British Airways (Revamped)

Hello all,

I’m happy to inform you that British Airways IF has finally been redone and improved.

With a new retro look, our website brings new realism and a professional atmosphere.


After many hours of hard dedicated work, I’m proud to announce British Airways VA is at an all time high, and I hope you can join us on our long and exhilarating journey to the top.

This will be the main BAIF thread from now on.


P.S - Criticism for the website needed.
Thank you

Your regional Flights are amazing!😉


  • The thing about you not being associated with the Real BA and being a non-profit organization should be moved to bottom

  • routes should actually be under the “routes” page

  • Give credit to your regional service providers (Paradisair, CityHopper IF, Hopper Airways, Royal Air, ) (PM me for full list)

I try ;) Anyway, its not entirely completed, I just wanted to releass it


You still have the old IF logo on the website.

By the way, when is Paradisair getting their routes to operate for you? You said they were regional routes and we’re giving them to me.

Well done on making the new website! And thanks for making IOS friendly :)

Noted, completely forgot

Yup, sorry, I’ll grab them for later

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Thank you all for commenting about our website,

I would’ve wrote a huge paragraph about why you should join BAIF, but as it was Easter Sunday, I had family round.

Happy Easter

Make sure your VA doesn’t infringe on any intellectual property. Do not use IF logo in a way that would make it look that it is affiliated. Same goes with airline logos.

Please make sure you read our guidelines. This VA uses logos in a way that doesn’t make it clear that it is not affiliated with BA or IF.
I don’t think having a disclaimer is enough; VA should probably have their own logo and name (could be a derivative of “BA” like “IFBAV”); then you can explain on your landing page that the VA is about emulating BA and requires members to use IF.


Or get in contact with British airways and pm you for permission to use the logos on the website

Already have done, we have permission to use their logos on our website

I’m pretty sure you haven’t got permission to use the IF logo here…

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Oh, I didn’t think you meant IF ;)

I have permission to use the BA logo, not the IF logo

Seriously, when are my routes coming?

You got them didn’t you?

I don’t think, could have possibly forgot, though. I remember getting TravelSky’s but could you send them to me again? Sorry

Wow! I be looking at your routes.

I don’t know what I sent you, Just make your own,

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