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Good luck Matt - may your future hold many great opportunities!

Captain BennyBoy
CEO of a potential upcoming VA


I’m so sad to hear about your departure from BAVA. You were and will continue to be a role model for all VA CEO’s and staff members. I wish you well in your CEO retirement. Good luck on tests and life ahead of you.

See you on the IFC my friend!


On behalf of all the team here at British Airways Virtual, I would like to take this opportunity to deeply thank @Matt for his relentless commitment towards British Airways Virtual for over two years. I can truly say that his leadership has been the key to a lot of our successes, and the effort, dedication and unwavering loyalty towards us has been unparalleled. He has been the president here ever since I joined at rank one, and his friendly and supportive attitude instantly made me feel welcome. The mutual respect between himself and our staffing team is also unrivalled, and the attention to detail and thought he has put into everything we do has been a key to many of our successes, and, ultimately, crowning us with the accolade of being one of, if not the best and most recognisable virtual airlines in the Infinite Flight Community today. We all wish him well on his future endeavours, and look forward to his continued input as a senior advisor to us all. You have become a great friend to many through your involvement with BAVA, including myself, and your impact has made the Infinite Flight community friendlier, happier, and a nicer place to be a part of, and will continue to be.

@Adam_Williams, Deputy President at British Airways Virtual

You can read our full statement on @Matt’s departure on our website. We wish him blue skies, tailwinds, and the best of luck in future endeavours.

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At British Airways Virtual, we are always innovating. We would like to introduce some of the exciting new projects we’ve been getting up to recently - including updating our routes list, producing a new visual route map, developing a new, fully interactive and beautifully integrated website and CrewCentre, updating our internal documentation to help new pilots as they start their tenure at BAVA, and, now, we’d like to introduce something that will be coming your way very soon.

Join us this Friday, at 1800Z, to watch the premiere of our New Promotional Video, which we will release alongside other projects we have been working tirelessly on for the past few months!

Our brand new promotional video, “You take us further…” will become available this Friday at 1800Z via our YouTube channel. Subscribe to us beforehand to make sure you don’t miss out! Featuring every aircraft in our mainline fleet, in a captivating and engaging short video, this is something nobody wants to miss.

22 British Airways Virtual

We cannot wait to share what else we have in store, as we look to the future together.

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019

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Thanks Matt for all you have done for this truly legendary VA :)

May the future be well for you and blue skies ahead.

See you on the IFC,

Jack BC
BAVA129 xx


@Matt you have done to much for the VA over the past years.Lets hope @Finley_Baverstock and the event team is working on a thank you or farewell event because you deserve it🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊❤❤❤❤❤


I just wanted to say thank you :) . I know I have only been here since October-November 2018 but I have to say that from the time I’ve known you, I know that you give your best effort in everything you do. You did something right because all of us are like family here :). A well organized VA with plenty of professionalism, mixed with fun too :) . I wish you the best of luck in your school endeavors. I know without a doubt you’ll ace whatever comes your way :) .
Please continue to pop in slack when you can. Us crazy kids would miss you too much 😂. You’re definitely a legend here, and very, very loved :) .

We should definitely do something special for you :) . But for now, let me say… I’m excited to see what the future holds. Just know that no matter what, you’re still a part of the family x


Speedbird 343 x


Although not a member of BAVA itself, it’s clear over the last 2+ years the immense effort you, @Matt, have put into this VA which you led in such a professional and stunning way. This is sad news to hear of your departure, however everyone has priorities outside of Infinite Flight.
Best of luck in your A levels and congratulations on such a successful virtual career.


Thank you to everyone who has sent me messages either here or privately. I do appreciate all your support, the response has been overwhelming. If I’m honest I didn’t realise this many people cared this much about my tenure as president. Back to the task at hand, let’s give CJ and the team their thread back as I know they have some exciting announcements to make in the next 24-48 hours. If you have any other comments or questions for me fire me a DM 🙂


😉 keep saturday the 2nd march free in your schedule


The wait is finally over - our long awaited new promotional video is here. Actions speak louder than words in this case, so, simply sit back, relax, and see how you take us further…

A huge Thank-You to all pilots who took part in the making of this short, yet effective piece of filmography, which honours the great foundation of our community - our members, past and present.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments coming soon, as we continue to look ahead to the future of BAVA!

