British Airways upgrades 747 fleet

Now this is some real commitment I wish other airlines had ^. Congrats to Boeing and British Airways for keeping the 747-400s up-to-date and flying for a couple more years. Proof that despite the oil prices shooting up a couple years ago, the 747 can still pull its worth with airlines. Proud of BA and their countrparts that keep the 747s flying.


I wish Boeing did a better job on the 747-8 😕 it would have saved the 747. Airbus tricked Boeing pretty well.

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Agreed. Boeing tried but Airbus’ was superior in many respects…

At least the 747 is guaranteed to last for many more years. The new AF1 won’t need to be replaced for 20-25 years. The freighters will keep soldiering on. Lufthansa, in their classic style, will hold onto the planes until they are exhausted of their useful lives (Hence their sizeable A340-300, A340-600 fleets) so we could see the 747 with them for a while longer.

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so is delta

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Too many airlines to list are butchering their fleets.

Especially sad to see the old 747 powerhouses, NWA, Air France, and the like retiring their fleets.

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The 744s are pretty much the centre of BA’s long haul fleet. I can’t see them (and hope they won’t be) getting rid of them anytime soon.

Qantas has done a similar thing. They originally were going to scrap the 747s all together, but decided to refurbish the newer ones and keep them going for a few more years.

It’s a shame that the B747 is dying around the world, Cathay are slowly replacing theirs with 777s and Air NZ finished their last 747 flight last year. A lot of major carriers are getting rid of their 747s. And correct me if I’m wrong but the three big Middle Eastern Carriers don’t have any 747s anymore as passenger jets…

Hopefully Boeing will do something else with the iconic jet (a more fundamental improvement than the disappointing 747-8) before they finish with it’s life

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It’s only future is as a freighter aircraft and possibly VIP.

The -8F has got a monopoly on the Western VLA freight market. This niche market is what garnered the most sales and what is keeping the aircraft alive (That’s why Boeing hasn’t cut the production yet, they believe they can get some more freighter orders).

As a VIP aircraft, the 747 is still one of the ultimate toys you can have (A380 is the other one). VIP sales are rather slow because very few people can buy a private 747. There could hypothetically be more orders but I can’t imagine it exceeding 5. India recently defected to the 777, ditching their former Air India 747.

These are all my opinions/educated guesses and should not be taken as if they are all guarantees.


Am I the only one who thinks the 747 is the best in the world

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