British Airways Retro "BOAC" livery for 747-400

Recently, British Airways announced that they would be painting a number of their aircraft with the retro BOAC livery, starting with the 747-400 sometime in February. I think this livery would be an awesome annex to Infinite Flight as we don’t have much of a true retro fleet in-app.

Just take a look at this awesome mockup shared by a BA pilot on Twitter:


Click this link for further information.

Side Note...

Please do not tell me to vote for my own topic. There are two reasons why I’m not going to do that:

  1. I’m out of votes.
  2. I have voted for other features which I feel are more important than this request for a livery. My request for this livery is merely a “nice-to-have” and not a priority over which those features I have already voted for.

Nice looks quite cool I would love to see a lot more love to the 747s


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This topic is a “feature request”, the topic you are mentioning is regarding “Real World Aviation”.




Can we bump this?!! - What an amazing livery, what an aircraft!


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amazing how 747 looks beautiful in any livery

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Just for a better picture

(and also because the design your aircraft thread is closed)

This is a great livery, hope to see it in the game!


How have I only seen this feature request now?! - very classy livery, with an amazing colour scheme, even if it is a blast from the past. Crazy to think that this livery and colour scheme has been around for over 40 years, and yet it still seems so timeless.


Nice! Would be a good edition to the game.

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The thing is just beautiful. I would love to see this!

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Uh, yes, hello. BOAC is the best looking BA retro 744. We need this so bad.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk


Just cleared up a vote for this! We really need all 3 BA 747 retros in IF!


A little bump,

Also @Nichalas_Petranek change the picture to the IRL plane, fits better now adays