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019

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The video are very very beautiful! Good job!


We’re now flying you to more places than ever before. After a lot of hard work, coupled with blood, sweat, and a few tears, our routes team has now updated our mainline routes to be wholly accurate with British Airways’ current flight schedules. Pilots and anyone interested in our routes lists can now also view them on our AirTable routes spreadsheet, linked here, and our pilots also have access to a special google sheet which they may use to keep track of the flights they’ve flown, see route statistics, and more!

This update to our routes lists even pays attention to the minor details such as flight numbers, to ensure British Airways Virtual members can have the most realistic and enjoyable experience possible within our Virtual Airline. Why not come and fly some of them yourself, with us?

Another groundbreaking event is on its way! This time, it is to honour our former president, @Matt, in a flight from London Heathrow to Palma Mallorca, on 2019-03-02T20:00:00Z.

Eleven other Virtual Airlines and Virtual Organisations will be joining us, in what promises to be another packed event, the perfect tribute to Matt and the immense impact he has had on the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline community. ATC will be active during the event on the expert server, and we even have some special guests joining us.

More information about the event can be found in the event thread linked below.

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019

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Hey guys, I have confirmed my email and intentions of joining up, but have not recieved a reply in 4 days. I appreciate that you are all working at personal things but 4 days is a bit much.


Don’t worry. We will get back to you.

Please give us time after our recent transition of a few management members.

All the best,



Hi @JackoLewis58,

Sorry to hear you’ve been waiting for a reply for so long. Please just pop us another message in the same Private Message that’s already been set up, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You must’ve got lost in the flurry of PMs we recieve every day!

Hope to have you with us soon.

Deputy President, British Airways Virtual.


Such a well made and beautiful video! Kudos to the BAVA team.


Have you visited our website recently? If not then we’d recommend you do, as you’ll be able to appreciate our brand new fully integrated website and pilot centre! Our new website allows us to do more than ever before, and we’re planning to add many more exciting integrations in the near future, keep your eyes peeled!

Our Website

If you didn’t already know, British Airways is reaching a huge milestone this year, being in service for 100 years. That’s 100 years of memories, flights and bringing people together across the world.

We’ve got many exciting events planned for the near future to celebrate British Airways’ 100th year, and we can’t wait to share them all with you! We’ve also even added some custom emojis into our slack group to celebrate BA’s new retro liveries;
BEA BOAC landor

We can’t wait to see what British Airways has in store for the rest of their 100th year!

Photo on banner captured by @Jack_BC

A firm favourite BAVA feature has returned! Yesterday we held our inaugural new Voice ATC event with a short hop from Heathrow to Manchester, with full ATC services provided via voice using our VATC discord server.

Frequencies opened included Manchester Ground, Tower and Approach, alongside London Heathrow Clearance Delivery, Ground, Tower and Departure, and London Centre.

“What can I say, you guys are brilliant at what you do, and you should be proud. Thanks for the event today, I felt as if I was tuned to a real ATC frequency!”

-BAVA Pilot

Stay tuned for more V-ATC events in the near future!
A huge Thank-You to @Darragh_ODonoghue, @Jeffrey1o2, @Finley_Baverstock and @Max_burrell for helping to organise the event.

We will over the coming weeks be releasing some more wonderful testimonials from our Pilots, to show what they think of us. Here’s our first wonderful submission:

Thank-You to all our pilots who think so highly of us, it is an honour to serve both you and the community of Infinite Flight!

We’ve had a very busy start to March, and we’re looking forward to a lot more exciting goings-on throughout the rest of the month!

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019

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Congratulations BAVA!

Y’all should be very proud of yourselves, because after playing around with the crewcenter yesterday, I can tell a lot of work was put into it. Making a vaBase is no easy task for a typical Joe, and the fact that you did it all by yourselves is extraordinary. The results speak for itself!


We’re hosting yet another Infinite Flight Community Event, this time with our friends over at American Virtual! Come and join us as we celebrate our partnership via the OneWorld Virtual Alliance!

Infinite Flight Community Members are more than welcome to join us, as we hop across the pond from Chicago O’Hare to London Heathrow!

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019

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BAVA477 Requesting gate M14!