British Airways Recruitment Event @ EGLL - 021700ZAPR17

Hey finn I tried to apply on your website but it says that you are no longer accepting applications btw the link that you put you sent dosent work also I will take a gate plz b787-9

You don’t need to take a gate. Just turn up at terminal 5.

We have our own in house TSATC department who will be covering ATC. If you would like to join as ATC then send me a PM and I can get you set up.

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Our website is currently down. We anticpatie it to be up by tomorrow. For now please PM me if you would like to join.

Oh. Never mind. I guess I’ll not join.

So I can hop on and just take a pic and run?

Okay doke. Thanks for letting me know !

Okay. I will be in the a319.

Join BAVA today as a captain and fly the A319 representing us throughout Infinite flight

can i grab a gate please

You do not need a gate just turn up in your favourite BA aircraft in terminal 5 preferably.

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okay thanks see you later


Can j get a gate pls . Will be flying the A380

No need for a gate. Just turn up at EGLL at 17:00Z. :)

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Hey do I need to fly the aircraft appropriate to my rank or is any ba aircraft allowed

You can fly in any BA livery aircraft for this event.

Will see if I can make it, proud to fly in one of the a320s and show off bava’s spirit

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Gate please :)
787-10 will be my aircraft:)

No need for a specific gate. Just turn up at 17:00Z ideally at terminal 5.

If we just show up at 17:00Z in a 787-9 at terminal five we will be good?