British Airways Set To Decrease Legroom On Short Haul Flights

British Airways from next year are decreasing the seat pitch meaning that the seats are the equivalent to Easy Jet but worse then Ryanair. Do you agree with this considering BA costs more t fly on and it offers no major benefits?


BA are just making themselves worse for short haul 😦


Fear not folks , all BA VA operated flights will have the same leg room as before …


Haha good one 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎


I think so aswell. There is no reason to pay more in order to fly BA, there was another article saying that it’s cheaper to pay for the luggage costs on low cost carriers then to fly BA anyway.


I think BAW is degrading themselves as a Low Cost airline in the regional sector in order to compete in the midst of the tense competition with Ryanair and Easyjet

I don’t like to point fingers but when you put a former low-cost CEO in charge of BA… Thanks, Alex Cruz.


I would die if I sat on a plane with a legroom of 29 inches. I would rather fly EVA than than BA.

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Have you seen the review with The Points Guy and Alex Cruz? Seems like he isnt exactly following what he said on there by removing leg room. Never flown on BA and honestly dont plan to

I’m BA’s defense, there is no incentive for them to increase legroom. People might ask: what am I paying extra for then? Here’s a list:

  • Competent IRROPS management.
  • Frequent flier program and all associated costs
  • Better compensated staff
  • Legacy fixed costs
  • Experienced support staff (experience = $$$)

I haven’t seen that - thank you! Will listen in a little while :)

It it the new CEO - Mr Cruz aswell - he wishes to make BA more appealing to the average person

For a flight that lasts two or three hours would you really care about the amount of legroom?

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People want a ‘full service airline’ but also want ‘LoCo’ prices. Then complain when things have to give to achieve the price point.

You get what you pay for and BA is just as cheap if not cheaper than Ryan Air for some flights.


Makes sense, airlines need to cater to the average person since the industry is focused on ASK/ASM growth.

He has upset a lot of people in the process thogh

Considering BA cabin crew have regular strikes…

@Yuan_Tugo BA aren’t low cost plus their fares aren’t the cheapest


Why would a CEO listen to customers who are not willing to pay for more service? The CEO doesn’t listen to people’s words, he/she observes their actions and tailors his/her products accordingly.

They are better paid than Ryanair crew. Cabin Crew are not well paid, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that they’re paid better than their LCC peers.


What makes you think that?

Think what? Crews being paid better? Or what are you asking here? Please be specific.