British Airways Trip Report

Recently, I flew KPHL to EGLL on board British Airways flight 66. The aircraft operating the flight was a Boeing 747-400. On this flight, I was in Premium economy and had a window seat on the right side of the aircraft.

Boarding and Getting Settled
Boarding with BA was very easy. The boarding had lines separated by group and it was much more organized compared to US airlines (like AA.) Once I got to my seat, I settled down and was given a pre-boarding drink. The flight was on-time and boarding seemed to be short.

Entertainment and Inflight Service
The entertainment system on the plane was very outdated and old. The touched screen was very picky and the remote was placed by the side of your seat so when you moved a bit, you would hit the remote and turn on the screen. Since it was an overnight flight, I was focused on sleep and did not really use the entertainment system. Overall, it was not a very good system.

Inflight service was good. On the flight they served dinner with a choice of turkey or macaroni and cheese. At the end of the flight, the served breakfast but I was not awake in time.

The Seat
My seat in premium economy was nice for the flight. The seat had plenty of legroom (for those that are 6ft or taller.) The seat reclined about 40 degrees and had a leg rest for your feet. The only annoying part was that the entertainment remote was in the side of your seat.

The Flight Overall
I enjoyed the flight in general. Also, the fact that I was on a 747 made the BA flight even better. Whenever I am on an aircraft, I am never focused on entertainment, WiFi, etc., I spend most of my time looking out the window and sleeping.

Photos and Videos of the Flight
My view of the wing from my seat
image image image

Thanks for reading!


Nice 747! IFE looks like it needs a bit of an update though.😁


They are updating them!! Those systems are old, and lets not forget that it is a 744 at the end of the day… but the variety of films etc is great in my opinion. I dont know how many 747’s have been retrofitted yet, maybe someone else here knows🙃

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I would do anything for that wingview😍😍


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