British Airways Storage Flight

A few weeks ago British Airways sent 30 A320 family planes to Palma de Mallorca airport for a temporary storage. Today I flew from Heathrow to Palma with the A320

Flight time: 1:46
Server: Expert

[1] V1, rotate

[2] LNAV on

[3] Cruising over the flat France

[4] Descending over Pollença VOR

[5] Hello there @Cpt.TC

[6] Parking brakes set

A short flight operated by British Airways Virtual. Thank you for traveling with us!


Nice photos!

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Did you buttered it?😎
Beautiful shots mate

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Yeeee… NO. Sorry ahaha Thank you anyway!

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I’m sure you are a great pilot anyway! A landing you can walk after it is a good landing! (my excuse😝)

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Oh thank you, yes Im used to butter, especially Airbus birds 😎

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Nice pictures as always👍

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@IF-Mallorca yes you did! It was an awesome landing. Don’t put yourself down too much :) especially considering I back taxied down the runway rather than taking a taxiway oops

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Very nice pictures, keep it up!

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