British Airways To Fly Boeing 747 On Domestic Routes

I just found this whilst browsing the interwebs. It looks like BA are planning to fly their retro 747s to Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester on the 25th of August.


Yes people are going crazy about it on Twitter


Why use such a small route to celebrate. Surely EGLL-KLAX or EGLL-OMDB

I wonder how these airports will work with these big giants on the apron😂


Glasgow currently has scheduled A380 and 747 flights so no issues there.


Because it is meant to be something special and unusual, which this is in that a long haul aircraft is flying such a short route, and these airports are getting a B747, when one of them usually sees nothing larger than an A321. Seeing a 747 is not unusual at KLAX or OMDB, and BA even have used the retro 747 on the EGLL-KLAX route.


EGCC have A380 777 787 soooooo…

I do know as a fact that BA has flown their B747s to Carrdiff for maintenance

All their long hauls go there.

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British airways… celebrating something different with the people who make the airline what it is!

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I work at EGNT and so I hear it’s going to be the dinner time departure flight which means it’s going to be on the ground same time as the Emirates and possibly a TUI Dreamliner if it’s in that day so can imagine it will cause chaos that day

Well this is…interesting…

Time to book a flight on this BABY!

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I must say I absolutely love the BA livery, eaven plain. Then again, maby that’s becuais when I see it it’s on a dreamliner, so double beauty… 😍

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Because BA operates KLAX with the 744 they want to do something different

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Having checked these flights are expensive. From £50 or so on the usual A320 family to £300. I would take the A320 in business class and buy something nice with the other £100 :)


I was just about to ask if any of the community members are at all thinking of buying a ticket on one of these flights

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