British Airways Recruiting ATC staff

Dear fellow Air Traffic Controllers

Firstly let me start off by saying thanks for taking an interest in British Airways ATC!

As Head of ATC for BA VA and also an IFATC specialist with over 12,000 operations, I’m proud to announce that our virtual airline is looking for good knowlagable controllers to provide our pilots with a top quality service.

Our aim is to provide ATC services to our BA pilots on both expert and training servers, if you are an IFATC or regular TS1 controller and would like to be part of this well known VA please message either myself @IFATClewis or @Joshua_Fleming for further details.

im currently looking for 2 TS1 controllers so please act fast if you would like this opportunity to be apart of British Airways as these spaces might go in a short space of time.

Must be able to communicate via slack

Kind regards

IFATC Lewis. Head of BA ATC

TSATC Training regulations

• Candidates must pass the written test with bare minimum marks to progress to stage two , marks 9/13

•All candidates in the process of selection are PATC (potential ATC) and do not have authority to control any BA flights/events

•If candidates fail the written test a retry attempt will be given after 7 days.

•Once the written is passed candidates will be added to the ATC-Operations channel.

•If candidates fail the ATC practical, a retry attempt will be issued after 7 days and a full debrief after the test as well as training material for candidates to study in the meantime.

•Candidates will only get 3 retry attempts on both written and practical tests effective from 11/12/16

•Once passed the candidates will be awarded the TSATC badge and be able to control all BA TS1 flights/events

•ATC tests run every Saturday/Sunday

New TSATC will be under a probation period of a month, during this time they will be monitored by Senior Leadership Team and ATC supervisor @BenTyson

Inactivity for prolonged periods of time may result in removal from the ATC team


Wait, what do you mean by BA ATC, how do they differ from normal ATC, clears BA pilots before others?

Hi SirPilotOfAviation

In our Va we have a team of ATC controllers that provide services to our pilots in general flights/events

Hope this answers your question!

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Hi @IFATClewis their this beautiful program called IFVATC we have an american division and we do verbal atc and real procedure and we have and division for the European countries

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Thanks @Captain_Patrick I will defiantly check it out!


Not to challenge your BA ATC, but when you said services, how exactly do they give services, just curious.

ATC services @SirPilotOfAviation Im not quite sure what you don’t understand so I’ll say it a slightly different way for you, We have our own ATC team providing pilots with ATC coverage on their Flights/events . You might ask well what is the reason to have an ATC team when their is already ATC on IF?

The reason being, when we have our own team it means there’s no risk of the airport not being on frequency so there is always a controller to talk to, and a good one at that.

I hope this clears everything up for you!

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Oh, thanks, I get the purpose now.


Before this goes any further, no current IFATC members will be controlling on the training server. With the ability to ghost, we won’t be taking chances on that getting abused and training server users being reported. Make sure your current IFATC guys are specifically expert server and the other 5 specifically training server. Thanks! :)


Thanks Tyler don’t worry me and the va are completely aware that’s us IFATC are strictly for the expert server, that’s why I did mention I’d like a team of regular ATC for our training server flights as we won’t be able to provide cover. :)


All good, thanks! This could be a great opportunity for those on the training server to get excellent feedback to join the team. Have fun! 🇬🇧


Please note there is only 3 TSATC roles and only 4 IFATC vacancies as of today, if you wish to apply for the opportunity to join British Airways Virtual ATC team, then please apply on our website via the admissions section.

British Airways Website -

Vacancies. Not vaccines. Those are 2 entirely different words. Unless there is a vaccine for IFATC. In that case, I’ve never heard of such a virus. What long-term effects does it have on the human body? What are some side effects of the vaccine? Can the IFATC virus be fatal? What are some common symptoms of the IFATC virus? Lol sorry, I’m just letting my mind wander…


Yes our IFATC vaccine gives you immunity from @Tyler_Shelton dismissing you for any poor ATC performance on the expert server, IFATC can be fatal if you come into contact with a scout on the TS if you already have the IFATC virus , as those two don’t mix well. I recommend seeing a mod in the next 48hrs for a prescription…

Good spot !


Thanks for the humorous response. Enjoyed the laugh!

Glad you enjoyed it , here are some common symptoms if you have the IFATC virus …

Common symptoms :
-Good pattern work.
-Good communication.
-Doesn’t stress during peak times.

  • Can handle ground/tower ATC at the same time.
  • Expects what the aircraft is going to do next.
    -Lines up the next aircraft after the landing aircraft touches down all while next inbound aircraft is on final ( 3NM).
  • Allows and can handle aircraft wanting to do pattern work , even when it’s ridiculously busy .
  • Always learning to improve skills in the ATC department.

Okay back on topic… ;)


Are you still accepting candidates for an IFATC Position? I checked your website. Says you have one spot open.


1 spot left , make sure to apply via our website . We have a crack team of IFATC members and you would be the cherry on the top !


I just submitted my application.


Brilliant , a member from the application/recruitment department will be in contact with you within the next 24hrs. I shall alert them to ensure your application is expedited through the procedure. I look forward to welcoming you to the team in the near future.