British Airways to Retire Last 777-200 Variants

British Airways is to Retire Their Last 777-200s

British Airways is now preparing the retirement of its fleet of Boeing 777-200 aircraft, where they’ll soon be left with the -200ER variants. However, current events are believed not to be the cause of this, as retirements began before the industry took a hit. This is part of their plan to possess a younger, more efficient fleet for its future long-term operations.


As of right now, many have been dreading the loss of British Airways 747 after the confirmation that it will no longer be used for passenger flights. While they’re going too, BA is retiring more and more aircraft, with 2 thirds of their 777-200s heading to be scrapped in St. Athan, Wales, G-ZZZA making it’s final flight too yesterday, as the sixth 777-200 delivered by Boeing.

Yesterday morning, G-ZZZA took off from Heathrow after being on the ground since the 19th of March, where the last commercial flight done was from Abu Dhabi to London. It flew a ferry flight with the flight number BA9171 to St. Athan, with the flight time being around an hour.

G-ZZZA’s history is as follows, according to data: It had taken its first flight on the 2nd of February, 1995 before being delivered to British Airways in May of 1996. Now, after over 20 years of service with British Airways, it had completed over 100,000 hours of flight time, which is about 11 and a half years.

What is Left?

The oldest Boeing 777 in BA’s fleet is G-ZZZB. This aircraft is also scheduled to be scrapped in St. Athan in the coming weeks, according to reports. After that, British Airways will only be left with the -200ER and -300ER variants.

What will replace them?

British Airways is planning to replace the 777-200 with next-generation aircraft, by the likes of the Boeing 787, Airbus A350-1000 and the Boeing 777-9X which is planned to enter their fleet by 2022, despite Boeing’s reveals that it wouldn’t enter service until at least another 2 years after it had planned which may potentially delay the deliveries of the 777-X to British Airways.



another big sad

Sad to see another iconic Boeing Aircraft start to be retired


Could they stop retiring aircraft



wait no why no this can’t be why
I expect to see them only flying dreamliners and Airbus A320s by 2050

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Like BRUHtish Airways just likes the word retire or something


They will, but with the 777-200ER. From what I know, they’ve always been flying this variant to LAS, the 777-200 generally only flew to the Middle East and the East Coast of the US/North America. The 777-200ER is for flights to the West Coast flights and also for longer services to Africa, Asia, and South America


If they do continue service, I do hope they fly the A35X, but that would be really rare to happen. The A380 was supposed to head here in January but got cancelled. They don’t have service at the moment.

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The age kind of speaks for itself for this one. 🤷‍♂️ Can’t hold onto aircraft forever, they get old overtime. For example, G-ZZZA, the oldest, had 100,357 hours of flying time which is equal to 11.5 years of flight time. At least they aren’t retiring their 777-200ER fleet like Delta. It seems like the 777-200ER is replacing the 777-200 on certain routes, so some will barely notice the difference. It’s sad for any aircraft to retire, but that’s how the economy works. Just like cars, trains, or anything really, aircraft have to be replaced when it gets too old to maintain.

They also serve to Caribbean Islands, but here’s a list of -200/ER destinations:

Bermuda, Buenos Aires, Cancun, Chicago, Kingston, Montreal, Rio de Janeiro, Washington.
“We operate these aircraft on longhaul routes to North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Australasia, the Far East, Middle East and Gulf destinations.”

Courtesy: British Airways Website

Unfortunately, they don’t differentiate between the 777-200 and 777-200ER.

Thankfully, the 777-200ER will be a mainstay in the fleet for a long while.

While this is sad, I think the A350-1000 and Boeing 787 Family will be excellent replacements.

Thank You for sharing this @Tsumia! 👌


This has been a long time coming to be honest. Especially when you consider G-ZZZD and ZZZE both left in 2002.

I didn’t realise this at the time but back in 2017 I flew on G-ZZZC. It was BA’s first B777 and it was the first ever GE powered B777. Pretty amazing really knowing that you have flown on the 6th B777 that was instrumental in achieving the two milestones listed above. Overall it was a decent flight, the aircraft lacked mood lighting like on the B747 but it had modern seating and IFE, no major indications of its age really. Sadly it was also the first aircraft to be scrapped by BA no it has since been parted out.

I just saw this, you guys better get your JFK-LHR routes in the IF 777-200er before this beauty disappears. AAVA and BAVA should totally do a groupflight to retire this amazing plane

Note the -200ER is staying. lmao

That hurt a lot

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Especially since it is the oldest ;-;

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And I was over here thinking the 777s would be the new “queen”.

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If you could fix that, it would be great! Noice post. I wish that airlines would stop retiring these beautiful aircraft…

British airways : retired the 744s and 772s


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I did not know 777-200 and 777-200ER is different

The ER version is their main version in the fleet, for all I know they only had 3 normal 200 until recently