British Airways VA, #IAM100 @ EGLL - 121900ZJAN17

Server: Casual

Region: London

Airport: EGLL - EGNX

Time: 1900Z


British Airways Virtual Airways have worked hard over the past week to bring together #IAM100, a joint celebration of 100 days since formation and also to celebrate our 100th active member joining us in the slack channels of British Airways Virtual.

This event will be led by myself, I will leave 27R at EGLL, before taking our virtual airlines pilots and our IFC guests over for a touch and go at EGBB before a smooth touch down at EGNX (East Midlands)

What is #IAM100 ?

I have been teasing #IAM100 to my staff and pilots over the past week. #IAM100 is a joint celebration of our 100 days of activity as BA and also 100 active members.

My team have worked hard to ensure we can use the word active. Our slack channels thrive and I feel this week should be a celebration of what we as a Virtual Airline have achieved together. It will be full of surprises, prizes, group flights, podcasts, youtube sessions and more! I hope you can join us.

Week' Schedule

#IAM100 Week’ Schedule

Saturday - 14/01/2017

IFC Event titled - #IAM100.

Our #IAM100 week of events Is kicked off with this event. The event will be a group flight out of EGLL, with touch and goes at EGBB before then a landing at East Midlands (EGNX).

Sunday - 15/01/2017


Our BA VA Media Department will be holding another exciting Podcast live. The podcast will be an #IAM100 special.

In the podcast, the team will discuss what #IAM100 is all about, talk about why joining the Virtual Airline is such a positive move, what we have to offer and give an insight to what BA VA is like through interviews with our leaders and pilots.

Furthermore, the team will have a live Interview with the presidential team taking live questions from you via our IFC VA thread and YouTube live.

Monday- 16/01/2017

Internal quiz competition hosed by Media team. Winner will be awarded the honour of becoming the lead pilot in Friday’s event.

Tuesday - 17/01/2017

Triple hour Tuesday. (All flights will be tripped. Up to 1:30hrs.)

Wednesday - 18/01/2017

ANY PLANE WEDNESDAY - You can log a flight in any plane today…

Inviting a friend today, will automatically promote you one rank. (Only applicable x2)

Thursday - 19/01/2017

The SLT will be holding a group race flight. How fast can you climb to 40,000…Once at 40,000 in circles over EGBB, its a race back home!

Triple hours for today’s flight!

Friday - 20/01/2017

IFC closure event. Details to Follow…

If you are not yet a part of British Airways VA.

You can join us now by visiting:


I will take part of the event and i am Speedbird184


Cool, well done!




Nice, I’ll be there, speedbird 148


Speedbird 8, joining in.
I am 100 will be great.


#5inherr. Speedbird 196


Wow very nice


Awesome , sign me up !



Awesome! I’ll be sure to come - I’m speed bird 197


Brilliant to see such an amazing turn-out so quickly! Thank you all for the positive feedback on both the community and on our Slack Group.

There will be no gate allocation, due to expected demand. so please space your gates out when spawning and we will see you in the skies!

Also, Please be sure to read the ‘week schedule’ on the top post, to see what we will be up to all week!


I’m defo attending


Sign me up Louis , I’ll be there!

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Speedbird 5 will be in attendance

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I’ll come in a ba 318 if that’s okay.

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Speedbird 7 attending

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Any BA aircraft is just fine!

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Ok thanks, I’ll see you there.

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Speedbird 11 fueled and ready!


Speedbird 187 will hopefully be in a 777 by the event