British Airways VA Official Thread | "Best Virtual Airline 2018" - IFC Awards


Super estatic to have such amazing relations with BAVA! Can’t wait for what’s to come! Cheers!


British Airways Virtual is proud to have been voted “Best Virtual Airline” in the 2018 Infinite Flight Community Awards. We would like to thank all who voted for us in these awards, and we can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us, the Infinite Flight Community, and Infinite Flight itself!

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019

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Congratulations @BritishAirwaysVA! A top-notch VA with a lot of great staff and pilots!


What an amazing year that was! Thank you to everyone within the IFC for this!

All the staff from Flight Dev and IF for giving us some amazing new updates within the servers and the aircraft, for those in the IFC for voting for us and last, but certainly not least, the pilots and staff within BAVA for showing what we can achieve.

We have a lot of exciting things already in the pipeline to share with you all in the future, you will have to keep your eyes open for any sneak previews that may occur!


Congratulations for the award! Good to have dedicated people in the VA community. Thank you for your contribution!


British Airways Virtual is excited to be hosting its first Infinite Flight Community event of 2019 alongside @FinnairVirtual to Helsinki from our main hub, London Heathrow, to celebrate the partnership between BAVA and FVA, and the broader partnership between the OneWorld Virtual Alliance Virtual Airlines.

Come and join us on a two and a half hour hop this Saturday, with ATC expected to be active at EFHK upon arrival! Comment in the event thread below to reserve a gate for the event. Can’t wait to see you there!

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019

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Did you know we had a YouTube channel? Well we do! Go check out our first video which is now live. We have some amazing things planned for the channel so make sure to subscribe and keep checking back to see some awesome content.

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019

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Our IT department here at British Airways Virtual have been working very hard on producing a new website and integrated pilot centre, with a whole host of exciting new features and innovations which we cannot wait to share with everyone.
Here you can see a sneak preview of our homepage, which will soon be released along with the rest of our new website and pilot centre!

Our New Website and Intertwined Pilot Centre will set the standard for Virtual Airline Websites

Note Statistics are innacurate due to website still being in beta stage.

Along with all these new advancements, we have also been adding further integrations to our Slack workspace, including the ability to search all BAVA routes directly from within our slack workspace.
This new feature has already been extremely popular with our members, as it is an easy and simple way to check up on all the flight details for their desired route. An example of our new and flashy slack search feature is outlined below!

A New and Easy Way to Search for BAVA routes, straight from our slack workspace!

The British Airways Virtual Staff team look forward to providing further updates on the progress of our new website and pilot centre very soon!

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019

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The Boeing 747 has now been flying for over half a century. We celebrated this amazing milestone with a huge event, taking the Queen of the Skies from London Heathrow to New York John F. Kennedy Airport yesterday, the first commercial route the Boeing 747 ever operated on January 22nd, 1970. Over 19 pilots joined us on our celebratory flight, with many well-wishers spotting us at both EGLL and KJFK.

Line of B747-400 aircraft waiting to depart London Heathrow Yesterday.

British Airways as the Boeing 747’s largest passenger operator has had the Boeing 747 within its fleet since 1971, and will continue to operate the aircraft until 2024, when its last Boeing 747-400 will be retired.

British Airways, which itself is celebrating its 100 year celebration this year, has relied on the Boeing 747 to operate long-haul routes for 48 years.

Us here at BAVA would like to thank Boeing and the Boeing 747 for its continued beauty, vigour and reliability. Here’s to the next 5 years.

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019

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Looks awesome guys, congratulations from your neighbors to the west. -ASVA


I got contacted by someone at British Airways Virtual however they gave me the re-take test instead of a entry test as I have never applied before. Is it the same test?


Hi there,

If you applied for our Virtual Airline and got sent the wrong recruitment test, then simply reply to the message saying that you were sent the incorrect test, and our recruitment manager will get back to you with the correct one within 24 hours. Hope this helps!



Thanks I have contacted them but I haven’t got a reply for about 8hours


Sorry for the wait, we endeavour to reply to all messages within twenty-four hours. We’ll get back to you soon!


Hello I am seeking to ask a question which is short term but might affect my application


Hi there!

You can contact us via any of the means outlined in the “contact us” section of our thread, including a PM here on the Infinite Flight Community.

Thank You!


Thanks have done so now.


Our Pilots really are high fliers! Our top three pilots in terms of flight time, love us so much that they’ve collectively dedicated 5,700 hours towards flying for British Airways Virtual! That’s over twenty million seconds spent in the skies of Infinite Flight just for us!

We’d like to thank @Krasnimish, @cgilardini and @kznawsm for their awesome show of support towards our establishment and its values. You’re officially the top three in BAVA!

All three have achieved the OneWorld Platinum Award, achieved at 1500 hours of flight time for the VA. This is the highest award a pilot can attain as a member of BAVA, and all have gone on to surpass even this… Where to next?!

At British Airways Virtual, it’s you that takes us further…

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019

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Don’t thank me as it is a privilege to fly for such a fantastic VA


Please see an attached letter written and sent to our pilots by myself this morning.

I wish @CJHoughton the best of luck in this role!