British Airways VA Official Thread | A New Aircraft for our Fleet!


Really nice looking. Well done to @Adam_Williams and everyone involved!


Thank You! It only consumed about two days of my life, a sacrifice I’m willing to make! -AW


We’re Celebrating our beautiful new Comair B738 with a huge event this Saturday! Come and join us!

One of our most experienced pilots is attempting what’s never been achieved before: flying all of our mainline flights out of Heathrow and Gatwick and London City! You can track their progress and stay updated below! We wish them the best of luck!

British Airways Virtual Airline 2018

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This is a really well set up VA! Wish you all the best - if I get global I’ll defiantly join up!


Can i Go???


Of course you can attend our event! Check out the event thread below and request a gate if you’d like to attend! -AW


Okay, another event amazing is coming!


can’t believe its been 2 years since I first joined BAVA! glad to see its still going strong! :)


You should join BAVA. It’s the best VA out there but would recommend you be Expert sever to participate in the Events.


Yep, was on expert server when I last played online before the 787 was released. Just need to do one landing I believe to requalify if I get live.