British Airways VA Official Thread | The Community's 'Best Virtual Airline' for three years running

I want to join BAVA really badly, but I’m not allowed to have slack:(

Why you are not allowed ?

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And we are very happy to have you on board, @Baba!

Matevž T.
Head of Recruitment, British Airways Virtual


Thanks a lot @BritishAirwaysVA


My parents won’t let me get it:(

Congratulations to the new and 7th BAVA President @Chris_Wing and congratulation to @Matevz_Treven for passing to Deputy President !

And also thanks to @Darragh_ODonoghue for all you have make for BAVA.

Congratulations also to all BAVA STAFF team !


i have read it but does it count as level 2 violations or not??

  • RVLegacy

Hi there, @RVLegacy!

Our new entry requirements include:

  • A maximum of 20 Level 1 violations in 12 months
  • A maximum of 2 Level 2 and 3 violations combined in 12 months.


-Jon H.
Deputy President
British Airways Virtual

Ok thankyou


BAVA is by far my favorite VA. The staff are so nice and the route possibilities are endless! If you are thinking of joining I highly recommend it!


I second this as well! They’re a really great virtual airline! The staff is VERY, VERY, VERY nice to everyone!


BAVA was one of the VA’s where, if I’m honest, I was skeptical about joining. I don’t really like short Europe flights. I knew it was a large community and had heard great things about it, so I sent in my application.

When I joined, it was indeed very large, and everyone was very friendly. The ranking system is easy, and the crew center was very modern and nice compared to other’s I had seen. I very quickly ranked up, and am still only Rank 5, nowhere near Taipei but loving every minute of it! I have met so many people and also got to hear several of @Philippe_Gilbert’s rants. This has truly become one of the best VA’s I have ever been in. Thank you BAVA!


250,000 Hours flown!

British Airways Virtual Airline has reached another milestone. We’ve hit 250,000 hours of flying. That’s over 10,000 days!

Thanks to all of our pilots who have made it possible. We wouldn’t be were we are today without you!

British Airways Virtual Airline 2020

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guys i want to join your team but i have 1 level brcause i played rfs for 1000 hours and 3 days ago downloaded infinite flight

I’m sure you’ll have a great time when you can join @Adamflight ;)

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ah thanks very much

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flying to the oslo airbus a321 from egll

guys i made a emergency landing in strasburg because i don’t know how to use autopilot and i stalled because that i made a landing in strasburg i will be hapy if you say how to use that

You can always check the user guide and post pictures in #screenshots-and-videos @Adamflight. I don’t think too many will help you out on a VA thread with flight issues though, so if you really can’t figure something out on your own. Just create a topic :) Have a good day. We’ll hopefully see you soon in expert server skies.