British Airways plans to renovate Terminal 7 at JFK airport

According to this link, British Airways is planning to renovate the interior of Terminal 7 at JFK airport.

Now, some of you are probably thinking “They can’t do that! They don’t own the airport” Well yes they can. Of course they don’t own the whole airport but they operate Terminal 7. They plan to install a more contemporary style, new food choices, and new lounges. The renovations will be done at the end of 2018.

Terminal 7 is the only airport terminal on US soil operated by a foreign carrier. British Airways has anywhere from 5-8 daily flights to and from 3 London cities. The other airlines in the terminal (Iberia, Qantas, Qatar, ANA, LOT, Aerolineas Argentinas, Icelandair, and Ukraine International Airlines) will have to adapt to the new changes, although BA operates the most flights out of the terminal.

Here are some pictures:


Personally I think that this is a nice design. I’m not totally crazy for it, though. I’m just glad they didn’t go for something totally modern. What are your thoughts?


Qatar Airways morning flights arrive at T7 while evening flights arrive at T8.


Looks similar tobhow T7 at JFK looks already. It’s already a fairly modern design, though the TSA screening needs to be streamlined a bit, but don’t think that’s entirely BAs fault!


Looks really modern. Reminds me of Mumbai a bit.

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I do not really know, I feel like copying that exact design that you have previously posted on this thread above would be kind of overdoing it in a way.

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I believe BA offer 12 daily flights from London to New York. This was previously 13 however BA3/BA4 (the second A318 service from LCY) was suspended last year.


They don’t own the terminal. They do however have a lease to run it, and part of the lease requires them to spend a certain amount of money improving the terminal.

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