British Airways VA Official Thread | The Community's 'Best Virtual Airline' for three years running

Hi there @Aidanfaik,

We can’t seem to find any records of your application, this may be due to you misspelling your Infinite Flight Community account username on our application form.

We’ve set up a private message with you to help you out further.

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Done the test…📝
(Just got out of work so took awhile to take the test)

I love BAVA, Everyone is awesome there and there is always a conversation to start up :)


Have you visited our website recently? We can now really help demonstrate just how frequently we’re flying, thanks to a new integration via our friends at the ATC Education Group, and the Infinite Flight API.


Now, the activeness and vibrancy of our Virtual Airline can be highlighted via our website in an impressive fashion. Now all active expert server flights for BAVA can be seen at the touch of a button. Stay tuned for further integrations into our website, streamlining our operations and allowing us to take our pilots even further.

Want to see how many live flights are currently operating for British Airways Virtual? Click on the link in the graphic above!

Saturday saw us breaking boundaries once more, as we inaugurated a brand new British Airways route in style!

We teamed up with our friends over at Infinite Flight Aviation Experts for another huge flight from London Gatwick to Kos, inaugurating a brand new route for British Airways Virtual that only officially started service last Wednesday, as flight BA2558.

A fantastic time was had by all, despite the tight parking that had to be employed at the small airport of Kos, with around 20 BAVA pilots and many more IFAE aircraft all packing into the airport, which itself only holds seven gates.


Packing into the ramp at Kos - Jigsaw formation!

We once again drew a lot of attention with our large ‘conga lines’ to what is a great partnership between our two organisations, and a great new route which we recommend all pilots, BAVA or not, try out for a mesmerising approach into Kos over the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

We look forward to many more exciting events with the wonderful team at IFAE in the near future.


A busy London Gatwick, painted in the BA Red, White and Blue.

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019
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I can conclude that BAVA is a VA that will not disappoint you.


As the summer season approaches for many of our pilots, most of us are out and about more than ever, and our events team continue to impress with the quality of events on offer for BAVA pilots to embark on.

On Thursday of this week, we embarked on a throwback journey to Kai Tak, in the classic British Airways Boeing 747-400 aircraft. Kai Tak Airport used to be the main airport serving Hong Kong and the wider region surrounding it, until it closed in 1998, to make way for a new and improved airport 30 kilometres to the west. Kai Tak was famed for its tricky and mountainous approach, with only a visual approach possible, whilst attempting to dodge large mountains on the final approach course. A lot of fun was had by over 15 pilots who embarked on the voyage, with two different time zone events being operated to cater for as many pilots as possible. We are happy to report all of them made it in once piece! Almost…

Here at BAVA, we are constantly amazed by the lengths our pilots go to in flying for us, and the British Airways brand. One of our pilots, who is also a staff member of our events department, has just impressed us even further with managing to fly every single route out of our busiest hub, London Heathrow.

All 156 BA London Heathrow routes have been operated by just one of our most dedicated pilots!

@Max_burrell has dedicated a lot of time flying for British Airways Virtual, and in his role as an Event Manager for BAVA. Thank You for all you do, Max! Just look at all those destinations… Flying all routes out of London Gatwick is apparently next on the agenda.

BAVA is proud to be taking part in the One World Virtual Alliance’s world tour, in which we will be visiting almost every continent in the world, over a period of five months, using almost all of the One World Alliance’s member airlines and affiliates.

Our very own virtual airline, British Airways, kicks off the series, heading from London Heathrow (EGLL) airport to Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos (LGAV), on 2019-06-08T16:30:00Z. Come and join us on this journey spanning continents with our friends at the alliance!

We look forward to travelling even further with our OneWorld Virtual Alliance partners in the weeks and months to come.

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019
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Although I’m a new member, I really love this VA! Keep up the great work 👍


Thank You, we’re glad you’re enjoying the experience!


Hi I completed two applications because on the first one I didn’t copy the url correctly

To anyone hesitant to join BAVA read this 👇
I joined about 4months ago and ever since I have loved it I already have achieved 530hrs in the air. This is simply because flying is addicting and anyone think I fly every day,24hrs a day, I’m in school. This proves how far BAVA has taken me. British airways virtual has amazing members, amazing events team, amazing deputy presidents, co-flight supervisors and of course an amazing president.

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Hey there, we’re very excited to have you onboard if you’ve applied! We will respond to your application within 24 hours via the Infinite Flight Community.


Ok great thanks.

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Thank you @Adam_Williams n all the other staff for your warmth m professionalism🏆
Joined BAVA for only two weeks, I’ve enjoyed so much of this community~~
Really love to be part of it, especially as I’m still adjusting my own pace back to the IF skies…🛬👨🏻‍✈️🛫


Thank You very much for the kind words, it’s a pleasure to have you with us!



Here at British Airways Virtual, we really enjoy getting out and about, and meeting members of not only British Airways Virtual Airline, but also the wider Infinite Flight and flight simulation community - pictured above illustrates just this with BAVA and IFC members pictured with many members of Infinite Flight’s awesome development and staffing team, at the “Flight Sim 2018” at RAF Cosford last October. We’re looking forward to returning this year to meet everyone once more, and of course form brand new friendships in the process!

In just over four day’s time, BAVA members and staff will descend upon London Heathrow for the planned Infinite Flight Community meet-up. Staff members from all over the UK and beyond will be representing BAVA, and that coupled with many BAVA pilots also planning to be in attendance we’re sure will lead to a fantastic event, and we can’t wait to meet and greet the wider Infinite Flight Community too! The day will promise spotting, a general meet and greet, and we’re sure of many more exciting surprises. More information on this event can be found in the thread linked below;

Keep an eye out on all of our social media channels as we give you an insight into the day and what we get up to. We may also come to you live from London Heathrow, so make sure you’re ready for some exciting BAVA announcements whilst we’re there!

We really look forward to seeing you there if you’re attending, and even if you’re not attending, we’ll be compiling some highlights to be shared via our YouTube channel, for you to enjoy.

BAVA will also, for the second consecutive year, will be attending Flight Sim Show 2019 at RAF Cosford in October this year. Advance tickets may already be purchased! We’ll be present alongside many other community organisations and Infinite Flight Community members demonstrating how inclusive, engaging, and friendly our community is to the wider flight simulator community. There’ll also likely be time for a social event during our time at the show, to really help put names to faces.

All these happenings and going’s on just go to show how far this flight simulator has developed, not only to entice, engage, and encourage a love of flight, but in building a friendly, welcoming, and overall fantastic community which BAVA is extremely proud to be a part of. We’d love to see you at the next event we attend - a good time is always had by all.

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019
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Hello, still being relatively new to BAVA and slack, I am not quite sure who to contact about this. Anyway, yesterday I completed the required hours to get to rank four (50 hours) however I have not received a message via slack about leveling up. I know people are busy with their own lives, so no rush, but I wasn’t sure if I would hear back soon. Thanks!

When I was at BAVA, Adam contacted me.He was the flight supervisor at the moment, so I suggest you take this to the flight supervisors.

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Will do, thanks for your help!

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Hey it’s been about 2 days now since I’ve submitted the form. I have not gotten a response back at all.

The recruiter is probably busy. Give him some time, he will contact you shortly.