British Airways VA Official Thread | The Community's 'Best Virtual Airline' for three years running

Cool thanks

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Ik it was because I was inactive but when I tried to log in on the website it said my account no longer exists. When I join back will me stats and my rank be saved?

I don’t know

There is no need to worry, all of your stats will be saved. We always keep a backup of peoples stats.

-Chris Wing
British Airways Virtual


Can I Join you, If I am AFLV active pilot?


Hey! Of course you can join the VA! You can be in multiple VA’s at once so if you still feel like joining send in that application and the recruitment manager will be in contact! @ShmelOcheK

Hope to see you with us soon
Average Gamer
BAVA Pilot


Hi. I’ve applied to join your airline, a couple of times, but haven’t heard anything back. Apologies if you are busy. Mark.

Hi there, Mark.

Took a look at our applications, looks like you didn’t put your IFC username correctly, that’s why we couldn’t contact you. In “Infinite Flight Community (IFC) Username” filed, you have to put “Mark_Stanham”. Apply again and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. :)

Matevž T.
Deputy President, British Airways Virtual

I have just reapplied, with the correct info. Apologies for that.

Great! No worries at all, i’m glad we figured it out!

Matevž T.
Deputy President, British Airways Virtual

Great thread! I just applied. Looking forward to the response :)


My first VA experience !
It has now been over 1 month since I chose to join BAVA and I am very happy that I did.
I have already flown more than 250 flight hours out of the more than 1000 that I have accumulated in 1 year.
This experience allowed me to push realism even further and to put even more effort into making flights always more realistic.
In 1 month, I learned more than the previous 11 months, and this motivation to learn more and more came when I chose to fly for BAVA. Thank you for making this possible, an exceptional VA that deserves its popularity.


Have applied with British Airways Virtual 😍😍😍


I might actually apply here if I will get money to pay for Pro subscription


applied, and now waiting for the answer B)


That’s great to hear! Our recruitment Manager will be in contact with you soon.

Chris Wing
President, British Airways Virtual

Didnt get contaced, so I think I’ll reapply


Yes in your previous application you put wrong IFC username. Everything looks alright in last one, our recruitment manager will contact you shortly.

Matevž T.
Deputy President, British Airways Virtual

Oof, I knew it, thank you!

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As I cancelled my subscription, how do I re join Bava if I’m buying the game back?