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Welcome to the official IFC thread and the home of British Airways Virtual Airline ~ BAVA.

A Message from our Founder @LouDon

BAVA, has a strong history going back to its formation in September 2015 as Speedbird VA when a month later we took on the flag of British Airways and became BA VA.

Although we are not officially affiliated with BA, we try our upmost to maintain the high real life standards that BA offers its staff and customers.

Through the community we have formed, pulling together a mutual love for British Airways and Infinite Flight, we really do our upmost to represent British Airways in the IF arena to the best of our ability.

I hope that following your visit to our thread and you feel that BAVA could be the right Virtual Airline for you, and that very soon you join us in our mission to ‘Fly to Serve’.

Since its formation, i have always wanted to see British Airways VA sucseed, i have no doubt, under Matt’s leadership BAVA will just continue to grow!

Louis Donald
Founder of British Airways VA.

team The Team

We have more than 220 active pilots at British Airways Virtual Airlines.

With thanks to the strong community spirit at BAVA, want to succeed and vision to grow. Leadership positions are very popular and everyone. Everyone who works hard for the airline, are in turn and time recognised, developed and rewarded.

BAVA, is a community, a family and a safe place to practice a mutual love for British Airways, Infinite Flight and Aviation on a whole.

Senior Leadership

M. Elphick | @Matt | President
N Petranek | @Nichalas_Petranek | Deputy President
Finn | @Finn | Deputy President
Ben Tyson | @BenTyson | Chief of Staff

Middle Leadership

Boodz G. | @Boodz_G | Head of Recruitment
Harry Cook| @Harry_Cook | Public Relations Manager
Kevin Potthast| @Kevin_Potthast | HR Manager
Alex Wood | @Awoodbay | Events Manager
Colin Sepos | @Ameru187 | Flight Supervisor
Thomas Ralph | @ThomasR | Chief Pilot
Bo M. | @bobo2345 | Tech Manager

profits Pilot Rankings

In order to offer our pilots different challenges, we have a detailed and progressive ranking system.

After the turn of Global Flight, Pilots will have the opportunity to log flights through our new Crew Center and thus reaching different rankings and gaining virtual wages.

This brings the flight experience to a new level and really is a first for the IFC. We are really excited to share more about this in the near future.

Rankings Overview

video-conference Website

British Airways Virtual Airlines is based on the latest standards for Virtual Airlines.

Our new CrewCenter offers numerous functions for pilots.

The system has been specially designed for Global Flight.

The popular system tool phpVMS serves as a template. Further information about our new Crew Center can be found on our website or directly on request.

Visit the BAVA website

Click here to visit our website

Crew Center Preview

It is finally here,

BAVA Pilot, MishaCamp tests the new British Airways VA, VAM-like system ahead of Global Flight

Misha said:

"As you are probably aware, BAVA are hard at work organising the post-global outlay for the VA.

Today, I had the chance to try out the online system for flight management. I flew at BA474 for Barcelona, from LHR of course. I can truly say that the system, even with its current beta issues, will bring the VA to new levels!

You will be able to log flights, bid for them, submit hours, gain money and, obviously, rank up in the airline over time.

So I hope you look forward to the next huge step. As time continues, we will be testing the system more and more. So keep looking out for BA global flights by me and NEO!"

Keep an eye on our thread as we release more information about our exciting next chapter!

Latest promotion video

Watch our latest promotion video.

chat (3) Communication

Like many other airlines, British Airways Virtual Airline uses the popular SLACK communication tool as it’s primary method of internal communications.

Why do we use Slack? We use Slack because it allows us to communicate easily and effectively between all our members.

In addition, Slack includes many additional features related to team management.

As part of the progression routes at bava, you can take on such roles as ‘SLACK moderator’ a role that is entrusted on experienced members to moderate our slack and ensure a safe, friendly and community driven environment.

Further information is available on our website or on direct request.

![id-card|32x32](upload://9GQaq6GkS2eB98u8JgSLscIbMWj.png Become an official BAVA Pilot or Air Traffic Controller | Signup today here

Have we sparked your interest?

With a few clicks you can be part of our team in a few minutes.

Visit our website and go to Join Now.

Once you have completed a small application form, you will receive an email and will be ready to start your BAVA career. Ready for takeoff!

Why should you join British Airways Virtual Airlines?

success (1) We currently house 135 Pilots whom are happy and have great experiences developing their trade with British Airways Virtual Airline and making new friends in a safe environment.

success (1) British Airways Virtual Airline offers the best service for pilots including a Crew Center, Flight Training, ATC Training and more.

success (1) BAVA has one of the biggest fleets in InfiniteFlight including Airbus, Boeing and Embraer and subsidiaries.

success (1) You will experience an unforgettable time, with other friendly and funny pilots.

Thread information | Disclaimer

*This thread and designs were made with like by Caspar Wamik @CasaAviation
*Icons created by “Vectors Market” and “Madebyoliver”

Safeguarding young people
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Hello everyone,

Here at BAVA we’ve come to realise that we’re not active enough on our thread. The IFC is really important for all VA’s so we’ve come up with a very good idea to make our VA not only one of the best on Infinite Flight but also the most transparent. All VA’s will tell you how amazing their VA is and I’m sure they’re not lying but we want to show you what happens at BAVA on a weekly basis. So I hope you all take some time to read our updates that will happen every week on Sunday to show you what happens in the community of a 5 Star VA!

