British Airways to Suspend SpeedBird 01

I’m surprised I beat @Ishrion to the punch on this one.

So I’m sure most of you know about BA01. It used to be operated by the Concorde from LHR-JFK. Now a days BA flies the A318 from LCY-JFK with a stop in Shanon Ireland. Today they announced that they would suspend the unique all-bussiness class flight amidst Corona Virus situation.

Go to this link from Simple Flying for more info
British Airways Suspends All Business Class Airbus A318 Flight:


Screw Corona.


I know right… I’ve personally had enough of it. Physically and mentally. School closed, airline has problems, and route cuts from my home country. I’ve really had it to here with this damn virus.

Anyways, it’s really sad to see the Babybus being suspended by this flight. I wonder what route it will fly then…


As long as this flight continues to fly, I’m okay, lol

Screw Corona tho. Geez.

Didn’t somewhere say that it’s calming down in China now?

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This is sad. I always used to notice BA01 nearby when it stops here in Shannon Airport. So sad to see this route go and how unexpected!

The Route Concorde used went a long way here until replaced by the A318’s. And until today the route is stopping because of a virus. How unfortunate. What else can we do? 😕

Is it totally stopped or just suspended?

I believe it is just suspended. Did I say stopped in my post?

I don’t think so

It is slowing down, but China basically had a nationwide lockdown

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Sounds about right. My flight today from SEA-LHR with British airways was cancelled before it even took off from LHR because of too little PAX.

It’s sad to see how much damage an virus that’s not even too much deadlier than the flu can do. Will they be grounding the plane or sending it on a different route?

This virus is just getting out of control now - I’m getting sick of it - schools due to close, etc…

Tbh being at home alone all day ain’t too bad - I’ve done it a lot when ill off school in the past

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Surprisingly my school hasn’t been cancelled yet, but my parents are letting me stay at home.

But actually screw corona

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Are they going to make you do online stuff? We were talking about it today and apparently at my school if it closes we will do all of our classes online and they will still add in extra days at the end.

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All of my teachers created google classrooms in case school closes so they can give us work. My math teacher said we might have to use zoom to check homework. Lol

My school is making us stay until the virus is In Hamilton city Capital city in Bermuda

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No cases down there yet?


Nope but some guy got pulled over for flu like symptoms Oh no… but the results haven’t came back if he has the corona virus nor not

Edit: turns out we’re still going to school until the virus hits Hamilton city, just got a email form the school, they got balls of steel.


+ image =?



I literally have no clue what that 3rd picture ment