British Airways VA Official Thread | The Community's 'Best Virtual Airline' for three years running

Hello @ewoharg4

Great to see you back! Please reapply on our website. Once you have done so, we’ll be able to set you up as quick as possible and make sure you have all of your progress again.


Chris Wing
President, British Airways Virtual

With the Release of 21.4 and the A330, BAVA is now able to operate even more routes thanks to it’s codeshare partners. We have update over 80+ routes and have added 2 new destinations!

Open Recruitment

BAVA is holding an open recruitment period from 27th July 2021 until 30th July 2021, whereby applicants to our Virtual Airline will not have to undertake any form of test before joining!

All other entry requirements to join our Virtual Airline apply. Terms and Conditions of entry apply.
To ensure the high quality of our pilots does not reduce from this event, a check-flight and probation system will be in place for all new entrants who choose not to undergo the recruitment test.

How does the weekend work? | Terms and Conditions
  1. Pilot will ensure they meet all other entry requirements for joining British Airways Virtual Airline.
  • A minimum of Grade 3 within Infinite Flight.
  • Possession of a valid Infinite Flight community account.
  • Possession of an active Infinite Flight Pro subscription.
  • The pilot is not listed on the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board watchlist .
  • The pilot has not been previously suspended or dismissed from British Airways Virtual Airline.
  1. Apply via our application form within the times of our open recruitment. If you have previously applied to BAVA but have been unsuccessful, please state this in your application.

  2. We’ll get in contact with you via the Infinite Flight Community in a Private Message, and we’ll offer you one of two options.

  • To take the usual entrance test - whereby if you pass, you will not have to undergo a probation period. If you don’t, then you may still join. but will still have to undergo the probation period.
  • To skip taking the test, but join BAVA ‘on probation’.
  1. Whatever way you choose - you’ll still end up as a member within BAVA, and ultimately a BAVA pilot. Log into our Discord server, receive the warmest of welcomes, and follow further instructions to get settled into BAVA fully.
Probation Period Details
  • Members on probation must provide two Infinite Flight replays flown as ‘check flights’ to our mentor team to ensure skill before they’re assigned a BAVA callsign and can fly for British Airways VA.
  • Pilots will then be subject to an ‘Initiation Week’ which will be further detailed when joining our Discord server, to ensure consistent good piloting standards.

The mentor team reserves the right to withhold full BAVA membership depending upon the performance of the pilot within check-flights, or the pilot’s demeanour within our forums.

British Airways Virtual Airline 2021
Email | Infinite Flight Community | Website

How do I apply?

Hi! You can apply here

Oliver P
Recruitment Manager British Airways Virtual

Hey! I used to be BAVA257, I’ve been gone since November last year but I’m looking to join back, could I get my crew centre and slack account back online?

Please re-apply with the link below:

Oliver P
Recruitment Manager British Airways Virtual Airline

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Hey there,

I’ve leaving BAVA on July because of my planning but now i’m able to fly again, i wanted to know if it’s possible to be back, my account on the crew center is not desactived (BAVA600) ?

Thanks in advance,


Hello @Baba

Great to hear that you would like to return to BAVA. Please re-apply with the link below:

Chris Wing
President, British Airways Virtual

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Hey Chris,

I just checked on the BAVA website and have see that my account still active, did i still have to re-apply or i can use it ?

Thanks in advance

Please re-apply, since we still need to make sure your stats meet our requirements.


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Sounds good!

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Hi! I posted this onto the BAVA discord, but I’m preaching to the coverted there 😊, so for anyone looking for a VA read on …

Really, to be honest, BAVA has got to be totally the best VA for the starting pilot and those who prefer short haul! There are literally masses of great routes on the A319, 320 and 321 covering most of Europe, and a lot in the USA as well. I’ve got to rank 4 but really I’d be perfectly happy for an entire virtual career staying at rank 3!

And with ROTWs and events we can fly above rank sometimes anyway, and get to use bigger aircraft.

And at BAVA we get the best pick of routes to 3D airports as well! I almost never fly any BAVA flight now to a non 3D airport . (I make an exception for Innsbruck of course!

While I’m spreading the positive vibes, here are some great routes I recommend that I’ve done with 3D airports at both ends …(all BAVA routes)

-Moscow to Sochi
-Dublin to Edinburgh, Manchester and Heathrow
-Los Angelas to Las Vegas, Denver and San Diego

  • San Diego to Phoenix
    -Boston to New York JFK
    -Charlotte to Las Vegas
    -Sao Paulo to Recife & Santiago
    -Sydney to Adelaide, Auckland & Queenstown
    -Heathrow to Paris CDG, Brussels, Frankfurt, Basel, Zurich, Munich,
    Venice, Warsaw, Madrid, Porto, Gibralta, Athens, Lanarca, Istanbul, Keflavik

Now thats just flights up to rank 3 with 3D airports so far!

Nigel (BAVA261)