This week we’ve had a very busy time. To begin with we’ve had a lot of new pilots joining the VA and they’ve already made a big impact! On the topic of pilots we have a system at BAVA where once you reach rank 8 (our highest pilot rank) you can receive a:

Chief of Staff award: Bronze Rank 8 Badge and announcement to the VA to say congratulations
Deputy President award: Silver Rank 8 Badge and announcement to the VA to say congratulations
Presidential Award: Gold Rank 8 Badge and announcement to the VA to say congratulations

This week 5 people got at least 1 of these awards and if you think about how much flight time you need to have to get these awards their dedication is incredible so congratulations to them.

We’ve also had many events this week with a good attendance in all of them. Although this didn’t happen this week we had an event with IFAE which went superbly. We had a very good attendance and it was great fun with expert flying skills from both groups. A picture will be below to show you the scale of this event!

Finally to end this weeks update we have made a very big improvement to our VA experience. At BAVA if a pilot is inactive after a long period of time with no explanation they get an email sent to them to make sure we know what’s going and that they still want to be a pilot. On the 29th of January we sent this inactivity email to one of our pilots and on the 31st of January he replied saying that the paperwork was too much for flight logging and too complicated. We of course listened to his constructive criticism and decided to change our flight logging system. On that same day we helped improve our VA experience. Not only is that pilot now happy and delighted that his voice was heard but so is the whole VA. This is something natural to us at BAVA because we’re a family and many VA’s can say this too but we’re open to criticism as it helps us improve and we will do everything we can to help you.

I hope you enjoyed this update from us and expect many more to come. If you want to join BAVA click on the link below and join our community! We’d love to hear your feedback on our transparency in these weekly updates so comment below and like the post! This feels like something every YouTuber says ;)

Happy flying



Hello everyone,

This is our second week of our weekly updates. First of all everyone at BAVA wishes the community a great half term break if you’re off school, if you’re not then unlucky! Due to it being half term BAVA hasn’t had a very busy week understandably. If you’re going away somewhere hopefully you’re flying BA ;). We’ve had many more Chief Of Staff awards and more so a big congratulations to them for their commitment! We’ll have another report next week.

Once again we hope everyone has a good break (if you’re on one). You can join BAVA through the link below and we hope to see you joining our community soon.

Happy flying


Greetings everyone,

The Senior Leadership Team at BAVA have decided to open up asking for feedback from the community. Of course we want you to be honest, but also constructive. Here are the questions we have for all of you:

  • What is your overall opinion of our VA?
  • What are some things that you think we could improve upon?
  • What have we done in the past that you would like to see again?
  • What are some things that we haven’t done in the past that you would like to see us introduce?
  • Is there anything additional you would like to add that hasn’t been covered?

Please feel free to message us directly on this account! We are welcoming any and all feedback


Kudos and good luck to the VA! Cheers🍾

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Looks like a really amazingly set out thread! Amazing job BAVA!


Thanks for your kind words @Ryan_Vidad @Oli_H


Announcement 14/03/18 13:53Z

We have noticed this morning that we are experiencing problems with our application form. Please bear with us while we look into the problem and try and fix it.

We will keep the community updated on our progress.

Any questions, as always, please direct to this account and someone will get back to you as soon as we can.



This issue has been resolved. Applications are open as normal. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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Our new event series is now up in the #live:events category! Check it out and join us in the skies!


Join our latest event! Just a note, if our flight to Formula 1 destination is the country where your VA is based, you are more than welcome to join us. Just send us a PM to work out the details!

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After months of hard work BAVA are proud to present our new Website and over 100 new routes.

The website features everything you need to know about our VA as well as a 'Chat' function where you can ask any questions to our team. We have also introduced a 'Pilots Page' with lots of tips and tricks for flying on IF and various other material to make flying for BAVA even easier.

The team are also pleased to announce an expanded route database. As some of you will know British Airways is apart of IAG and therefore has many ‘sister airlines’ with lots of codeshares. We have used this to our advantage and have expanded the route network to feature these new codeshared routes. We currently have bought in Iberia, Vueling and Aer Lingus and plan to bring many more in the future. When flying for BAVA you will receive 50% flight time on all these routes.

We hope you like all of these changes and ask that you PM us any feedback you may have.

BAVA Leadership



This is not related to the post. I just wanted to say that I love how you used the tails in IF for that photograph. ;)


Indeed they are IF tails, I made it myself in MS Paint. Got lucky all of the airlines have an A32X tail so it was easy to edit together.


Our latest event with IFAE and AAVA is underway at EGLL. Over 50 participants. Have a look on LF to see the event in full swing.


So proud to be part of this VA


Amazing feed! Great job Bava! So Proud

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Also, I accidentally left the slack group, could someone please add me back?

I am BAW0272
Thanks :-)

What do you mean? Did you deactivate your account or did you just log out?
If you deactivated your account, I can reactivate it, if you logged out you should just be able to log back in. Thanks!

I think I deactivated it. My phone broke and I was deemed inactive