British airways trip report! EGLL-OMDB

I have recently started to fly British airways a ton lately! I really want to start flying for this airline more so I thought I would make a trip report on my 1st flight I have ever done on British airways! I hope you all enjoy!

Hi guys! Today I will be heading to Dubai because ever since school started I have never had a relaxing time. So I am heading to Dubai to see some interesting places like the Burj Khalifa and I just wanna relax and really breath in a culture that is so different from back home in London.

My airplane British airways B77W

My seat 7A I need business class in a 7 hour flight!


London looks so cool out the window!

We are looking at a pretty good view of Brussels, Belgium

Crossing into the Black Sea!

Tabriz, Iran

Crossing into the Arabian Sea with the Iranian mountains in the backround!

Landed finally!

Thank you British airways for a pretty nice flight to Dubai on your very cool business class! And thanks for assigning me on the left side so I could see all of the amazing views on this flight!

I hope you all enjoyed and stay tuned for more trip reports on British airways! Have a nice day!