British Airways to start SCL (Santiago de Chile) operations Jan 2017

BA will be flying non-stop routes connecting London Heathrow (LHR) and Arturo Merino Benitez international (SCL)
The flight will start operations on January, 2017.
It will be operated by the 787-9. It will be flown 4 times a week.
The flight will be 14:20 hours long. It will be the longest flight BA operates currently.

What do you guys think? I love it. Santiago will be even more open to the European world and British people will get a chance to fly here.
Let me know what you guys think


Good news to the Chilean people, btw Air France has celebrated 80 years of operations to Chile as well😄


Are you sure? 80 sounds like a lot to me. That would mean like in the 1930s… I don’t think so.
But yeah Air France has been here for a long time. It’s one of the only 2 major airlines that fly here (Iberia being the other one)
I hope BA adds to the SCEL reputation

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Perhaps 80 years worth of flights? 12 hours at a time . lol…

That’s way too many flights

Despite the possibility of several flights being in the sky at the same time?

No. only one at a time


Very good move BA


It must be really nice to see BA’s Expansion!

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I doubt the attempt to do it three flight crew will be particularly ‘nice’ rather particularly ‘fatiguing’!

17 stopovers at one point! 🙀


What do you mean?
it’s an expansion to me…

It’s a route expansion I suppose but certainly not a fleet expansion. In order to accommodate the Santiago flights there have been route frequency cuts on other routes from LGW (MLE, MRU to name but a few) in order to free up a 777 for the Santiago flight.

Also the flight is extremely long and it is proposed to fly it with 3 flight crew. This will nt be a popular route for flight crew due to fatigue aspects.

I said they are flying the 787-9.
I never said it was a fleet expansion

Every long flight has fatigue aspects incorporated into them.

Well played BA. The 787-9 is the perfect plane for these long and relatively thin routes.
I think this will be a cash cow for them.

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I don’t think it will generate enormous amounts of revenue… but its a good move for British Airways.
Nice, efficient and smart way to use the 787


Ah, I see the confusion. Originally it was planned for the 777-200 now it’s shifted to the 789! My apologies for the confusion.

As to every long flight having fatigue aspects incorporated, I’m afraid we will definitely have to disagree on that one!

On a flight from London to LA the crew is fatigued, it’s a 11.5 hour flight!
On a flight from London to Santiago the crew is fatigued, it’s a 14 hour flight!
It only makes sense a long flight is linked to fatigue