British Airways to Lose 4 Star Rating

My parents can afford it but they would rather not pay an extortionate fee, the general RRP they would like would be around £3000 which is way more then £600 in economy and yes with deals it is more affordable as I found a business class flightbin Qatar for only £400 more and that’s with their new long hairs aircraft and as a return but in general terms it will not be as cheap as that for most.


Fly Norwegian.

Fly right.


He’s not comparing BA to other British airlines, but to other international airlines. BA is not as good as Emirates, Qatar, and the majority of other flag carriers (and other airlines as well for that matter).


I was referring to the first message of the encounter. This lenghty discussion is being continued in private.

And to think they won world’s best airline in 2006…


Flew on them twice. Wonderful airline and personally, is better than BA.


They seem like a good airline - not ever flown with them. The story is also one of greatness leading back to the falklands etc. However, they are currently ranked 2 places below British Airway in the top 100 - perhaps when the new rankings come out there will be change. Another point is that BA have a royal coat of arms and Virgin does not so that would also have to be amended in the mean time.

For those who do not know a royal coat of arms/crest can be given to anyone of which the royal family have used for services. Things like Waitrose, Coke and Schwepps.

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Royal Warrant. Anyway a lot of companies have that and they aren’t just British companies. Look at DHL.

Still, our national carrier would need to have the royal warrant, and that would mean that it is the royals preferred method of transport. I cannot see a situation where our national carrier does not have a royal warrant.

In this day and age, are we really using “royal coat of arms” to dictate a flag carrier? C’mon. The U.S. doesn’t do that. Neither does Germany. It’s not needed and is archaic, IMO.

Listen, royal traditions are nice and all, but are we really resorting to that to mark a country’s supposed carrier? Virgin has a strong presence in Britain. So does Ryanair. I couldn’t care less.

I should also mention that BA did attempt a merger with AA at one point. “More British.” Sure.


They are more Spanish if anything.

BA is by far my most flown airline and consistency is the word I would not use to describe service.

Honestly, once you try some of the competition, you quickly see how much BA’s product has deteriorated. It’s hard to justify paying a premium price to fly short-haul economy when the standard of service is en-par with that of EasyJet (which I’ve found to be good for the duration of the routes and the price you pay).

This is debatable, particularly when you get on-board a BA 767, older 777 or one of the non-refurbished 747s. Different markets, too.


Don’t bother, he doesn’t understand any of this at all and argues BA is better then a Five star airline 🙄

noice mate. what was the service like?


I’d say it’s very far from it to be honest. Alex Cruz is just in another world completely… 😒


Exactly. Paying £37 to reserve a Premium Economy seat isn’t good, especially when flying with TCX it’s nothing and flying DY it’s nothing again. That’s just the tip of the iceberg really.

Edit: I think the price PE seats with BA differ on route.

Good story I should mention. Grandparents flew back to the U.K. last week on the Dreamliner out of ORD with BA. Their dinner was soggy to the point of inedible and the breakfast consisted of a rock hard roll. They were so hungry they ran for the nearest cafe once touching down in Heathrow. By contrast, their business class upgrade on the way was much nicer. The quality is all over the place and isn’t as consistent as it used to be.


It is different experiences then I guess. The one time I flew with TUI, I was offloaded and had to sit in the airport for the rest of the day. On British Airways, I never really experienced any of the inconsistencies within the fleet, but it is true it exsists. Although this is present in pretty much all airlines including Qatar (@Chatta290). I know British Airways can’t really compete with the Middle East mega luxury airlines but it is the best we have for long haul - as there isn’t exsactly an oil surplus in slough.

This is brilliant news! They absolutely don’t deserve a rating close to that!

To start with, some short haul flights offer less legroom than Ryanair, and you now have to pay for food. Even in Club World, the seats are outdated and the whole feel of it is rather old. Alex Cruz said himself, they only really care about the passengers who pay more, which is not looking after all of your customers. So if you can’t do that, you don’t deserve a high SkyTrax rating!

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This isn’t a regular part of the TUI service though… It happens with all airlines who overbook, including BA; just consider yourself lucky you didn’t get dragged out of the plane :)