here are some upcoming destinations:


We’re looking forward to sharing with you more upcoming routes as and when they’re released. We’re continually taking you further.

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We’re sure that you’ve heard by now, but, if not, we’re really proud of how up-to-date our routes database is.

Our real life British Airways and Codeshare Databases contain the most up-to-date, realistic routes for our pilots to fly. They’re constantly being updated to include the latest in British Airways’ and our Codeshare Partners’ route expansions.

This week, we released a further four new destinations for our BAVA pilots to fly to. These include London Heathrow to Pittsburgh and Charleston, London Gatwick to Friedrichshafen, and an American Airlines codeshare to Edinburgh from Philadelphia!

This takes the number of total routes we operate to a whopping 1,816!

This excludes the seasonal route that we operate to Antarctica.

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019

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Submitted my application form last night. Looking forward to joining the team!


From one BAVA pilot to another, just wanted to say I know we are excited to have you join us :) . We are looking forward to you flying with us in the skies soon :)


Welcome to the community!


Rank Structures are one of the most important parts of a Virtual Airline. This is what pilots must abide by to accrue flight hours for BAVA, and progress on to different aircraft, routes, and possibilities, thus expanding their own horizons.

It is often rank structures that give Virtual Airlines their “realistic feel”, and this is no different with BAVA. With sixteen aircraft in our mainline fleet, and countless more in our codeshare fleet, our rank structure takes full advantage of this. As more flight hours are gained, more aircraft, routes, and destinations become available. Often more lucrative aircraft are placed higher in the rank structure, to incentivise people to work their way up to it, making the experience infinitely more rewarding.

It is evident that our rank structure is one of the “defining features” of BAVA, presenting eager pilots with a new challenge in their Infinite Flight Careers - especially with us just reaching a milestone of twenty million miles flown within the skies of Infinite Flight. Why not try it out for yourself?

If you’re interested in our full rank structure, you can view our Codeshare and Mainline fleet list on our website, linked below.

Our Mainline Fleet | Our Codeshare Fleet

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019
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Hi! I have applied to your VA a couple days ago, when should I expect to get a reply? No rush only when you have the time. Thanks!😀

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Hello there @Pilot_Waters,

We have now reached out to you via a Private Message here on the Infinite Flight Community to take you further into the application process. We can’t wait to have you onboard with us very soon. Have a great remainder of your day.


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It is with a heavy heart that we announce the handover of one of BAVA’s deputy president roles from one of our longest serving staff members.

@Nichalas_Petranek took the decision to step down from his role as one of the Deputy President’s that make up British Airways Virtual’s leadership team on Saturday, citing his busy personal life as one of the key factors, whilst he focuses on his career and friends and family. We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Nick, who has been a part of the BAVA “family” of staff for over two years.

Nick will continue to form a key part of the staff team at British Airways Virtual, in the new role of ‘Senior Advisor’ to the Senior Leadership Team, a role which our former president has also assumed.

Taking over Nick’s place as Deputy President will be another Veteran and long-serving member of BAVA, Ben Tyson.

Ben has played a key part in British Airways Virtual for a very long time, and will continue to do so in this new role, being a staff member at British Airways Virtual since September 2016.

“I just want to thank those who have congratulated me on my promotion, but thank you all for everything you all do, I wouldn’t be in this great position without the amazing positivity from this VA and to now being Deputy President 2 and a half years after I joined is a great achievement for me.”

We look forward to seeing Ben undoubtedly thrive in his new role.

Our Staffing Team is one of the greatest attributes we have to offer, with a clear structure and layout, and excellent members within it. If you’d like a bit of a clearer look-in to our staffing structure, keep reading!

BAVA’s staffing structure comprises of many departments and members all doing their utmost to contribute and help the Virtual Airline thrive, in their own ways.

Staffing Statistics

Total BAVA Staff: 19
Total Departments: Five
Total Leadership Groups: Four

Our general staff hierarchy and structure can be seen from the infographic above. Each member of the senior leadership is responsible for overseeing the operations of a British Airways Virtual Department, and may also assume roles themselves, such as route management, IT, and PR, which are both managed by the Senior Leadership. Each department comprises of at least one staff member, with the largest comprising of up to five.

It is with this structure and our ideologies of teamwork, hard work, and efficiency which helps us to generate the great sense of pride our staff have for the Virtual Airline, and the high regard given by all of our pilots.

Leadership positions are extremely sought after here at BAVA, with the last leadership position advertised having 10 applications. We only ever advertise any BAVA leadership positions within our Virtual Airline, to maintain the exceptional calibre of staff that we have within BAVA.

Want to know more about our staffing team? We’re very proud of it and are more than happy to answer any questions. Just pop us a message below!

We’re continuing to show some of the voices behind the BAVA callsigns, with another glowing testimonial this week from BAVA pilot @Konstantin - Thank You for being a part of British Airways Virtual with us!

Stay tuned for more exciting developments with our Virtual Airline very soon.

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019
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HI, just applied yesterday!! Does anyone know how they will contact me either through email or IF community ?


Hey there @Sam_H123,

We will message you via the Infinite Flight Community within 24 hours of you applying if you meet all the entry requirements. See you soon!

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Thank you, Just got it !!

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Turned in my appreciation a couple of hours ago.
Look forward to hearing from you 🛬👨🏻‍✈️🛫


We’re excited to hear that you’ve applied! Looking forward to welcoming you into our active, friendly and vibrant community that we’ve established!


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Hi Adam,
I applied a few days ago but have not had any messages. Do you know if the application was successful please?

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Hi there @Aidanfaik,

We can’t seem to find any records of your application, this may be due to you misspelling your Infinite Flight Community account username on our application form.

We’ve set up a private message with you to help you out further.

Welcome to the community, and have a great day!



Done the test…📝
(Just got out of work so took awhile to take the test)