British Airways to Retire Last 777-200 Variants

The 777-200ER is by far the most abundant in the BA fleet, there were only 3 non ER variants in the fleet for the last few years…


First, the 744s.
Next, the A318s.
And now, the 772.

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So many, whats next on the list…🤔

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Unrelated question: are 777-2 pilots qualified to to fly the ER version? I assume it’s the same…

I believe the 200ER is the same

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It is absolutely the same. The difference between the two is the slightly more powerful engines on the ER, and as the name suggests, the ER is the extended range variant.

Alright. I’m glad those pilots won’t have to retrain. I didn’t know how different the models were in terms of engine specs. Thanks!

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Good for them I’d say. More fuel efficient fleets are the sort of thing you need in a time like this. Can’t see why would them retiring them would be such a problem, as they still have the ERs.

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The engine specs are similar enough that a -200 pilot can get into a -200ER with no issue whatsoever. its literally the same engines, just that on the -200ER they are pushed a bit more to the red line.

These -200 compared to the -200ER arent really more efficient. It’s just that the -200ER flies longer ranges with engines that are arguably less efficient since they would be consuming more fuel to generate more power. That said, having 3 medium haul range B777 in their fleet is not doing them any good in times like these. They can simply be deadweights when just parked up on the ramps of airports.

This is sad for me. As British airways used to operate a Gatwick to Fort Lauderdale service with this plane. Norwegian also further, once Norwegian stopped the route, British Airways stopped it right after. The points guy says it was most likely because British Airways wanted to compete with Norwegian, and British Airways pulled out of the roof just a few months later. Read more below. For disclosure: this route was retired back in 2019, much before COVID-19.

As fair as I know, all of their 777-200s were based at Heathrow, at least looking at past flight data. Note that the 200ER is not going anywhere. 200ER and -200 have their differences so the Gatwick based long haul fleet will stay the same for a long time.

Sad it was a great aircraft!

This is one of my airlines!

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🤦‍♂️ I thought they were retiring the ER as well


Nah, the ERs wont be going anytime soon so that’s a plus 😉



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G-ZZZB the (last one standing) will leave Heathrow for the final time on the 29th. Very sad as the aircraft has served the airline well for 25 years.


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